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R3 Sauna Bangkok Ratchada

R3 Sauna Bangkok Ratchada

Normal days 160 Baht, event days 180 Baht.
Accessible via MRT Phra Ram 9 (see website for map).

Theme days:
Mon all naked, Tue Wed fundoshi, Thu all naked, Fri Sat underwear, Sun naked zone.
Regular special events see website. They seem to change their theme days from time to time.

1st floor (ground floor) reception hall (two floors high), Jacuzzi only accessible from 2nd floor
2nd floor lockers overlooking reception hall, bathroom
3rd floor gym, maze and rooms only accessible form 5th floor via 4th floor
4th floor stairway; maze and rooms, porn room, two computers with internet only accessible from 5th floor, window to stairway
5th floor bar, open showers (yes, you have to go up all the way to shower), sauna (can seat about 10, with window looking down to the soi), steam room (can seat about 10)
6th floor maze, group area, special events take place on this floor

From two visits (details below): Nice decoration, clean, well maintained, large number of customers (mainly Asian). A valuable addition to the Bangkok sauna scene (many of which simply lack customers). When I go again, I will put contact lenses in (use them rarely, eyesight not as good as with glasses, but useful in sauna/steam room). The highest praise I can give for a sauna: contact-lens-worthy, which means there are customers that are worth looking at and there is a slight chance that I will end up in a room, justifying the expense for contact lenses and the work to put them in (not a standard procedure, takes some attempts).

Saturday 08.11.2014

Orgy party, entry 180 Baht. 18:55-22:20. Around 20 I get hungry, the party will start at 21. I ask member of staff if I can leave for dinner and be back in half an hour and keep my locker. Brownie points for understanding this request (in English) and allowing me to leave and come back.

The show is utter bullshit and a huge waste of time. Schedule is 21:00. Starting from about 20:30, people gather in front of the bar and the models are on the top floor. The models wear lightsticks around both wrists. People who are interested in meeting the models before the show could write their locker number on a paper, now it’s lucky draw time and those selected can go up. The MC (master of ceremonies, for lack of a better description) comments the activity upstairs (in Thai). What the fuck? Then others can join one by one (take off underwear, upstairs nude zone). Finally around 21:30 everyone can go (no towels, nude). There is happy fucking, but compared to Déjà vu (memory from last visit a year ago) an utter waste of time. The MC does not stop here, he comments the activities. The last thing I want when I have sex or am looking for sex.

It’s crowded in some areas, it’s getting warm and even if I had had an erection it would have disappeared upon skin contact with some cold sweaty fatty. Yuck!

But the weirdest part was the offering of poppers. The MC announces that everyone can have a sniff, and a member of staff distributes condoms and lube and has a bottle of poppers, I estimate 5 ml. Out of curiosity, I take a sniff. It smells differently from my single previous experience (when a friend used poppers) and from alkylnitrites I know from chemistry. The way it was presented in the sauna, you would think poppers is made from unicorn blood.

Sauna and steam room closed for cleaning from about 20:30. No clock in sauna, thermometer seems to be broken. Jacuzzy is not working (no bubbles, no jet, all quiet).

Friday 28.11.2014

Fetish night, 180 Baht entry. Arrive 18:25. Get locker number 70. About 30 customers, more coming. You get a padlock for your locker, that allows me to count how many lockers are occupied: 19:50 65 lockers occupied. Jacuzzi working. Sauna, steam room and 6th floor closed from 8 pm on in preparation of Fetish Night (starting 9 pm). Leave 20:15 (miss fetish night, but I had other plans).

Update: Fetish night is described in detail here:

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  1. I went to R3 on Saturday, 14 February to participate in the Big Orgy Party, and at 9.00pm, nothing happened. When I left the sauna one hour later, I asked the receptionist why the orgy didn't take place. He didn't speak English, and with my very basic command in Thai, I could understand that they decided to discontinue the orgies for the time being, "because of the police". Does anyone know when the orgies will resume?


    PS : Great blog, Christian, incredibly well documented.


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