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More interesting architecture in Chiang Mai

More interesting architecture in Chiang Mai

Interesting/unusual/weird recent buildings I came across during my trip.

About 100 m east of Tha Phae gate, north side of Tha Phae Road ถนนท่าแพ:

Hindu Temple (Devi Mandir, but main gate says เทพมณเฑียร Thep Monthon) on Sanamgela Road ถนนสนามกีฬา ("stadium road") which becomes Rattanakosin road ถนนรัตนโกสินทร์ further west; about 200 m east of stadium or Chang Phuak bus station:

There is another Hindu Temple in white, I drove past but couldn't take a picture. Details here:

Update May 2015: it seems to be this one 
วัดนามธารี (Nam Tharee Temple) 

Sacred Hearth Cathedral on Charoen Prathet Road ถนนเจริญประเทศ:

Empty house with blue tiled dome, Mahidol road ถนนมหิดล, south side, near Chiang Mai Land road.

It looks like there are two houses (number 234 on Mahidol road) that belong together:

The Castle - some doors should not be opened. Charoen Prathet road near Mengrai bridge สะพานเม็งราย:

At night, staff dressed in scary costumes will be at the entrance:

Walk into the soi next to The Castle, turn left and you will find this:

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