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Dating Thai boys (23) Handing out my phone number

Dating Thai boys (23) Handing out my phone number

Definition: “Exchange phone numbers” means I give him my phone number and he gives me his phone number; “handing out my phone number” he gets my phone number, I don’t get his phone number.

Upon recommendation on the forums (2 or 3 years ago), I printed cards with my name in English and Thai and my phone number to hand out to cute boys. I did so sparsely, and with little success. Actually no success at all, based on about 10 instances within the last two years, 8 didn’t call, 2 did call but it didn’t lead anywhere (only waste of time and money).

Giving a card with my number to a boy is less intrusive (details see below) than asking to exchange phone numbers, and can be done quickly and without others noticing (that leaves the question: should I do it in a way that others notice or do not notice?). Of course it’s important to remember his name and circumstances, so I can match his call to his face.

Typical occasions where I hand out my phone number would be in a gay disco or in a bus/train or when chatting someone up in public, after chatting with the boy and finding out that he lives somewhere I can travel to or even better he can come to my place.

Advantage: When he calls, I know he is interested. Whereas when exchanging phone number, both of us could wait in vain for the other to call. And when he doesn’t call, you don’t spam your phone directory (I have so many numbers, I save new numbers with name, home province, date we first met to help my memory to assign the name to a person).

Disadvantage: You get a call from an unknown number (and then I have to go through memory, who could it be?) When I was you, you never knew who was calling, and all phones were landline (i.e. you had to go to the phone).

Now I came to the conclusion that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and will hand out phone numbers far more often than before. Or is it that I have exhausted all other methods to meet boys for free (disco, sauna, internet) and found them unsatisfactory? The investment of time and money is negligible compared to other ways of dating.

“Less intrusive than asking for phone number” I sometimes meet boys who have no phone (really!) and ask for my number. I would rather not give them my number (because so far none of them was that interesting that I would want to meet him again), but don’t know how to do this in a face-saving way. So I give him my number and get several calls from him via friend’s phones or public phones, every time the same, asking for name and details so I remember who it is, until he loses interest. What would my readers do?

Would it be better to write on scraps of paper or have printed cards (like namecards), which look more professional but can give the impression that you hand out phone numbers on a regular basis?

Do my readers have experience? I am talking about non-moneyboys, not about exchanging numbers with boys in bars to avoid off fee.

I estimate to hand out 50 cards in 2015, 20 will call, 5 out of the 5 will be not totally averse to to gay sex, and I might get one of the 50 to gay sex, paid or free. I will update with case studies.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Wat Khao Rup Chang in Phichit province

Wat Khao Rup Chang in Phichit province 

วัดเขารูปช้าง จ.พิจิตร อ.เมือนงพิจิตร The name means "The temple with the stone that looks like an elephant's head".

16°19'03.5"N 100°23'32.3"E = 16.317627, 100.392301 
15 km by air south of Phichit, visible from hwy 113 and probably visible from train as well (mountain and wat is 1 km west of railway line). Don't know about public transport, went by hired car and driver. 

First flight of stairs (two more of similar length will follow):

View from top:

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Monday, 29 December 2014

Oh my god! (16) Fatties

Oh my god! (16) Fatties

I am fascinated with fat people (fatties), here a collection of pictures. It starts innocently, but the end is NSFW (not safe for work).

Statue of a fat man in Silom in 2012 (temporary installation, I wrote about it before on a forum but can't find the link):

Statue of a fat woman in Lumpini park (permanent installation) "Women in the Next Three Decades":

I took this picture in Pattaya Walking street. Compare waist of both! (Posted before, can't find where.)

Some pictures of fat men in underwear at a computer from the internet:

And now the NSFW part you have been looking for, fatty and skinny in ambiguous positions (from internet). Caption?

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Quiz: What are these people digging for?

Quiz: What are these people digging for?

Submit your answers in the comments. There is no prize.


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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Ladprao and Ramkhamhaeng gay venues update

Ladprao and Ramkhamhaeng gay venues update

ลาดพร้าว รามคำแหง Thursday, 18.12.2014 to Friday 19.12.2014

Deja Vu sauna Ladprao Soi 122, 21:22-23:05. Entry 139 Baht. At reception Porn DVD for sale: 3 for 100. Staff naked party (starts at 21:00, ended about 22:30) with group sex. Everything as described in earlier posts. Over 50 customers, at least 3 other Farang. Turnover about 30 per hour. Several who could be my type. One of them says hello later and knows my name, then the penny drops, it's the one from my first visit there.

