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Monkey festival in Lopburi

Monkey festival in Lopburi

Monkey festival โต๊ะจีนลิง in Lopburi ลพบุรี is a festival organized by Lopburi Inn hotel and held on last Sunday of November, every year since 1989.

Sunday 29.11.2014

Ask several locals: monkey buffet will start at 9 am. Whereas internet says there is monkey buffet at four times (10, 12, 14, 16), and so says a flyer I got during the buffet.  

Sunday 30.11.2014

Arrive at Prang Sam Yot 8:40. Not much activity yet. 

Preparation of the buffet.

More and more visitors gather.

Official opening 10:09.

One table next to the sanctuary.

The monkeys are a bit shy, slowly descend from the sanctuary.

First monkeys at the table 10:20.

Cultural activities (singing, dancing) accompany the festival (VIP seats in picture).

Now I realize that my timing was poor (8:40-10:40, arriving early did not bring any advantages, but I skipped breakfast and now I'm getting hungry), monkeys will only descend on the tables after the crowds have disappeared.

Lunch and visit to royal palace (separate post) to spend mid-day in shade. Come back 14:35 for the third round (which was scheduled 14:00):

If you replace plates, cans and fruits with bottles, glasses and spilled liquid, it looks similar to a disco at closing time.

My advice would be to skip the opening ceremony at 10:00 (crowds, no view, monkeys shy) and come for the subsequent food presentations.

Lopburi Inn hotel (about 5 km away near Narai roundabout), which organizes the monkey buffet:

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  1. I like just temples without that crowd, monkeys and all the mess left better.

    Agree with your comment about disco closing time


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