Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Oh my god! (13) Fang Muk

Oh my god! (13) Fang Muk

Fang Muk / Fang Mook (ฝังมุก buried pearl) are penis implants. Scroll down for a picture I have taken myself and posted before NSFW.

The subject has already been treated elsewhere:

But I recently found a blog in Thai language (with pictures and sketches) and a video about how fang muk is done.

ความเข้าใจเกี่ยวกับการ ฝังมุก
(approximately: "What you need to know about fang muk")


15 July 2015 remove picture (of fang muk taken by myself on 05.10.2014) to comply with google adsense

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  1. May I suggest that you place such a photo below the fold and put a warning on top of the post, so that readers know they'll scroll down at their peril? I almost lost my lunch. :P

  2. Good idea, I pondered to do so anyway.

  3. i dont understand the reason why & you never explained why the thai guys have them? i assume they rub on ladies vagina better more feeling? if you can read that thai blog then please complete this post with more info thank you

    1. They are supposed to increase the pleasure for the woman, that's what I read somewhere on the internet.


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