I went there by taxi (165 Baht, 20:22-21:19, 17.9 km + 26 min slower than 6 km/h), mistake! Still traffic jam at that time, should have taken MRT to Ladrao and taxi or bus from there. 20:52 pass Makkasan MRT, 21:04 Ratchadapisek MRT. Or should have told the driver to go via Rama 4 and Sukhumvit 71; he took Wireless road and Phetchaburi road. Or should have crossed Rama 4 (then the direction is clear) instead of taking taxi in Sri Bam Pen.

Taxi to Ladprao Soi 107. This might be the gayest residential soi in Bangkok (customers in Silom Soi 4 don't live there). Coming from Ladprao, the first km is without activity, but then at Rattana Pundit University, there are many street food stalls and bars with many students around, many of them gay as far as I can judge. I know a boy who works in a bar there and visit him every few months to repeat my offer that he can come to my room before or after work. Every visit costs me about 200 Baht (drink and taxi) and about 2 hours (including traveling, I combine it with other business in the area), and I have to endure live music in the bar!

Taxi to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 (49 Baht, 3.1 km, 7 min), arrive 1:02 am. Wave Club (former Singapore, former ICK) is open, about 30 customers. Have water for 30 Baht (soft drinks are kept at room temperature as mixers for whisky; I had coke at room temperature before; and cold beer at 150 Baht). Fashion show just started (at 1 am). In total 5 boys, no cute face, no slim body, no nice underwear. Show ends 1:10 with a soda show. Leave 1:50. All other venues are closed. Door Dum seems to be open on weekends, whereas Harlem and Meeting (former G-Star Paradise) are closed for good. Condo (The Cube) next to the gay discos under construction, about 5 floors high now.

Wave has various weekly events, see their facebook page

Taxi to Farose 2 sauna (63 Baht, detour for U-turn is about 2 km and costs 10 Baht, if there is heavy traffic it's faster to get off opposite soi 21, climb over the barrier and walk).  Arrive 2:04 and leave 3:40 am (go home). About 30 customers, turnover 20 per hour. About 5 nice bodies, one nice underwear and warm skin, but not interested. I spot two boys I think I know from Soi Twilight.

Fountain in the pool, height and light changes with time. Picture taken from rooftop terrace. 

Seed internet and cruising (not on that day, but in the area). I think it's going downhill. Some customers spend extended time in the internet cubicles (mostly watching porn or playing camfrog or facebook), what's the point? Group room on higher floors are so dark that you can bump (inadvertently) into people or furniture. They started doing theme days. Haven't had sex for several visits now, but always some cute boys.

Last time (Fri 12.12.2014) I took a glow stick into the dark room and attached it to the ceiling fan (out of reach for most Thais as I am taller, but there are chairs), which gives enough light to avoid bumping into people or furniture and allows to see if someone is slim. But about 15 minutes later, it was gone. Don't know if staff or customer removed it. But I took heavy revenge: The windows to the main road are covered with black plastic foil (glued to the window), and with some effort you can rip off parts of it, which I did, so now there is enough light that you don't bump into people or furniture.

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Friday, 26 December 2014

New 500 Baht banknote

New 500 Baht banknote

I didn't know about the new 500 Baht banknote until I got one as exchange some months ago, and only a few weeks ago did I read about them by chance:

In the last years, new 20, 50 and now 500 Baht banknotes have been introduced.

I don't have a full set of banknotes currently in circulation (1000, old and new 500, 100, old and new 50, old and new 20; in two years of living here I have come across an older version of 100 which looks slightly different and an older version of 50 which is made of plastic), but I have an almost full set of coins currently in circulation:

Old and new 10, new 5 (I once saw an old 5 with royal barge, left by a friend as tip, only later did I realize what I have missed), 2 old (silver color) and new (brass color), the old 2 looks very similar to 1, locals often draw a 2 with blue felt pen to distinguish it from 1), old and new 1, 50 Satang สตางค์ in brass and copper (color), 25 Satang in brass and copper.

Update 02.03.2015: more about Thai coins here:

Update march 2016: 

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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Lomchoey and Magic Hands massage update

Lomchoey and Magic Hands massage update

Both places in Soi Ngam Duplee ซอยามดูพลี near Malaysia hotel, they have been open for many years.

