Thursday, 22 January 2015

Klong Toey slum (2) Railway slum and Rama 3 slum

Klong Toey slum (2) Railway slum and Rama 3 slum

Railway slum (ชุมชนริมทางรถไฟ)
I passed through (and walked in side sois as well) the railway slum many times, as early as Dec 2011 and go there for haircut (50 Baht for haircut including shaving!). 

Side sois (keep in mind that during rainy season everywhere  can be flooded or muddy):

They have parrots, amazing how they climb up and down with their feet and beak.

Several times per day, a train passes through (no passenger trains, only freight or shunting empty trains).

You might think that it looks innocent during daytime, but at night mafia, drunks, drug addicts and youth gangs come out. Not so! I had a walk at night, only friendly locals socializing outside:

Rama 3 road slum (ชุมชนวัดช่องลม, ชุมชนคลองขวาง, ชุมชนร่วมพัฒนะ เชื่อเพลิง2)

Even if you live in a slum, you can decorate it nicely: 

Apart from that, nothing different from other slums:

Most houses in the slums have running water and electricity, I even spotted aircons and flat screen TVs. As far as I can judge, people there live a simple but content life.

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  1. now I know where I will get my next BKK haircut, thank you

  2. poor people live in slums so where there any cute guys offering a quick shorttime?

    1. I didn't see many cute boys, and nobody offered sex (unless you count asking me if I have a wife and if I like Thai girls).

  3. just around the corner here are also several barbershops-some offer simple haircuts (only) for 50 bt, but the shave is apart.
    I always go to a place that charges now 70 (was 60 for many years) and this includes a good firm neck+shoulder massage afters. THis is one of he very few places I tip-10 bt extra.
    Around boybars are generally scores of barbershops-reason obvious. Just look at Sapan kwai.


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