Monday, 24 November 2014

Free magazines in Bangkok

Free magazines in Bangkok

There are many free magazines in Bangkok, in Thai and in English, here a selection. 

From top left to bottom right:

BK magazine weekly English useful for me for it's list of ongoing and upcoming events in Bangkok

Zog Zag Thai (social news, shopping, mocy is the main subject of my issue, food)

a day bulletin weekly Thai (celebreties, gadgets, clothes)

Dont Journal (no apostrophe) weekly Thai (from their cover: fashion, accessories, gadgets, beauty, health, art & culture, lifestyle)

a day bulletin LIFE weekly Thai (clothes, gadgets, food, travel)

BACC calendar (Bangkok art and culture centre) monthly English and Thai (art, culture, music)

M2F (Monday to Friday) weekly Thai (celebreties, food, sport, similar to a newspaper)

EDT with kids (Eat Drink Travel) monthly Thai (food, travel) Travel section is interesting for me

HeiLife (His Entertainment & Interests) every two months Thai (from cover: eat, drink, travel and enjoy yourself)

Weekend monthly Thai (food, travel) Travel section is intering for me, especially "Let's go on a budget"

CelebOnline monthly Thai (fashion, livestyle, celebrities, shopping)

plook monthly Thai (travel and other subjects)

Eating out Dining & Entertainment Guide monthly Thai 

not in picture:

Vacationist (Work hard, play harder) monthly Thai (travel, food)

What's on Bangkok monthly English (plus some pages in Russian) (travel, lifestyle) 

On my hard drive I found digital editions (which I once downloaded for travel related contents of 

Busbuddy Thailand Thai monthly and

Mango Metro (former Bangkok Trader) English monthly

There are probably more that I don't know of.

There are several magazines in Japanese, not covered due to my lack of Japanese. Didn't see magazines in languages other than Thai, English or Japanese in Bangkok (but in Russian, French, Norwegian and Arabic in Pattaya).

I treated gay magazines (4 magazines and 2 maps) here:

I will make a separate post about magazines that focus on travel and tourism. 

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  1. M2F is a newspaper, daily on weekdays mo-fr and distributed at most major busstops. In fact owned by the BKK-post.
    BK mag is very good and also very hard to get/find- they seem to change their pints all the time I get back.

    1. Yes, title should have been "printed matter" to include newspaper and event calendar. I get BK magazine from Goethe Institute, but you can probably get the information from their website or app as well.


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