In Lomchoey, I had massage with a boy Zacky from Chiang Rai twice in October/November. Good massage and happy ending, gay, but a bit too fat and too pale for my taste. He even stayed one night with me after work, and despite me saying upfront "no money, no sex" it ended exactly that way. We are in contact on Line (it got too much, I had to block him, but now reasonable amount of messages).

15.12.2014 a boy I had there (Lomchoey) before twice (Nae from Buriram) is back (or just visiting, he told me works at Arena, which is closer to Charoenkrung where he lives), so I went for 1 h oil massage for 600 Baht (mistake in my notes? should be 400 or 500). Good massage and good happy ending, joined me in the shower afterwards. He has some scars on shoulder and hip (they look and feel like implants, compare fang mook, but I asked: mocy accident). Hunky and a bit too much body hair, so probably no repeat. However highly recommended: you can recognize him on the devil face tattooed on his right chest (and not other tattoos on his front). Only cold water in shower. General impression of Lomchoey: the place is very basic, but all masseurs (5 or more I had there) good at massage and happy ending.

I overheard him talking with the masseur in the next room. Masseur next room: Nae, do you have a condom?
Nae: No, but there should be some in the bag.
Later Nae inquired who will be fucking whom.  

20.12.2014 my first massage (1 h oil 500 Baht) at Magic Hands (the original place on Soi Ngam Duplee, now they have two more with other names on Soi Sri Bam Pen) with a boy Tono whom I spotted earlier. From Chiang Mai, has been working there 2 months. He doesn't know how tall he is (189 cm is clearly wrong, he is probably 179 cm tall). Big room upstairs, all new. I shower alone. He comes to the room in towel plus T-shirt. Takes off T-shirt halfway through massage, later I tuck on the towel and on underwear. Then I see he is far too fat for my taste (as I have guessed when I saw him fully dressed). Good massage and happy ending, but no repeat. 

There is another boy Bank from Ubon Ratchathani whom I'm preying on, but will go to one of the places in Silom first. And there is one boy I fancy in their new place HiSo massage (where Lido was located previously), but at 800 for 1 h oil I will skip.

That's about 6000 Baht spent on 4 massages (1 h oil) with 3 boys, an nothing overwhelming.

In case you wonder why I take masseurs who were not overwhelming again (Zacky twice, Nae thrice), I try to overcome my dislike of body fat, pale skin, body hair, but it doesn't work. 

General note on privacy in massage places: many have walls that do not reach the ceiling, you can hear what's going on elsewhere. But more important, some have doors with lock and other have a curtain, which is just an optical barrier. Someone else could walk in any time, accidentally or deliberately.

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Mind Sauna Bangkok Phra Khanong

Mind Sauna Bangkok Phra Khanong

Entry 140 Baht (19 to 23 year olds 100 Baht), open 2 pm to midnight. Dress: small towel or underwear (no theme days).

Easily accessible from BTS Phra Khanong พระโขนง (about 600 m walk) or by bus from Rama 4 (exit last stop before Sukhumvit) or from Sukhumvit road (via Soi 48). From BTS On Nut 1.4 km walk.

There is Tesco Lotus Express (สาขา 374 ซอยภูมิจิดร) on nearby Soi Phumichit and 108 Shop Mini Outlet branch 0974 on the corner to Sukhumvit Soi 48.

Location: 13.711900, 100.593102 = 13°42'42.8"N 100°35'35.2"E
(exact location, on other websites up to 100 m off, making it very difficult to find)

มาย ซาวน่า ฟอร์แมน
1112/112, ถนนสุขุมวิท 48, แขวงพระโขนง เขตคลองเตย กรุงทพมหานคร, 10110

Mind sauna for men
(house numbers displayed above entrance: 1112/112-113)

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker room (large lockers), group shower room (with hot water and shower gel and shampoo, not all saunas have this!)
2nd floor TV lounge / karaoke, free cold drinking water (other drinks for sale), the cups are plastic and re-used after washing (brownie points from ChristianPFC, other places have single use cups)
3rd floor porn lounge, labyrinth (with phosphorescent dots on the corners, so you don't bump into walls, brownie points from ChristianPFC), from third floor on two stairways (just separated by a wall) up, rooms
4th floor library (gay magazines, some easily ten years old), gym
5th floor rooms, part of that floor inaccessible (doors locked)
6th floor sauna for 3 people in operation, big sauna cold, steam room (5 can sit and 10 stand), sauna and steam room good light, group shower 

There are tiles loose and missing on the floor of shower room 1st floor. Tiles or pavement slabs support each other. To get one out of an intact tiling/pavement is difficult, but once one is removed, the rest will deteriorate quickly.That's what happening there, because they did not fix this crucial first tile.

