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Classic Boys Bangkok

Classic Boys Bangkok

Friday, 24.10.2014

Invitation by a reader: first dinner, then a drink at Banana bar (19:30-20:25, good timing to watch the boys arrive for work), then Classic Bar (drinks 350 Baht, off fee 600, short time 1500).

Check location of Fusion Pub (new gay bar) see yesterday's post.

When we enter Classic Boys 20:37, boys in costumes are dancing on stage. Beer and orange juice 350 each, further drinks the same. We are entering hyperinflation, I predict drink prices of 1000 Baht within a year. 20:45 boys in underwear (briefs or trunks, white predominates) parade on stage, all wearing shoes. Boys and customers share a toilet, a good opportunity to watch them in white light or even have a chat while they are in the bathroom putting powder on their skin. About 20 to 25 boys on stage, out of 30 working, mostly twink. Many have their mobiles in their underwear.

Smoking allowed and I can see some other customers smoke, but can’t smell it. Aircon, music and light ok.

One cute boy gets offed quickly, other cute boys are number 10 (ruled out later, a bit too fat), 14, 33 (have offed him three times starting 3 years ago, good English and pleasant company, but looking for someone new today), 45, 49.

Show starts 22:40. Show consists of the following acts (chronological order): boys dancing and girl singing, candle play, boys touching each other, girl singing, diving in the pool (with very loose swimwear), boys dancing and girl singing, boys dancing and touching, one boy nude with erection dripping wax from candle on his body. Show ends 23:27. Maximum number of customers about 20.

Numbers 45 and 49 have perfect body shape and cute face; 14 is a bit on the fat side, but compensates by smiling at me many times. Difficult to balance these factors. In addition, my current favorite messaged me while I was sitting in the bar, but didn’t say if he wants to meet. Ask mamasan: off fee 600 Baht (hyperinflation!), expected short time tip 1500. Call number 14, have a short chat, no drink, off him.

Dinner and taxi to my room. Hong (หงส์ “swan”) 19/55/170 from Ubon Ratchathani, 1 month in Classic, before waiter. Versatile, 6 inch nice shape, gets hard quickly, good kisser, warm and dry skin, a bit too much pubic hair and a bit too fat. Basic English, non-smoker, no tattoos. 1500 Baht well deserved.

His interest in me seemed genuine, or he is a very good actor. Can you imagine the bitching and lamentation if he had been a dud?

Update: Saturday, he called me from the bar shortly before closing and asked if we can meet again. I told him he is welcome to stay with me, but I won't pay for sex. Haven't heard of him again. 

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  1. Finally we are talking real life, great and precise report.

    No surprise boy did not call you back, after all he is a working boy.

    Prices went up but if even person careful with money like you forks out 600 for of fee, obviously bar owners game may pay off, we will see.

  2. Hi ChristianPFC,
    I read your blog and it is a big help for someone who has not so much experience with Bangkok or Pattaya situation. May I ask some questions ?
    1. What is the price for a short time hotel room ?
    2. Is it necessary to show the ID for a short time hotel room ? Does the boy has to show his ID for a short time hotel room ?
    3. You mentioned often that the price for a normal fair boy in Saranram park or other parks is 500 THB. is that a price for a hand job, or blow job, or f..cking, or cum in face or other services ? Or is the price always the same ? Your experience would help?

    Other question I have. You often rent a boy for 1000 or 1500 THB plus of-fee with approx. 500THB from a togo bar, but it is possible to get a a lot of different cute boys for 500THB from park. Why you do this ?
    Thanks fort an answer

    1. 1. Short time room ranges from 200 to 400 Baht, but in tourist areas it can be more expensive.
      2. Those I frequent never asked for ID.
      3. For me, wanking and touching his body is enough. Many boys there are straight and top only.

      In gogo bars, boys are in underwear and I don't have to walk around for an hour.

  3. Most normal hotels allow you to bring a guest back. Therefore no need to pay extra for a short time room.

  4. sometimes short time rooms come handy - boy doesn't want to travel that far even if you pay for taxi, hotel is charging joiner fee, we are not comfortable with stranger in the room, we don't want be seen with the escort for some reason so short time rooms are handy. Every working boy will know where they are in vincinity

  5. Sounds very informative. Christian or anyone could recimnend short time hotel walking distance from soi twilight?

  6. BBB Inn has short time rooms at 550 / 3 hrs , just around the corner from the soi at Rama end or Suriwong hotel right across the street from Soi, I think they charge 400 , not sure as I did not use them for a while.

    Every boy will know where short time rooms are

  7. Hi Christian, I strongly prefer manly boys to sissy ones. So just wonder whether these boys are the manly type or more towards the sissy type?

    1. Boys in Classic are mainly twinks. Don't recall sissy on my last visit.


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