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Cruise Club Singapore

Cruise Club Singapore

I wanted to have a look at several gay saunas and bars in Singapore to compare with Bangkok, starting with Cruise Club (after a tip from a local that I would find twinks most probably there, whereas other places have mainly old and/or fat men).

Not a sauna (there is no sauna), but a club. Entry for members only, 1 year membership 10 SGD. I had to fill out a registration form and was issued a membership card. Staff fluent in English. Staff asked if I have been to similar venues before. Kind like asking the Pope if he ever read in the Bible.

Four different opening times depending on day of the week. Up to four different entry prices depending on time. Weekend evening is the most expensive, 28 SGD = 700 THB (that’s exactly what I pay for night in Saranrom: 500 for the boys and 200 for short time hotel).

Door from reception to locker room is locked, staff unlocks to let customers in and out.

Very high ceilings, you could put another floor in. Some areas have floor that is unpleasant to walk on barefoot.

1st floor = Ground floor reception, locker room, shower, smoking area (called “Puff”, which is what we call a brothel in German), tanning bed, Jacuzzi.

2nd floor maze, rooms (spacious, can barely reach both walls on the shorter side with stretched out arms)

3rd floor large lounge area but empty because too cold and windy, bar, newspaper, free drinks

Saturday, 04.10.2014

Naked day, towel/underwear permitted on ground floor, member of staff asks everyone to leave towel when going upstairs. For other theme days check website Read here as well for detailed reports:

There were about 150 customers, many hanging around in the locker room (because only there is good light?), which was crowded. Maze was full, standing room only, some areas kind of traffic jam. However, the lighting was horrible. Dark except for LED from aircon and others, with one rotating colored disco light and flashes.

I leave totally devastated and depressed and pity Singaporean gays and thank God that I don’t have to rely on this place (high price, horrible light) for getting gay sex. Cancel all plans for further sauna and bar visits. Babylon sauna is cheaper, more space, more facilities, better light.

Customer base at Cruise Club looked promising, I saw some cute boys and with better light in the maze I am sure I would have found a partner, which makes it even more depressing.

From their website (my comments in italic):
– Indoor Tanning Machine (weird, tanning machine in Singapore and skin whitening cream in Thailand)
– Lighted Deluxe Heated Jacuzzi (note at reception: not in operation)
– Ambient-lit Steamroom (I didn’t find the steamrom)
– Workout Gymnasium
– Luxurious Lockers (Just: lockers; there is nothing luxurious about the lockers)
– Internet Station (one computer)
– Mind Blowing Dark Maze (TOO FUCKING DARK!)
– Meditation Rooms (that’s a nice one! In Babylon they call them “rest cabin”)
– Movie Studio (where?)
– Rooftop Cafe serving full meals, snacks and drinks

N.b. This report is based on one visit (usually I go twice, but entry is expensive and conditions highly unsuitable for me. I wonder if they have better light in maze for underwear day, but I doubt it.)

There is a slight chance that I just got there on the worst possible time, but droves of Singaporean gays go to Bangkok to party, there must be a reason!

Verdict: if you have the chance to go to Bangkok’s gay saunas, don’t bother with Singapore’s.

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  1. sadly it seems that blowingwind link is prohibited by Thai censors here? Did you note?

  2. That's strange. The Blowing Wind link works for me. I have only visited Singapore once but my impression is that its gay scene does not compete with Bangkok at all.

  3. I wasseveral times in Singspore for business and often went to "Keybox" sauna. 20SGD entrance fee without membership need and no need to show ID. I had always good time there, specially on days when boys under 25 years have free entrace. Allways mamy boys there and a lot of fun. I love Bangkok gaysaunas but "Keybox" in Singapore is also ok.

    I will try boys from Saranrom next time when I am in Bangkok. Is it possible to walk there or only by taxi in the night ? Are there boys available also in the afternoon or only when it is dark ?

  4. Singapore had an attractive gay scene 8, 10 years ago. "Towel Club" was a great sauna full of nice young gays, and "One Seven" was second nicest, and a good competition. Towel Club disappeared and was replaced by "Absolute", a quite decent sauna which became the center of attraction until three or four years ago, when "Cruise Club" appeared. "Keybox" was a little place, quite decent, that also closed. So now Cruise Club is the only place with some youth, and it is not great.
    At this time, the gay scene in Singapore does not justify its high cost of living. Bangkok is a much, much better place for visitors.


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