First visit Sunday 16.11.2014, stay 18:10-55. More than 3 other customers (mathematically, that could mean there were 50 customer, but I mean I could make out 3 other customers, but there might have been a 4th and 5th who I didn't spot). Ask cashier: Fri, Sat, Sun 4 to 8 pm highest number of customers.

Second visit Saturday 20.12.2014, stay 
About 10 other customers, mostly too old and too fat. But one was slim, heavily tattooed and bearded and showed an interested (even went as far as kissing my cheek in the locker room). Underwear ok. I could not see if he is hairy elsewhere (facial hair itself not so much a problem for me, but an indicator for hair elsewhere where I don't like it).

Customers wear underwear, some have towel tucked in at the front (looking like an apron). The towel that comes with the locker is too small to wrap around the waist (unless you are anorexic).

Verdict: cleanliness and maintenance ok (apart from loose tiles), location ok, several things I like about this place, but needs more customers.

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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Phra That Ruang Rong in Srisaket province

Phra That Ruang Rong in Srisaket province

พระธาตุเรืองรอง ศรีสะเกษ North of Srisaket, 8.8 km by road from bus station. I took mocy from bus station (150 Baht for return quoted, on return asked for 100 Baht more for waiting time, I spent about 16:15 to 17:00 there, mocy trip each way about 15 minutes).

Local buses/vans (I spotted line 814 Srisaket-Ratanaburi) drive past on hwy 2373, from hwy about 2.2 km walk.

Oversized animal statues, the horse serves as gate, you can walk underneath its belly. The sign says วัดบ้านสร้างเรือง Wat Ban Sang Ruang.

Inside the building:

A weird collection of everything:

Buddhist hell paintings on the wall:

More from outside:

Real size model of of rocket from rocket festival, for panoramic picture see here

Reclining Buddha, on his back, rare:

The signs says: Some animals have more heart than some humans.

A building in the shape of an ox cart:


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Monday, 22 December 2014

Dating Thai boys (22) Online dating 2014

Dating Thai boys (22) Online dating 2014

An overview over my online dating activities this year. Boys who want to meet for free unless otherwise indicated. Roughly in chronological order. Individual cases as brief as possible.

When I say a profile looks promising, I mean there is not sufficient data (pictures not in focus, too dark, don't show enough) to decide, I have to meet the boy in person before I can say "I want to get my hands into your pants" or "rather not". Usually it's "rather not", but if the boy is nice I play along and we might end in bed. 

There are profiles that are convincing (good pictures and boy looks cute in all pictures), and I would travel two hours to meet the boy at a place and time of his choice. But usually these boys (convincing profile) have no interest in me, an the others (promising profile) are not so much my type.

1. Bank from Ramintra on Gayromeo in January
Some of my readers might know a boy Carl (tall, slim, brown, from Srisaket) who has been working at Banana bar for at least 22 months (first met him in Feb 2013), now imagine a look-alike bottom who comes to your room (I was not in the mood to travel, so either he comes to my room or we can't meet). He is fluent in English (studies English) and I give him my address in Thai, so you think there is no room for misunderstanding.

Half an hour later, he calls from 7/11 near my place, I go down and can't find him. After half an hour running around between 7/11 and sports are, I ask for name and number of the 7/11 he is standing in front of (so am I), it's a different one! He went to a housing are with a similar layout, hence half an hour confusion. Evil forces in the universe preventing me from getting laid! I tell him again where I live and wait in my room.

Half an hour later, knock on the door. He is as gorgeous as on the pictures. After some general conversation, we go to business. But I am very sensitive, the confusion before causes poor performance. In the following weeks I call him several times: no time. I saved his gayromeo profile and pictures right after we met, days later he deleted his profile.

2. Dave in Ladprao on Grindr in February
I was going to see another boy in Ladprao area, when I walk past a bar and one of the staff is cute and friendly. I was chiding myself for not asking for his phone number, but to my great surprise I found later he messaged me on grindr. Without this message, I would probably not have gone back.

Pictures on grindr, gayromeo and facebook promising. Communication online was not forthcoming, so I went back a few times for a drink and a chat (every time spend about 3 hours and 200 Baht). I could not find out when he has a day off, and he finishes work at 2 am. At that time, I prefer to be in bed, sound asleep. But I think the only to get him into my room is to go to the bar at 1 am and take him with me when he finishes work. Alternatively go to his room (if he has free room) before he starts work.

