Monday, 29 December 2014

Oh my god! (16) Fatties

Oh my god! (16) Fatties

I am fascinated with fat people (fatties), here a collection of pictures. It starts innocently, but the end is NSFW (not safe for work).

Statue of a fat man in Silom in 2012 (temporary installation, I wrote about it before on a forum but can't find the link):

Statue of a fat woman in Lumpini park (permanent installation) "Women in the Next Three Decades":

I took this picture in Pattaya Walking street. Compare waist of both! (Posted before, can't find where.)

Some pictures of fat men in underwear at a computer from the internet:

And now the NSFW part you have been looking for, fatty and skinny in ambiguous positions (from internet). Caption?

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  1. Stop... please stop!!!!

    Happy New Year, Christian. Thanks & looking forward to your posts in 2015!

  2. You should post pics from famines in Africa. You'll enjoy the extra,extra slim and darker than Thai boys. LOL

    I like neither. Balance is healthy.

  3. I don't think I will ever get you. You wont off or go with a boy who is 2 kilos over weight. But you are happy to spent time searching for pictures of fat people on the internet.
    You are becoming a freak.

  4. I always wonder how those mastodonts wipe their asses


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