Wednesday, 10 December 2014

What the fuck?!

What the fuck?!

The opposite of “words of praise” and the equivalent of “turtle ass award” on Bangkokbois. I prefer to keep my posts in a positive mood, but if something is shit I don't hesitate to call it shit.


When I use free WiFi somewhere, often name and password are not intuitive and not easy to remember (e.g. arbitrary sequences of letters and numbers that can only be conveyed in written form). Once you get past this hurdle, there often is “authentication problem”, “unable to connect to network” and other problems. “Forget network”, switch off WiFi on my phone, sometimes even turn off phone, try again, waste some time, give up. Do my readers have similar problems?

Last year I had my own telephone line and router for WiFi, the entire time of my stay in Lak Si no problem. But in my new place (WiFi included in rent), almost daily a sudden interruption of connection that I can usually solve by switching off and on again the router in the hallway. But I had cases where I was left one day without internet on my laptop (but my mobile phone can connect).


I use the free version. Crashes frequently. Messages are stored 90 days. Until last month, all messages (from Aug 2013 when I started using Grindr) were available, but then suddenly everything older than 3 months was gone (which means I can’t contact the boys any more, but for those important, I move to Line for communication anyway). Even worse, you cannot save the messages as text or forward them in an email (like in gayromeo or line), I emailed support last year: cannot. Only way is screenshot.

Had problems with full internal storage of my phone that affected performance. Upon checking, I found that grindr occupies 250 MB (!!!) of my phone’s 1 GB internal storage. Cannot move to SD card. At best this is waste of user’s disk space (I cannot imagine what data they store on my mobile that is 250 MB), more probably sloppy programming. Solved the “full internal storage” by deleting all grindr’s data. Now I have to log in to grindr again, but forgot password and don’t remember where I wrote it down and there is a problem with password recovery. Reflecting on time spent on grindr and outcome, I might as well give up.

Register on hornet to see if it's any better than grindr. In a few weeks, hornet has amassed 100 MB of data in my phone’s internal storage. Why on earth do they need to store 100 MB? Can copy paste one message, but not whole conversation. Problems with changing location. Error messages (cannot access data, try again later). Some weird error when you scroll down on messages, it suddenly jumps to the top. Different app, same shit!


They have this horrible advertising that slides in from the side and you have to wait until it stops before you can click it away. The pages scroll slowly and sometimes I have a black screen, and thaivisa is the website that causes most crashes of my browser (firefox). 

Update: add to those websites that have advertising that slows it down and makes it crash-prone.

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  1. Hornet, Grindr, Line or Gayromeo, no I don't have this kind of problems as above - I don't use them

  2. in this area there is paid or even free internet (classic-desk type)-the latter has more hickups, but after all not that many. Sometimes I just think they set that up to chase people away who misuse it.
    The TV screen does not come on anymore as this machine remembers adresses-just click on news or whatever direct.

  3. Hornet app on my phone remains total crap. I wrote about spamming my phone's memory; not just that, I have to pay for it was well! When I open hornet and look at a few profiles, I get SMS for my data connection "you have used 10 Baht today already...". Third and further pictures load very slowly, on a friend's tablet (so it's not just my old phone!) and on my new phone as well.

    Starting at such a poor level, introduction of hornet for computer (works without problem here) deserves praise! However, now there seems to be a problem with requesting private photos on mobile and computer.

    I had two more cases where a boy deleted his profile and all chat was gone as well. This is outrageous! If I hadn't had one case where chat and deletion occurred on the same day, I would have searched for profile and messages until I turned mad.

    That applies to forums and blogs as well where the sender can delete a message before it is delivered and the recipient only gets a note "message deleted by sender", but cannot see what was written. By my standards, as soon as you put a letter in a letter box or click "send", you cannot get it back by legal means.


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