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Doi Inthanon ดอยอินทนนท์ highest mountain in Thailand

Doi Inthanon ดอยอินทนนท์ highest mountain in Thailand

While there is some evidence for public transport up Doi Inthanon on the internet and a Thai friend told me about songtheos that go up the mountain from Chomtong จอมทอง, I found only car for hire. For a little more money, you can get a tour from Chiang Mai and save estimated one hour travel time each way.

Monday 20.10.2014

Yellow songtheo from Chang Phuak ช้างเผือก bus station (it drives through town, you can board at Chiang Mai gate as well) to Chomtong 40 Baht, 10:17-12:01. On the parking in front of the wat, there are yellow songtheos line 2429 Chomtong - Inthanon จอมทอง-อินทนนท์ waiting, however this is not a public line, you have to hire them: 1200 Baht per return trip with stop at four sightseeing spots, or wait for 10 passengers and pay 120 each. 

I wait, and some others gather, Thai and Farang. But then the others decide to take a songtheo just to the camping site, which still costs 300 Baht per person, and suddenly I am left alone. The driver makes an offer of 1000 Baht for round trip, I accept. Ride to the top takes 13:23-14:19, pay 200 Baht entry to National Park (including car and driver) on the way. I spotted parked public buses from Bangkok on the way into the National Park, but couldn't read destination and number.

On top, there is a car park, a radar station, a large popular sign for the highest spot in Thailand (wait a few minutes if you want a picture without people in it), King Inthanon Memorial Shrine, and another smaller sign for the highest spot, with same altitude displayed, but the small sign is in a higher spot.

Continue trail to rest area with toilet, restaurant, a post box (if you want a postcard stamped "Doi Inthanon", I assume) and a thermometer (20.10.2014 6 am 7 C; 2:30 pm 18 C).

I walk "Ang Ka Nature Trail" อ่างกา which is about 500 m long (elevated wooden walkway through cloud forest). In Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, "Cloud Forest" dome (which I visited recently), such climate is created artifically.

Meet my driver at the parking and continue to twin pagodas (15:08-15). Full name: Phra Mahathat Napha Methanidon Naphamethinidon นภเมทินีดล and Phra Mahathat Naphaphon นภพลภูมิสิริ. Entry 40 Baht. 

There is a roofed escalator to each pagoda (right in following pictures) and stairs next to it.


View down into the flat land.

Continue to Hmong village 15:54-16:08. As you can easily imagine, this is just a roadside market.

Continue ride to waterfall 16:34-48. Wachirathan Waterfall น้ำตกวชิรธาร.

Continue to bus stop on main road (not the parking in front of the wat) 16:58-17:19. Return by bus 1232ก for 34 THB 17:26-19:00 to Chang Puak bus station.

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