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Cruising sauna Ratchayothin

Cruising sauna Ratchayothin (still advert for Christmas event on website) Update Nov 2015: now this website has current and upcoming events for Deja Vu and Cruising sauna
Line: cruisingsauna (slow in replying) (last entry Dec2014) (forum in Thai language for Dejavu Ladprao 122 and Cruising Ratchayothin)


Directions for public transport:
Take MRT to Phahonyothin, exit 3 (Central Ladprao), walk northwards, escalator up and down and on Phahonyothin road in front of Central Ladprao take any bus or van that goes northwards. Get off at the first stop after passing Elephant building and Ratchayothin intersection แยกรัชโยธิน, in front of Major Ratchayothin. (Edit: Most buses/vans pass the sauna, if bus or van turns right or left at Elephant building, get off at next stop and walk back.) Take the pedestrian overpass (the second one north of the intersection) to get to the east side of Phahonyotin and walk about 50 m north to get to the dead end soi with Cruising sauna.

View from the other side of Phahonyothin road, the sauna is the dark facade in the middle of the soi:

No signs or illumination:

On the western side of Phahonyothin road, there is Michelin and Goodyear opposite the soi with Cruising sauna. On the eastern side, there is Phahon Yothin Soi 30 = Soi Aladin พหลโยธิน 30 = ซอยอาลาดิน and 7/11 (branch 0876, ซอยอาลาดิน) about 50 m south of the sauna.

Mon and Thu underwear, all other days naked. Entry 129 Baht, after 4 visits get one free.

1st floor (ground floor) reception, locker room,
2nd floor bar (overlooking reception), free drinks (coke, water, ice, fanta orange; plastic cups multiple use), karaoke room, porn room (different floor level!) with labyrinth and glory holes
3rd floor sauna (for about 10, well lit), steam room (for about 10, light ok), group shower (towels in front of it)
4th floor gym, rooms, darkroom
5th rooftop garden, smoking area

I am too late for the party (which was 9-10 according to receptionist) when I arrive at 22:50. About 15 customers. Leave 23:25, get a voucher for free entry on my next visit.

Stay 19:55-21:10. About 25 customers at any given time. Two border cases, the rest too fat and too old.

Sun 01.02.2015
Go there for ว่าวหมู่+S (group masturbation + sex ?), only to find the place closed with a note on the door (no explanation given, two days later I get reply on Line: renovation).

Sun 22.02.2015
Go again for ว่าวหมู่+S (this time call first to check if the sauna is open and ask for starting time: 20:30). Arrive 20:33. No activity yet. About 50 customers, very average. Nude day observed by all customers. I am the only White. Around 20:45, karaoke room is prepared for group masturbation. Around 21:00, MC invites everyone to go in, nothing happens (i.e. everyone waits in the bar area or is elsewhere in the sauna). Then finally around 21:15, about 30 customers in karaoke room and about 20 elsewhere.

It starts very poor: dark and fan and aircon (I don’t like air draughts) and the MC is talking on the microphone and wields his flash light. 

But then it gets better: light is dimmed to a level I am comfortable with, the MC stops talking and I switch of the fan (but aircon still blowing cold). Everyone is playing with his or his neighbor’s dick, then some couples start sucking or fucking (up to three couples fucking at the same time). There is one boy who is a bordercase, I can touch while someone else is fucking him, but doesn’t seem interested and skin too cold (if only I could switch off the aircon!).

Altogether quite promising: light ok and people stand around in a circle so you can see very well what’s going on (unlike Dejavu which is too dark and too crowded during group fucking). Customers who participate get a stamp on their arm and later receive a voucher for free entry at the reception. I decide it’s better to save my cum for more favorable circumstances and leave 22:00 (party still in progress).

Saturday 28.11.2015 
Stay 22:30-23:50 for their Coyote Boy show (schedule 23:00). Entry 130 Baht. Nude night, but customers cover genitals with hands. 49 mm condom and sachet of lube provided with each locker. Total over 50 customers (no other Farang) during my stay, one of them slim and warm skin, can't see face clearly due to low light, anyway he is not interested. One cute staff.

Coyote boy show lasts 23:15-27, on second floor, about 25 spectators. 4 coyote boys in white briefs, first erotic dancing, then soda show, then take off underwear but cover genitals with hands. Two of the coyote boys look promising (but can't tell more due to poor light; music too loud). When the show is over, the coyotes take shower, then dress and linger around at reception for a bit and leave. (Compare recent visit to Muffil sauna where performers were available after show for groping for everyone for a limited time.) 

opening times Sun-Thu 16-2, Fri-Sat 16-5
entry 130 Baht; before 18 100, after 22 100, except activities

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. There used to be a sign with the name-I think where the part of the large flap is now gone.
    NOT all buses before Central LP go that far north-136,191 turns into Ratchda and 38 left onto Ratchda-near SCB-office.
    Of these buses 34, 39, 503, 26 also come from town: pass Vict.MOnument, and Mochit BTS/Chatuchak

  2. Oh-and that 1/2, sun, was the day that the police raided many sauna's-or maybe they got the wind of it and many decided to keep closed to prevent further disaster.

  3. You are right, some buses turn before. These raids have been discussed here:
    and there was some scaremongering here:

  4. So yesterday eve passed by-again in a free bus, nbr 34, and noted that a part of that hanging cloth is not torn, but overpainted in black-that is were the name was on.


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