3. M from Petchaburi on Gayromeo in May (ex-boyfriend candidate 1)
He contacted me in April when I was still in Germany, and by a rare case of luck he writes to me again when he is in Sathorn staying with a friend in "The Blooms" and I am in Sathorn looking for a room. We meet without delay and click. Good English, I like the way he dresses (underwear and outer wear), but sex is only so-so (and I don't know why). He leaves the following morning 8 am, and his friend (we were all three in the room over night) seduces me, which causes some drama on Line later.

Meet again in Phuket, now some communication problems and money request. Nonetheless, I plan to go to see him in Ratchaburi some day.

4. M in Sathorn on Grindr in August
Meet at the corner Soi Ngamduplee / Rama 4. Good English, job, education, would recommend to a friend, but not so much my type.

5. Boy in Sathorn on Grindr in August
Meet him at his place (condo in Suan Plu that belongs to a friend). Good English, job, education, would recommend to a friend, but not so much my type.

6. W from Salaya on Grindr in August (ex-boyfriend candidate 2) 
First meeting in a public park. Promising (fluent in English, educated, well traveled). Second meeting in my room, he gets me into bed, but sex is so-so (too fat, too hairy). We still meet (no sex) about once per month and he sometimes stays with me overnight (as a basis for Silom nightlife, his dorm in Salaya is too far away, he shows me profiles of farang on grindr and asks me what I think, then he goes out to meet them). He is completely different from all other Thai boys I have met.

7. Josef in Sathorn on Grindr in August
aka "The boy who carries a metal goods shop in his face"
I shared this story before in a comment here:

Some months ago a boy got particularly lucky. (The boy who carries a metal goods shop in his face, if you frequent Sathorn, DJ station, Silom Soi 4 you probably know whom I’m talking about. I am not at all into this tattoo/piercing/punk look, but there was something that attracted me to him that defies description.) Two years ago, we met in DJ station and I thought it is clear that he would go with me, but when we left he spotted another Farang and told me he would go with him to G.O.D. What the fuck!? But I’m not resentful, when he contacted me recently on Grindr, I gave him a second chance. Pleasant company, but not so much my type. However when we reached the point of lying on my bed and watching gay porn on his mobile and his hand in my shorts, there was no way back. I let him fuck me AND gave/lent him 500 Baht after he told me that an online money transfer from his sister is delayed (yeah, right, I have heard this story before).

8. Boy from Ratchada on Grindr in August
I shared this story before here:

Profile number or name: we_good 13804615
Turned up?: Yes
Turned up on time?: Yes
Looks like photos?: Yes (but pictures poor quality)
Photos current? Yes/No: Yes
Tip was as discussed and agreed upon?: No
Approx dick size in inches or cm. 5 inch estimated, good shape
Position Matches Profile Yes/No:
What he will and will not do is correct? Yes/No:
Was he in a hurry to leave? Yes/No: No
Would you meet him again yes/No: No (too fat)

Original contact on Grindr (a month ago, with same-day meeting), later found him on gayromeo. During chat on Grindr he asked if I could pay for taxi, I confirmed and asked if he is a moneyboy, he denied (hence I gave him 200 Baht for taxi which is plentiful considering the distance, and 100 more after he asked for it). Good English and good communication. Little pubic hair (which I like). Brown skin (which I like). But FAR TOO FAT for my taste. 22 years, 170 cm, 48 kg (on gayromeo) is clearly a lie, and if had known his real stats I would not have invited him to my room. Actually, asking me "You want get hi" should have been enough not to invite the boy.

He was horny, and despite not being my taste, I let him play with me, to reward good communication, punctuality and good English; and sometimes you learn something new.

Today, a friend showed me his picture and pondered to take the boy (whence I know that the boy goes for money, otherwise I would not post this review). He asked my friend about "high" as well.

9. Boy near Victory Monument on Gayromeo in October
Profile promising: 19/63/177. Brown skin, but might be too fat. He lives near Victory Monument. He is studying/working, while I am free all day, so I go to meet him there. He looks cute, but too fat, as I already suspected from his stats. Just 5 kg less or 5 cm more and he would be fine. I wanted to make a list of van stalls at Victory Monument anyway, and that's what I do. He follows me for a while offering his help and then realizes that I'm serious and leaves me. And I notice that you can't just write down destination, line numbers and prices, there is so much that you need a plan for the stalls as well to find them and a plan how to process the data.

