Monday, 26 January 2015

Oh my god! (17) Homemade Fleshlight

Oh my god! (17) Homemade Fleshlight

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Some Thai friends came to see me in my room, and played facebook and youtube on my computer. This video is worth sharing: จิ๋มเทียม ทำเอง (home-made fake p...y)! from

Thai language note. Have fun! หนุกหนาน! nùk-năan is short for สนุกสนาน sà-nùk-sà-năan. Similar สวัสดี sà-wàt-dee is abbreviated หวัดดี wàt-dee. The first letter ส is replaced by ห in writing (but not pronounced) to retain the tone. (Will add further examples if I find some.)

Amusing pictures from the comments to that thread:

Translation? (google translate doens't make much sense)

I did not draw this (untranslatable). Bring a rubber eraser and remove it!

A Thai friend had an industrial m.......ion aid like a Fleshlight. The only time I saw one from close. The interesting part is that it v....tes and you can select how it v....tes. Might get one some time.

18 More Ways To DIY A Fleshlight Than The World Ever Asked For

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  1. Indonesian translation: Because of you, I'm in this state. Eduard

  2. ขนม (sweets) is can be shortened to หนม


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