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Short time hotels in Bangkok

Short time hotels in Bangkok

I have been to several short time hotels in Bangkok, and occasionally people ask on the forums for short time hotels. These places have the advantage that you don’t have to care about your valuables or other people knowing where you live, your neighbors/security knowing who you bring to your place, short time rooms' walls and ceilings often have mirrors and their location can be convenient. Disadvantage is that you have to pay and that those places I frequent only have cold water for showering.

In Thai these places are called รงแรมม่านรูด (rohng raem mâan rôot) = motel, word by word: "hotel curtain draw" because many rooms are drive-in and the parking is separated from the aisle by a curtain. ม่านรูด can also be applied to people who frequent such places.

Silom/Surawong area

The Pavilion Place (Patpong, near Screwboys) 3 h for 500 THB, their reception is on 3rd floor (security on ground floor sent me up, I just checked prices).

BBB Inn (Rama 4 road) 3 h for 550, more here:

Niagara Hotel Sathorn Soi 10 or Silom Soi 9, no personal experience. 2 h for 300, a friend stays on an upper floor (6500 per month with aircon and balcony, the rate of 900 per day they quote at reception is very expensive considering the low standard) and says there is high activity at night.

Suriwongse Hotel near Jupiter 2002, no personal experience.

If readers know any more, please let me know, I will update this list. But at these prices (about 500 in Silom area), I rather take taxi to my place.

Super A and Golden Cock have room for 200, where you can take boy from their bar. I used the room in Super A twice (?) and had a look at the room in Golden Cock, very basic but sufficient.

Other areas

Ruen Rom Hotel (โรงแรมรื่นรมย์ – English: to be pleasant, enjoyable) in Thanon Bamrung Mueang ถนนบำรุงเมือง, about 600 m east of the palace. Large yellow sign, visible from palace when looking towards giant swing. Googlemaps: Ruen Rom Hotel 200 Baht, boy not included. No drive-in, only walk-in.

Update 18oct2016: in 2015, I passed and noticed new name and seems to have undergone renovation (impression from outside, didn't enter).

Thonburi Hotel โรงแรมธนบุรีโฮเต็ล in Lat Ya road ถนนลาดหญ้า next to Soi 9; about 600 m east of Wongwian Yai. From memory 220 Baht. Google maps, location 13°43'40.3"N 100°29'54.9"E = 13.727866, 100.498571 Drive-in and walk-in.

Sukawadee Hotel Prachathipatai Rd โรงแรมสุขาวดี ประชาธิปไตย about 500 m northeast of Khao San road ถนนข้าวสาร. Googlemaps: Sukawadee Hotel 320 Baht for short time (from vague memory, but boy said they have straight porn on TV which was true).

Update Aug 2015:
Went again on suggestion of a boy and was pleasantly surprised. Rooms renovated, look great (hot shower, flat screen TV with regular program and straight porn) and are good value for 260 Baht. I had just showered when it knocked on the door and staff wanted my boy's ID. He didn't have his ID with him, no problem. (Boy is and looks over 20 years old.)

Thung Maha Mek Privacy Hotel โรงแรมทุ่งมหาเมฆ ไปรเวซี in Soi Ngam Duplee ซอย งามดูพลี about 100 m south of Malaysia Hotel. Googlemaps Full night 650, short time 280 (but only for heterosexual couples). I have been there once (and had to pay 650), full story here with pictures:

A friend told me about short time hotels in Chinatown for 100 or 120 per hour.

Pradipat Hotel โรงแรมประดิพัทธิ์ on Pradipat Road, 400 Baht (quite expensive for this area) about 200 m west of Saphan Khwai gay bars. Googlemaps: Pradipat Hotel. I went there once with a boy from Be-high:

There are several short time hotels near Nana Plaza (Sukhumvit Soi 4) for 300 Baht (information from internet).

Drive Inn Hotel ไดร์ฟ-อิน โฮเต็ล Ladprao Soi 128/2 ซอย ลาดพร้าว 128/2, 310 Baht 3 hours, 550 Baht overnight (blanket will be provided in that case). Googlemaps: Drive Inn Hotel As the name suggests, several floor of drive-in rooms. Once your car is parked, staff will draw the curtain and some minutes later knock on door to collect fee and give you remote control for aircon. Rooms are decorated car-themed (other short time hotels have rather spartan rooms).


For sake of completeness, I have been to Wiang Samran Hotel โรงแรมเวียงสําราญ, about 200 m south of Khao San road and directly behind Sake สาเก gay disco. Threesome with ladyboy and boy from Saranrom, don't remember price, she paid. Googlemaps: Wiang Samran Hotel  

With another ladyboy and the same boy from Saranrom, I have been to a hotel across the river, but don't remember name or location. 

Some of them have a menu for food and drink, expect to pay 2-3 times the price of the same food on the street.

One hotel does not provide tissue (toilet paper). I always have to ask for it. Just imagine, you or your boy cum all over your body, your hands are soaked in cum, and you have nothing to wipe it off! (You could use a towel, but you will need it later after showering.)

Sometimes there is no remote control for the aircon. I cannot have meaningful sex in a current of air, so I have to switch the aircon off. Sometimes I can find the main switch. In one hotel, there is no remote, no main switch, and the knobs on the aircon have been removed, so only the metal rod is poking out. It’s difficult to impossible to turn it by hand, but I have a pocket knife with pliers. 

Usually, identification is not required. You can bring girls and boys of any age (observation from watching traffic). But in one case, I have been in the room with a friend for some minutes, we have undressed to underwear, when it knocks on the door and a superior of the person who let us into the room and collected the fee asked for an ID card!

Update 21.12.2014 Short time hotels in Pattaya and Chiang Mai are not worth an extra post. 

My one experience in Pattaya is here:

I have never used a short time hotel in Chiang Mai, but in a recent thread on sgt there is an overview:

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  1. Niagara: the short time rooms have been renovated 1 side-the other is still rubble. Price quoted is likely 400 for 3 hrs-but as above-you can bargain/ask for the shorter time. Water lukewarm at best, check everything (remote for TV with 2 softpoh channels str8, AC) before paying. Suffers from mozzies, as doors often let open when cleaned.
    There is(was-its so long ago i went there) also short time rooms in an anonymous building in the Tawan soi-other side, just a little further).
    Best known near Khao Sarn-or Saranrom are the Ratchdamnern and Palace HTL- up and downmarket, in short sois off Ratchdamnern, where in the eves very persistent young katoeys may pester you.
    About all the older Thai HTLs in Sapan Kwai also do short time rooms-incl the one at end of the gay soi. Prices may vary with quality of room, 400 is way too high, maybe that guy had some deal with that hotel?

  2. My experience with Niagara is that they charge more if you bring more than one boy. I usually go there with five to seven boys and they want 1,000. I guess it is beause we get more towels. We usually finish before the three hours tim elimit.


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