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Stainless steel temple in Hat Yai

Stainless steel temple in Hat Yai

Maha Chedi Traiphop Traimongkol (Chedi of 3 Worlds 3 Auspiciousnesses) มหาเจดีย์ไตรภพไตรมงคล ต.คอหงส์ อ.หาดใหญ่ จ.สงขลา. Not a wat, just a chedi.

Does not seem to be well known among locals, had problems making myself understood when asking in English and Thai for transport to it at the bus station, even with showing picture and name in Thai. There is no public transport. Mocy driver at bus station asked for 200 Baht one way or 300 return and didn't accept 150. Another one asked for 200 Baht as well, so I accepted. Mocy driver didn't know the way, had to slow down to read street signs. A note on return trip: this is understood as going, taking one picture, and returning. If want him to wait for you, that will cost extra (experience from previous trips).

7°00'17.8"N 100°30'58.9"E 7.004948, 100.516367
6 km east of railway station, 6.6 km by road from bus station (which would cost about 80 Baht in a Bangkok taxi, but I had no other choice than paying 200 for mocy!).

Ride on mocy 14:01-15, spend 14:15-15:05 at the chedi, then hitchhike back to Hat Yai.

Visible from some spots in Hat Yai:

Rotating door, locked.

The yellow circles on the wall are 1 Baht coins.


There are two more temples I know of made of stainless steel (in Chachoengsao and Kanchanaburi) and one made of aluminium "Made of" refers to the construction material that first strikes the eye, the temple is mainly made of concrete.

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  1. Christian, that's an amazing find! Thanks for posting.

  2. indeed you are able to find many outoftheordinary spots.
    Now that I see its Songkla Uni, there must be some kind of regular transport. Also: in Hyai those small pickups run on the same way as in Chiang Mai: shared if needed and people want to go same way.

  3. The temple is on a mountain, a dead end road leads up there, about 3 km from main road. The main road itself is a local road without public transport passing. However I saw small songhtheos parked with driver waiting, probably chartered by groups of visitors. That picture with Songkhla University was taken from Hat Yai town (when my mocy had to stop at red traffic light).

  4. Looks very shiny, almost more like chrome plated steel than stainless.


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