Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pattaya Tue-Thu 9.-11.12.2014

Pattaya Tue-Thu 9.-11.12.2014

Tuesday 9.12.2014

Stay in Gurke Guesthouse (600 Baht per night), which has a new manager Manfred. Now the previous manager Karsten can devote all his time to 

Before I can go to any bar, I spot Jam (19/43/170 Ayutthaya) in Sunee Plaza. He left Power Boys because mamasan wants a cut every time he has a customer. That suits me well, I had him in mind anyway, saves me drink and off fee. Exchange facebook so I can contact him when he is in the army in Ayutthaya next year (I will go to Ayutthaya some day), facebook is the safest way to stay in contact (he changed phone number and Line since we last met).

Drink and chat with various friends in Sunee, then stroll through Walking Street to Boystown. Cupidol 23:45 only 4 boys on stage (individual underwear), not worth going in. 

Vassa Bar 23:50-00:05 5 boys on stage (white briefs or trunks, neck tie, socks), drink 160, music, aircon, light ok. Mamasan says they ususally have 10, several boys offed already. Off fee 400, short time tip 1000 expected. Leave alone.

Beach road renovation is barely finished, it already starts to disintegrate:

Now I finally have time for a project I had in mind long time: a Beach road street hooker count! Walk all the way from Walking street to the northern end 00:15-1:00 and count 423 available ladies on the beach side. Density decreases from south to north (00:30 Hilton 303, 00:55 Holiday inn 423, no more between Holiday Inn and northern end of Beach road). On way back by songhtheo I notice there are ladies standing on the other side of Beach road as well, so the real number is higher.

Chat with some boys on the way back, go to bed alone.

Wednesday 10.12.2014

Go to Thais4life bookshop http://www.thais4life.com/ and first look for and then ask for Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. It's in their computer (two copies, under Heller and Eller) but I can't locate the copies, they might have been sold.

Walk all the way to Sukhumvit and have a look at Batman building (separate post).

Continue to Jagger's German Bookshop of which I learnt in a and advert in a Farang (German weekly newspaper) some time ago. About 100 m north of Batman building, with direct view. The owner welcomes me and gives me a tour through the shop. An impressive collection and well managed! No website.

Meet farang friend for dinner. When in Pattaya, I splurge out on food, usually Italian for dinner, one of these three places: Volterra near Sunee plaza, Da Giulio on second road near Boystown, Casa Fellini in Boystown. Occasionally Little Mango Restaurant near Sunee plaza.

Then to Eros (21:10-40). Drink 115, off fee 300. Take Tom (whom I had two or three time before) to my room. 

Afterwards stroll through Sunee plaza. One of the boys from Good boys says he remembers me, and he is cute, and he takes my hand and drags me in, I show no resistance. Name M, 23 years, from Sriratcha. Drinks 150 Baht each. Quickly has his shirt off and pants down. Surprisingly affectionate for a straight boy, and fun to be with. He gets hard (about 5 inch), but no cum. I don't even get hard, have just been with Tom. I tip 500 Baht (which is generous, 20 min 22:45-23:05 and no cum). 

Now I know what's going on behind these blinds (have been wondering for months), however would be more interested in watching others. The circumstances are unfavorable: light better than expected, but I don't like fan and without fan it quickly gets hot, sitting or standing with pants down to knees is an unfavorable posture. But the boy M is gorgeous and pleasant company. Now I have foot in the door (figuratively) / a hand in the pants (literally), but I'm afraid there will be no repeat (at least not behind these blinds). 

More about Good boys' boys here: http://sawatdeenetwork.com/forum/trip-koh-larn-with-some-boys-t30696.html (thanks netrix for sharing).

He is the one without tattoos in above link, best pictures of him from that link (with permisson of netrix):

Walking street, Beach road, Boystown, go to bed alone. There is one cute boy in Walking street, he has been sitting on the steps of Bangkok Bank (between Russian Cabaret and McDonald's) for months (I mean I saw him there first months ago, and spot him every time I go to Pattaya), I wonder what he is doing there.

Thursday 11.12.2014

Visit TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) Pattaya (on Phratamak hill พระตำหนัก) to get material for upcoming trips. 

Then stroll the hill, there is activity in the early afternoon (about 12:45-14:30). I walk past a boy sitting on mocy, then he drives past me, stops about 100 m further and is wanking! Nice and big dick, but not so much my type. In total three offers for sex and spot several more who are cruising. Large numbers of used condoms and condom wraps and sachets of lube lying around.

Return to Bangkok.

Changes in Pattaya since my last visit:
Le Bouchon Thai closed and sign removed, new sign "TING TONG BLUE Bar, Cafe and more" in blue. Euro boys open again, as a beer bar with blue light.  Yaya closed and signs removed.

Two gay boys chatted me up (in English) in Sunee area, they didn't appear to be money boys. Unfortunately none of them my type. I chatted up (in Thai) two cute boys (separately) on Beach road, invited the first one to my room, he did not reject but ask "what are we going to do (in your room)" but then excused himself for returning home. The second one asked for my phone number, so we can meet again when I return to Pattaya.

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  1. yes i was looking hard for boys on beach road to chat up & take to my room for fun, its not fare all the lady hookers here & not one boy hanging around waiting for a customer! its not good we have to go all the way up to pratumnak hill which is hard to get to & hard to walk around, then you have to motocy back down also as its so far, just wish there was a place to meet street boys in pattaya in the day time...

    1. There are a few boys on Beach road at night as well, north-west of Boystown.

  2. Where exactly on Pratamnak hill is the cruising going on?

    1. I mentioned this in earlier posts:
      http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/03/pattaya-10-12032014.html http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2014/04/pattaya-23-25032014.html

      I come from South Pattaya (walking), underneath the overpass, up the hill towards the park, into the park, turn right (walk west) and take the tunnel and continue straight ahead (walk west). On lower level street (cars), mid level only pedestrians and mocy, high level only pedestrians (no mocy due to stairs). When you come to the viewpoint, there is the occasional tourist or runner.

  3. Mr. M is a real cutie! I have known him for a few years already and he has managed to stay cute as hell!


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