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Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23

Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23

Wat Pasee วัดภาษี in Ekkamai เอกมัย Soi 23 not to be confused with Wat Prasri วัดพระศรี in Bang Khen บางเขน (near Don Muang airport).

The name means "Wat (built from) tax".

The main building is accessible only up to second floor (only staircase accessible in ground floor=first floor).

But the paintings in the staircase are interesting:

more here:

Shrine to Boonpeng Heep Lek บุญเพ็งหีบเหล็ก, the last person to be beheaded in Thailand (in 1919). Details see links.  

Shrine to Pumpuang Duangjan พุ่มพวง ดวงจันทร์ called Pueng พึง famous Thai singer who died at age 30 in 1992.

But reason for my repeat visit (went already about two years ago) was to see the new gold (color, not metal) ubosot which I spotted from elevated highway.

View from bridge over Klong Saen Saep คลองแสนแสบ. 

Ubosot is still under construction and not accessible, but you go in the floor underneath.

Nearest BTS is Ekkamai, nearest canal boat stop Itssara (directly opposite the Wat, but walk about 500 m distance); I took taxi from Sathorn (80 Baht, 12:08-31).

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