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Dating Thai boys (24) Boyfriend candidate 1 (2015)

Dating Thai boys (24) Boyfriend candidate 1 (2015)

New count of boyfriend candidates for 2015, not to be confused with those from 2014.

Monday 12.01.2015
I see M on hornet and add him as favorite, he says “hi” and we chat, first in English then in Thai. “What are you doing now?” “No” is the turning point that shows me his English is not so good. But he can write coherent sentences in Thai, something I cannot claim for all my acquaintances. Uses and can spell ปฏิเสธ! Efficient communication and on time, sense of orientation. I pick him up at Klong Toey MRT and we go to my room. First a bit reticent, but then everything fine. Afterwards, I give him 100 Baht to cover his travel expenses. We spent 13:35-15:25 together, I am 20 minutes late for a subsequent appointment with a Farang friend!

Tuesday 13.01.2015
Stroll through Silom at night and by chance meet a Farang friend in Soi 4 and sit down for a drink. M messages me on Line: he had a quarrel with his room mate and wants to go back to his home province, but hasn’t money for the trip and no money for rent. If I could lent him 6000 Baht? Definitely not! After an hour writing to and fro (fortunately, my Farang friend was busy with his phone as well), we postpone further discussion to tomorrow. Second day we know, and already going downhill!

Wednesday 14.01.2015
Chat again on Line, I tell him he can stay with me for some days and I pick him up at MRT Thailand Cultural Center (he lives nearby). He has no money for MRT and doesn’t want to take a taxi which I would pay for. I give him 300 Baht to cover his daily expenses, then we go separate ways, I to TAT festival BTS National Stadium and he to meet a friend in Ramkhamhaeng. He doesn’t ask for more the following days nor returns change when we meet again at night.

Thursday 15.01.2015
He leaves in the morning after I give him 300 Baht to cover all possible daily expenses. I meet Farang friends during day and go to TAT festival in Lumpini park. M brought just a bag pack with clothes, so we have to wash his clothes. I usually collect 2 weeks to fill a washing machine, but with our laundry combined we can wash today. The first time I share a washing machine with someone.

Friday 16.01.2015
We go separate ways during day. At night, he will go to Welcome Pub (separate post tomorrow) with a friend and invites me to join (and pay for Whisky, but his friend pays for corkage fee and mixers!). I leave around 2 am (and leave him 300 Baht after he asks for it). He is back 5 am and calls from downstairs, I have to go down to pay for taxi (what happened to the 300?) and let him in. Even drunk good communication and pleasant company. I hear him vomiting in my bathroom, then he goes to bed without shower.

Saturday 17.01.2015
I see some of the vomit missed the toilet bowl. There are splashes on his underwear as well (which he wore in bed), I will change bed linen soon.

I show him where he can find cleaning utensils. We separate after breakfast. About an hour later, I get a message that his friend is not in and he wants back to my room. All my well laid plans (I had business 5 min from MRT station with subsequent trip on MRT) futile, walk back to my room 15 minutes. He wants to stay in and sleep, and I let him do so. First time that I let a boy alone in my new room. I come back at night, and M is still there and the splashes of vomit are gone! First I wonder how he washed the door mat, but then I have an epiphany: he just turned it around!

Reminds me of my second hook up, 2009 in DJ station. The following morning I found brown stains on the pillow, I asked him what it is, he just smiled and turned the pillow around. It was probably make-up from his face.

Some more words on vomit. By chance, I am just wearing the oldest still in use garment (probably not correct English, but I like this construction) I have, a pair of trousers from about 1997, which I wore when I first (and so far only) got drunk around 1998. I had to vomit 7 times (the last without anything coming out), and some tiny splashes of vomit got onto my trousers’ legs. My mother noticed and asked some incisive questions and found out the truth. Later during time in the army, I saw an expert vomiting on the way back from breakfast: he didn’t even stop walking, just bent over and as I was standing perpendicular, I could see the vomit coming out in the shape of a parabola.

Sunday 18.01.2015
We go together to Wat Pak Nam Pasicharoen, and separate in the early afternoon as he wants to buy new clothes (hence 500 Baht today) in Ramkhamhaeng for a job interview on Monday. At night he messages me that there are few buses and if I could pay for taxi, first I refuse, but after half an hour I relent. But that's not all, he has the card for the bottle in Welcome Pub and his friend is there, so he has to go back. First I refuse to give him money, but when he dresses and tells me will get there somehow, I relent, 200 Baht for taxi going and coming back (so I don't have to go down to pay for taxi on the road in the middle of the night). Do you see the irony, I paid for the bottle which I would rather have in my room now than in the bar (I don't drink, but I will surely find a grateful recipient) and now for taxi so they can drink in the bar (he invited me, but once was enough). 

To be continued. 

If I give the boy 300 Baht every day and he doesn’t have to pay for rent or food (when we eat together), he will want to stay forever, I soon have to find a solution. So far I didn’t find a reason why he couldn’t be my boyfriend, but that’s still not enough to want him to be around permanently.

No ink, no holes, no metal (short for: no tattoos, no artificial body holes - not even earrings, no jewelry). But too much cosmetics, he uses "vaseline healthy white UV whitening" all over his body after shower (even if we will have sex). The best spoken or written Thai I ever encountered addressed at me.

He is looking around on grindr and hornet (but no gayromeo) among Thai and Farang and asks me to translate English-Thai. I have currently stopped all dating and whoring as I don’t know how long he will stay. But when I’m walking alone, I look around and think: if I could swap!

Having to let him in in the evening/night after separate activities during day poses some restrictions for both of us, but giving him a key would send a wrong signal. 

I will travel somewhere end of this week, either Kanchanaburi with a Farang friend (means M will have to find another place to stay in Bangkok or go back to his family in Uttaradit - I would have to give him money for ticket) or Udon Thani, where I could take him with me if he wants to come. 

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  1. thank you for a good laugh this morning reading about your vomit impressions and good luck with your recent catch

  2. Yes, Christian, I hope that you have good luck with your latest. Thanks for posting!

  3. It was easier to give him the thb6000 right away. Now you stuck with him, give him thb300 a day AND have to pay for his trip home.

  4. 300 baht per diem is minimum wage in Thailand. Will he get a bonus at the end of the year? Eduard

  5. Very depressing

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