Sunday, 21 December 2014

Oh my god! (15) It's that time of the year again

Oh my god! (15) It's that time of the year again

Christmas trees and all kinds of promotions and events everywhere. I am impervious to all these offers. I care about Christmas as much as I do about Ramadan. I will probably spend Christmas in Phichit province, as far away as you can get from the Christmas commotion/turmoil in tourist areas as you can get.

Speaking of Ramadan, let me share a story from my time in England. My dorm had a BBQ party scheduled for 7 pm, so I went there, reasonably hungry, only to find that preparations haven't even started (and if the grill is not on yet, you can guess how long it will take until food will be served). The dorm manager tells me that some students are Muslims, so the BBQ will be postponed til after sunset! What the fuck?! This is where politictial correctness leads!

My feelings about Christmas can best be expressed by some "Grumpy Cat" pictures:

For those of my readers who enjoy Christmas, a selection of pictures of Christmas trees from Thailand below. No particularly interesting Christmas trees in Sathorn/Silom gay areas, compared with last year at Lomchoey massage: or 2010 in front of X-Boys gogo bar:

This year I took these pictures (random locations):

Space-saving suspended Christmas tree in Soi Cowboy:

From facebook:

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  1. So that's 2 years running you have taken pictures of Christmas trees etc. Quite a lot of time spent on something you have no time for.
    P.S. no Snoopy's ?

  2. What a Christmess.

  3. The most impressive tree is at LH Bank (corner Sathorn road / Rama 4 road), which is a genuine light show. Locals go there to take pictures.


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