Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dating Thai boys (19) Thai boys are like cats

Dating Thai boys (19) Thai boys are like cats

Boyfriend candidate 3 turned into ex-boyfriend candidate 3, but we still meet regularly and I have fun.

But after he showed me a picture of his girlfriend, and a Thai friend (who came to my place uninvited) asked him if he is gay (he said he isn’t, I guess he is bisexual top only), I downgraded him.

When we first met, he fucked me on his initiative, but now I have to instigate sexual activities. I take shower and slip my hands into his student uniform trousers (which has been a yearlong unfulfilled desire, to slip my hands into one of these uniforms, and shove them up these brown warm smooth thighs, up to the balls).

Then we have the following dialog:

Boy: Do you want sex?
ChristianPFC: Yes. (pause) And you?
Boy: (either no answer or) No. (really!)

I appreciate his honesty, but we have an unspoken understanding that he cannot just come and play internet for hours while I do food delivery from nearby restaurant, and finally ask for money, and not provide anything in return.

Commitment got a bit better, insofar as he doesn’t call or write to me that he will come tomorrow (and then does not come), but calls or write just before leaving (so in fact not really an improvement, but fewer false alarms).

I introduced him (over dinner) to a Farang friend who smokes. Unfortunately, this set a bad example (I should have asked Farang friend to abstain from smoking as long as we are together). Now he leaves my room from time to time for a cigarette break! Before he didn’t smoke while we were together.

But if he gave up smoking, his girlfriend and stopped asking for money, I would still take him as a boyfriend.

But there is no illusion: he doesn't come for sex, he doesn't even come to have my company, he comes to play internet with food service, without someone telling him to do his homework or to clean his room.

Our relationship can be likened to feeding a stray cat (finally we come to the headline, and now yesterday's post / the following post makes sense): he comes whenever he wants, he stays as long as he wants, he does what he wants (although recently I could reclaim my laptop for half an hour and he was playing internet on his phone), I can pet him; but if someone else has tastier food, he will go there.

That reminds me of an article in gayboythailand blog (went offline) “Cats and Thai boys” (April 12th, 2008 and part II April 14th, 2008).

This article was discussed here:

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  1. I read somewhere that DOGS were created so that we could experience what it's like be adored.
    CATS were created to bring us back to reality.

    signed khundiow.

  2. I definitely agree with points 10 and 19 from your quotations above

  3. Thailand has many more men than these Thaiboys.
    The West has many more men than these Farangs.
    But these Thaiboys and these Farangs have the goods to trade that each party wants; only a very,very small part of the universe here. Meanwhile the rest of the world moves on and on.

    They traded and we get to read about it. No surprise.
    However, I'll be interested to read also what the Thaiboys write about these Farangs LOL. Would the Farangs have the guts to stomach the truth?


  4. Anonymous, that's great idea, hope such boy's accounts exist somewhere and can be translated - homework for Christian ?

  5. Is ex bf candidate no 3

    1. The one In the 2 pics? I want him


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