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Klong Toey slum (1) Introduction and main slum

Klong Toey slum (1) Introduction and main slum

I have heard about this slum several times, and it has been low on my list of places to go for years. Then there was a hint on gaybuttonthai  that there are bars that have very underage girls and boys and everything goes in these bars, which raised my interest. 

Quote from the link, Mon Dec 01, 2014: 

The no sex show problem (edit: Nov 2014, related to military coup) is limited to bars that cater for farangs. I know a number of bar owners who runs clubs / bars in the Klong Toey area which are strictly Thai membership only. It is not the sort of area that you would want to walk around unaccompanied unless you knew one of the locals, but if you did you would find that there are practically no rules or regulations as to what goes on inside those establishments.

Follow up comment, Thu Dec 04, 2014:

Irrespective of a Thai ID card being being required or not I would hope that posters of this board would not even consider frequenting such bars as when I say 'underage' I mean 'underage'

I would also strongly advise against any farang visiting the Klong Toey area let alone loitering around there. For anyone who does not know Klong Toey it is the largest roughest and most dangerous slum in Bangkok and much of it is off limits to the police let alone casual visitors. You can get a flavour of the area by reading Welcome to the Bangkok slaughterhouse by my good friend Father Joe Maier. 

Another poster said, Thu Dec 04, 2014:

Some of these clubs are breaking the law. They bring in under age boys, and as you say no rules. Enter AYOR!

I spent extended time in the slum and didn't leave a stone unturned in search of these bars, so I can warn others not to go there. Unfortunately, all efforts were in vain. In addition, the posters were not available for further comment, so I declare these bars urban legend. Comparing to my own experiences below, I even doubt those posters have been there (Klong Toey slum), at least they have a perception of danger very different from mine.

But I am not infallible. If you know of such places, prove me wrong! Maybe I wouldn't recognize the place if I stood right in front of it (compare sex cinemas, some are quite hidden and would be difficult to find for an outsider, and these cinemas are large and legal places.) Actually the op (original poster) wrote "Klong Toey area" and later discussion veered to the slum.

A friend who works at Klong Toey port has heard of "one stop service" girl bars, but doesn't know details. 
This link provides a map:

Let me call the three distinctive areas railway slum (the slum along the railway line (ชุมชนริมทางรถไฟ) in the upper left of the picture), Rama 3 slum (ชุมชนวัดช่องลม, ชุมชนคลองขวาง, ชุมชนร่วมพัฒนะ เชื่อเพลิง2, ชุมชนเย็นอากาศ๒) lower left, and Klong Toey slum (ชุมชน70ไร่) right in the picture. The Thai names mean "(name of the area) community", I added names I found at entrance of the slum areas, no claim for completeness.

Klong Toey Slum (main area)
The largest part of Klong Toey slum, between expressway (and canal under the expressway) and harbor.

You are now entering Klong Toey slum (coming from Sathorn, there are some regular houses first):

Center for underprivileged children: มูลนิธิเด็กอ่อนในสลัม

Mercy Centre Human Development Foundation ศูนย์เมอร์ซี่

Inside the northern part of the slum (north of Damrong Lat Phiphat road ถ.ดำรงลัทธพิพัฒน์), ways are haphazard; left, straight ahead or right?

Next corner the same: left, straight ahead or right?

But with basic sense of orientation or asking locals, you can easily get back to main road. During daytime (pictures above) few people are out due to heat and sunshine.

The southern part is much better organized, ways are rectangular and numbered. Satellite picture of expressway, slum and harbor area (containers and empty space):

Go again another day after sunset. A man warns me that there are drug addicts (moving his arm like using a syringe), another one tells me he likes Patpong (I should have asked if there is something similar here!). 

Later I come across a single cute boy who invites me to sit with him for a chat. I can smell that he is on glue, and his lips look bloated, and during chat his mind seems foggy. Our conversation gets into a circle, after five sentences we are at the same point. He offers me a ride out, but doesn't catch that I'm not looking for a way out of the slum. When he asks for my phone number it's time to leave (without giving him my phone number).

Finally I spot a cute boy (not in picture) in a group, so I accept their invitation for drink and chat. 

An about 10 year old girl (not in picture) noticed that I was looking at the cute boy (name Petch) with amorous thoughts and proclaimed "Petch I love you".

They rarely see a foreigner and I am treated like a celebrity, they bask in my presence and I get invitations for New Year's eve, New Year and Songkran. I will be back some time (to inquire about the cute boy).

With such a cheerful and hospital welcome, I did not have the heart to tell them that I'm just looking for a cheap fuck and ask if they know someone who pimps out their minors. 

General observations

People are very friendly and helpful. In fact, it can be a nuisance. I just want to snoop around and have to fight off locals who want to show me the way to wherever I'm going. I take a look at the map first, so I tell them I am going to X which is in the direction I am going, so everyone is happy. For dead end sois I just say I lost my way and ask for the main road.

I frequently get invitations for drinking (beer, whisky) when locals sit outside and socialize in the evening/night. I could get drunk for free if I wanted! 

Little English is spoken. There are not many boys or girls age 18-25 around, where are they? 

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  1. Thank you for demolishing another urban legend

  2. 'I did not have the heart to tell them that I'm just looking for a cheap fuck' LOL


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