Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hat Yai gay bars and massage

Hat Yai gay bars and massage

Top Man Pub ท็อปแมนผับ

Saturday 03.01.2015

Stay 20:53-21:16. Orange juice 140 Baht. Boys (fully dressed in street clothes) don’t pay attention to me (occupied with their mobile phone or talking with each other). There is one other customer. Manager joins me and speaks English, I gather the following information: there are 10 boys working there, out of which 2 are gay. I saw 2 sitting with customer and up to 6 on stage. They have boy and room for 1200 all included, or massage 1500 Baht for 1 h 45 min (the shortest on their menu) (?). None of the boys is my type. Music, light, aircon ok. Forgot to inquire where the boys come from.

Buddy Men club บัดดี้เมนคลับ

Wednesday 07.01.2014

After sex in Zeus Club, and having to get up early the following day, I am not in the mood for a drink. But for blogging purposes, I pop into Buddy Men Club. 23:30 there are 5 boys, one of them cute. No customer. I chat with manager with vague indication that I will come back some day. I like these swans made of boxes from Whisky, it’s from Chiang Mai (or a boy from Chiang Mai brought it?):

Verdict: nothing worth leaving Bangkok for.

I learnt of these places here: 

There are two gay massage places I know of:

The Secret Spa and of which I learnt from a flyer in GL sauna and 

Kamyan Spa andร้านนวดเกย์หาดใหญ่/168872423266392?fref=nf which I found by chance (walking past, but no boys outside, Thungsao 2 road number 135). No personal experience.

There are many normal massages (mixed gender masseurs), and I spotted some cute boys. I went to Mali (Prachathipat alley ซอยประชาธิปัตย์, near Lee Gardens Plaza) and took 1 h oil massage (400 Baht). I didn’t chose masseur, took the one assigned (the night before there were some cute boys, but not when I went there, so it didn’t matter). He is from Chiang Mai province, Mae Sai district. Very limited English and communication in Thai difficult as well, but he says he is Thai. He leads me to room with 3 massage mattresses. Good massage, stayed fully clothed throughout and no indecent touching, didn't go anywhere near, kept part of my body (especially butt and genitals) covered by towel. From that I conclude that this place has no hanky-panky.

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