Friday, 26 December 2014

New 500 Baht banknote

New 500 Baht banknote

I didn't know about the new 500 Baht banknote until I got one as exchange some months ago, and only a few weeks ago did I read about them by chance:

In the last years, new 20, 50 and now 500 Baht banknotes have been introduced.

I don't have a full set of banknotes currently in circulation (1000, old and new 500, 100, old and new 50, old and new 20; in two years of living here I have come across an older version of 100 which looks slightly different and an older version of 50 which is made of plastic), but I have an almost full set of coins currently in circulation:

Old and new 10, new 5 (I once saw an old 5 with royal barge, left by a friend as tip, only later did I realize what I have missed), 2 old (silver color) and new (brass color), the old 2 looks very similar to 1, locals often draw a 2 with blue felt pen to distinguish it from 1), old and new 1, 50 Satang สตางค์ in brass and copper (color), 25 Satang in brass and copper.

Update 02.03.2015: more about Thai coins here:

Update march 2016: 

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  1. sorry, that old silver 2 bt ws much more easily confused with the 5 bt-which was also changed around that time when it eas introduced.
    Of the 10 bt coins (some machines in EUR still accept it as 2 eur) are many many special issues on 1 side with different pictures.
    The new format 1 and 5 bt coins also come in 2 thickness-the newer are less thick and thus weight less and kost older machines will not accept them.

  2. there are actually 4 different versions of 100 banknote, face looks similar but reverse has different themes 1. abolishing of slavery - most common. prince 3. king and queen, 4. 2 kings, one sitting one standing

    I have all 4 of them

    1. there were 2 different plastic 50 baht banknotes but they seem to be out of circulation, did not see any in my last 3 trips

  3. New 100 Baht note:

  4. New 1000 Baht note is out, got my first yesterday.


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