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Gay saunas in Hat Yai

Gay saunas in Hat Yai

Update Aug 2015: GL sauna is now Elysium sauna.
Update Sep 2017: Zeus Club Sauna is closed for good. 

GL sauna จีแอล ซาวน่า

Entry 150 Baht for foreigner and 129 for Thai. Reception sells Poppers for 1000 Baht (for estimated 10 ml, there were only empty packages as samples). Staff could not tell me what “GL” stands for (or didn’t even understand the question in English or in Thai).

Tue, Fri, Sat underwear; Fri, Sat after 20:30 naked zone.

1st floor (ground floor) empty, only stairway up to 2nd floor
2nd floor reception, locker, bar with free cold water and orange juice, gym, TV, steam room
3rd floor maze with white or black walls (white walls look much brighter), porn room, private rooms, open shower, karaoke

Saturday, 03.01.2015
When I arrive 19:35, more than 3 customers, when I leave 20:45, about 10 customers. Staff says busier between 9 and 10 pm. None of them my type, but two cute boys in the snooker hall that’s next to it! Cleanliness and maintenance ok.

Others have been there before me (in fact, I wouldn’t have known or found the way without the websites quoted):

Location (house number 37/73)
6°59'48.7"N 100°28'29.1"E 6.996852, 100.474748


Nightime. The lights in 2nd floor are the bar.

Zeus Club sauna ซูสคลับ ซาวน่า

I learned of this place from a customer in GL sauna, and then quickly searched on the internet on my phone, and remembered a Farang friend mentioned it. They have a website:
Entry 150 Baht, condom and lube, big towel of good quality, and on request I got further towel for free (some saunas provide one towel which is insufficient and then charge for further towel). Staff speaks good English.

Fri and Sat underwear, other days towel. (Information from staff.) Fri underwear, last Fri of the month naked (from website).

1st floor (ground floor) reception, internet (2 computers), TV lounge, steam room outside (about 10 can sit), open shower outside (only cold water, shower gel provided)
2nd floor locker room (big lockers), balcony that overlooks street and entrance area, free cold drinks (water and lemongrass)
3rd private rooms and group rooms, porn room, group shower
4th rooms, terrace with plants
(please allow some inaccuracies, I was busy with boys)

Saturday 03.01.2015

On my way to Zeus Club, just 20 m around the corner, a boy on mocy asks me where I am going. He is gay and just came from the sauna. He has a cute face, so I agree to his suggestion to go to my room on his mocy. However, when putting my hand around his body, I realize he is far too fat for my taste. I don’t find a way to get out, so we go to my room, I don’t get hard at all and give being tired as excuse and he has a wank.

Wednesday 07.01.2015

Arrive 21:12. About 15 customers. Spot one cute boy, and then another. The second cute boy (Korn, 18, cute face and haircut, brown skin, a bit too fat and skin too cold) shows interest, so I sit down next to him in the porn room, we chat (English ok) and touch, finally he suggests we go to a room. Sex is so-so. I have problems getting fully hard, so does he! He wants to fuck me, but is not hard enough for penetration. Finally both of us wank. While this encounter is just so-so, we might meet again under more favorable circumstances (I really don’t like these rooms in sauna: not enough light, too cold, and once you start with lube, there is lube on the mattress and you have just your towel to wipe it off). It turns out the other cute boy is his brother (both are gay) and they came with a friend (the friend subsequently tries to seduce me). Exchange facebook profiles. When I go to far Southern Thailand again, I will probably meet him again.

Cleanliness and maintenance good, in addition nicely decorated.



Of these two, based on one visit each, Zeus Club sauna clearly wins over GL sauna. Worth a visit when you are in Hat Yai.

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