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Ladprao and Ramkhamhaeng gay venues update

Ladprao and Ramkhamhaeng gay venues update

ลาดพร้าว รามคำแหง Thursday, 18.12.2014 to Friday 19.12.2014

Deja Vu sauna Ladprao Soi 122, 21:22-23:05. Entry 139 Baht. At reception Porn DVD for sale: 3 for 100. Staff naked party (starts at 21:00, ended about 22:30) with group sex. Everything as described in earlier posts. Over 50 customers, at least 3 other Farang. Turnover about 30 per hour. Several who could be my type. One of them says hello later and knows my name, then the penny drops, it's the one from my first visit there.

I went there by taxi (165 Baht, 20:22-21:19, 17.9 km + 26 min slower than 6 km/h), mistake! Still traffic jam at that time, should have taken MRT to Ladrao and taxi or bus from there. 20:52 pass Makkasan MRT, 21:04 Ratchadapisek MRT. Or should have told the driver to go via Rama 4 and Sukhumvit 71; he took Wireless road and Phetchaburi road. Or should have crossed Rama 4 (then the direction is clear) instead of taking taxi in Sri Bam Pen.

Taxi to Ladprao Soi 107. This might be the gayest residential soi in Bangkok (customers in Silom Soi 4 don't live there). Coming from Ladprao, the first km is without activity, but then at Rattana Pundit University, there are many street food stalls and bars with many students around, many of them gay as far as I can judge. I know a boy who works in a bar there and visit him every few months to repeat my offer that he can come to my room before or after work. Every visit costs me about 200 Baht (drink and taxi) and about 2 hours (including traveling, I combine it with other business in the area), and I have to endure live music in the bar!

Taxi to Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 (49 Baht, 3.1 km, 7 min), arrive 1:02 am. Wave Club (former Singapore, former ICK) is open, about 30 customers. Have water for 30 Baht (soft drinks are kept at room temperature as mixers for whisky; I had coke at room temperature before; and cold beer at 150 Baht). Fashion show just started (at 1 am). In total 5 boys, no cute face, no slim body, no nice underwear. Show ends 1:10 with a soda show. Leave 1:50. All other venues are closed. Door Dum seems to be open on weekends, whereas Harlem and Meeting (former G-Star Paradise) are closed for good. Condo (The Cube) next to the gay discos under construction, about 5 floors high now.

Wave has various weekly events, see their facebook page

Taxi to Farose 2 sauna (63 Baht, detour for U-turn is about 2 km and costs 10 Baht, if there is heavy traffic it's faster to get off opposite soi 21, climb over the barrier and walk).  Arrive 2:04 and leave 3:40 am (go home). About 30 customers, turnover 20 per hour. About 5 nice bodies, one nice underwear and warm skin, but not interested. I spot two boys I think I know from Soi Twilight.

Fountain in the pool, height and light changes with time. Picture taken from rooftop terrace. 

Seed internet and cruising (not on that day, but in the area). I think it's going downhill. Some customers spend extended time in the internet cubicles (mostly watching porn or playing camfrog or facebook), what's the point? Group room on higher floors are so dark that you can bump (inadvertently) into people or furniture. They started doing theme days. Haven't had sex for several visits now, but always some cute boys.

Last time (Fri 12.12.2014) I took a glow stick into the dark room and attached it to the ceiling fan (out of reach for most Thais as I am taller, but there are chairs), which gives enough light to avoid bumping into people or furniture and allows to see if someone is slim. But about 15 minutes later, it was gone. Don't know if staff or customer removed it. But I took heavy revenge: The windows to the main road are covered with black plastic foil (glued to the window), and with some effort you can rip off parts of it, which I did, so now there is enough light that you don't bump into people or furniture.

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  1. Did anyone get to zuga house soi 46 ram. Looked very closed to me. Also mun day sauna in khon khen

  2. Went to safehouse soi 78 sukhumvit. Terrible traffic due to construction of skytrain. My 8th visit. Never more than 4 customers. This time 3 others who were leaving as I entered. Well designed , only 2 rooms. How does it make money? The boys that run it don't seem gay. All lights off. Maybe coming to an end. Soi dogs. After downpour the boy refused to drive me to end of soi.

  3. Have been to Zuga-sauna over 1 yr ago, when it had just opened. have seen reports its closed now (since around Loy kratong).
    Danke/thanks Chris for this update. Am surprised to read about the downfall of that soi Ram 89/lamsalee, as it was about the main hub for young local gays for many years. As the OToKo bars are also clsoed to building, it seems that about only RCA and venues of Ratchda are now left for them? And do you plan some more about what there is to see/do in that soi 107?

  4. Zuga is on my list (keep in mind that it might be closed, escape plan for that case so the trip isn't in vain). I learnt of mun day after my visit to Khon Kaen, no further visit planned. It seems Fake moved to Ratchada, will visit to confirm. No further post about Ladprao Soi 107 planned (but there is nothing to see or do, except for eating and drinking in evening/night time).

  5. Went to Wave recently and found it closed without notice. Today a friend who has contact to management/owners confirmed: permanently closed. That means Ramkhamhaeng Soi 89/2 is dead!

  6. Turning over the puked on bathroom mat was funny. I think you should keep fucking as Nicky doesn't sound keen enough to wait for.


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