10. Pinoy in Minburi on Gayromeo in November
We have been chatting for a while, but he is only free on the weekend, when I am away or have other important things to to in Bangkok (like going to a wat).

11.Boy in Ladprao on Hornet in November
We have been chatting for some weeks, but he doesn't want to come to my place and I don't want to go to his place (at least unless I have something else to do in the area or an emergency plan in case communication breaks down). He messages me when he is horny and invites me to his place, and then complains that I never go to visit him.

12. Tong in Srisaket on Hornet in November (22.11.2014)
Tong 21/62/178. This went quite smooth. He first wrote to me 22:05, last message 22:38 and knock on door 22:48. Profile was promising, but in reality only a "maybe". Some chat first (to give him the opportunity to leave without sex), and then we go to business. He is hard from the beginning and comes on me, but I don't get hard and cite a long tiring day as excuse.

13. Z in Lopburi on Hornet in November (30.11.2014)
His first message to me 19:02, chat on hornet first, then move on to line 19:35, he sends his location 19:49 and I go to meet him (about 500 m from my hotel, he stays alone). I miss a call 19:52 and arrive about 19:55 in front of the dorm where he stays.

Communication breakdown: messages on hornet or line not read, phone call not answered. After calling/messaging every 10 minutes for one hour, I give up. I have been in similar situations before (twice I clearly remember; I was on the way to the boy, communication breakdown). Two days later, we finally resume communication. If you think there is an excuse, you are wrong. Only after asking do I get an explanation and excuse: เมี่อเรี่องนิดหน่อยคับ ผมขอโทด "I had things to do. I'm sorry." followed by "When do you come to Lopburi again?".

14.+15. Two different moneyboys on gboysiam The first one doesn't want to travel that far (from Ramkhamhaeng to Sathorn, one hour by bus), but his profile says outservice. The other one wanted 1500 Baht (a high starting offer) which I countered with 800 (so we could meet at 1000), he didn't accept or negotiate.

I largely gave up looking for money boys online, if a promising profile turns out to be not so much my type, I will have a hard time to explain that we won't have sex and I will just pay for a return trip (by bus) plus maybe 100 Baht for his effort. I don't want to get into this situation.  

16. Geng on hi5 and gayromeo
I have exchanged messages with many boys on hi5 (social networking website), this one came just at the right time when I was looking to meet someone. Fortunately, before setting up a date, I got his gayromeo profile, and that was not "rather not", but "no way!", so after some back-pedaling I got out.

Over all, it looks pretty dire, out of 16
not so much my type: 7
no show: 4
still in negotiations: 3
something to build upon (i.e. I would like to meet again): 2

This is quite complete an overview for online dating 2014 where the stage of "where and when?" was reached (whereas for others, save them for later or just being polite). There are dozens of profiles who look interesting and are interested, but we didn't reach the point of setting up a meeting. There are hundreds who contacted me or who I contacted, but the interest is not mutual.

While I could reconstruct this overview for online dating from memory, I will have to write down data for sauna, massage, gogo separately for quantification, starting next year. From memory:
Massage looks similar, the majority of encounters is so-so, no repeat with that boy. Boys from gogo bars have much higher success rate, there are several in Pattaya and two in Bangkok I would take again. In saunas, most visits no sex.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Oh my god! (15) It's that time of the year again

Oh my god! (15) It's that time of the year again

Christmas trees and all kinds of promotions and events everywhere. I am impervious to all these offers. I care about Christmas as much as I do about Ramadan. I will probably spend Christmas in Phichit province, as far away as you can get from the Christmas commotion/turmoil in tourist areas as you can get.

Speaking of Ramadan, let me share a story from my time in England. My dorm had a BBQ party scheduled for 7 pm, so I went there, reasonably hungry, only to find that preparations haven't even started (and if the grill is not on yet, you can guess how long it will take until food will be served). The dorm manager tells me that some students are Muslims, so the BBQ will be postponed til after sunset! What the fuck?! This is where politictial correctness leads!

My feelings about Christmas can best be expressed by some "Grumpy Cat" pictures:

For those of my readers who enjoy Christmas, a selection of pictures of Christmas trees from Thailand below. No particularly interesting Christmas trees in Sathorn/Silom gay areas, compared with last year at Lomchoey massage: or 2010 in front of X-Boys gogo bar:

This year I took these pictures (random locations):

Space-saving suspended Christmas tree in Soi Cowboy:

From facebook:

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