Thursday, 29 January 2015

Welcome UD gay disco in Udon Thani

Welcome UD gay disco in Udon Thani เวลคัม ยูดี ผับ อุดรธานี 

Under same management as Welcome Pub Sukhumvit Soi 71, which I went to about a week before.

Location (not clearly identified, might be 50 m wrong):
17°24'55.1"N 102°47'53.1"E 17.415300, 102.798092
Pracha Uthit road number 136 ถนนประชาอุทิศ 136

Walk with H from railway station, about 30 minutes. Pass Tawan Daeng Udon Thani and and elephant (the two handlers are cute and immediately ask if we would like to buy food for the elephant). 

The streetfront of the disco is not illuminated, entrance on the side via a shop.

We arrive 00:15. Small bottle of Leo 120 Baht (actually I ordered water, there must have been a confusion, but I don't complain). The disco is busy, many boys early 20s and a lot of girls as well. Music too loud.

Go to toilet (more for checking out other customers than to pee). A drunken boy hugs me and shoves his hand into my trousers (front). It takes me a minute two wrestle out of his grip. Does that give me street cred or does it make me look like a slut, standing in the toilet with a boy's hand in my trousers, rummaging around my genitals? When I touch his jacked outside it's hot and dry, but when I slip hand between jacked and T-shirt, it's wet from sweat.

Suddenly 00:48 lights on and music off. H inquires, something with police. That suits me well, I didn't want to stay until closing time, but closing time is when it gets interesting.

I spotted some cute boys, but failed to make the right moves (I could blame it on early closing, but even if I had stayed longer I probably would have waited too long) in the bar or when they leave. But H hooked up with a boy. The boy's friends will go to Tawan Daeng and he will go with H. The boy has a mocy, but is too drunk to drive. So H drives us three back to his hotel (which is around the corner from my hotel).

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  1. Hi Christian...

    interesting read. i'm going to UD soon. Do you have a frontal pic of the boy on stage>?


  2. Sorry, no frontal pic of the boy.

  3. Update: advert in Max Magazine Nov 2014 says they have cabaret show every night and coyote boys on Fridays and Saturdays.

  4. Im going Thursday



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