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Dating Thai boys (26) Straight and gay boys in Sangkhlaburi

Dating Thai boys (26) Straight and gay boys in Sangkhlaburi

Thursday, 05.02.2015

Arrive in Sangkhlaburi and do some sightseeing. Last stroll through town before going to bed, a cute boy at a food stall says hello to me. I say “hello” back and wait for more, but nothing happens apart from he and I and his friends smiling at each other.

I get into this situation from time to time, common problem: how to continue conversation?

I go to 7/11 opposite to buy something to drink for me (receipt: 22:41) and then say hello to the boy and get conversation started. They are Burmese, speak some Thai, but he cannot read and write Thai; too little English for meaningful conversation. He stays with his mother in Sangkhlaburi, whereabouts of father unknown, has a girlfriend in Myanmar and shows me pictures of her.

He is slightly drunk (I spotted two empty bottles of Chang beer – pay attention what beer they drink so I know what to buy). He puts one of his rings on my finger, it gets stuck, but with soap in the kitchen we can get it loose. 23:40 I invite him to my hotel, and after some hesitation we go together. He wants to say goodbye at the entrance, but I invite him to my room, he follows me!

In my room we continue playing on our phones, I use google translate English to Burmese (but cannot type Burmese, have to install Burmese keyboard, same for Khmer) he shows me more pictures of his girlfriend and of other pretty girls (Asian and White), but he wants none of them, he loves only his girlfriend. Exchange phone numbers. Exchange of Line and Facebook fails due to misunderstandings and technical problems. 

In my room, I put my hands on his shoulder or knee or around his waist, no reaction. I can’t slip my hand under shirt as he is sitting on it (the shirt is long). 00:20 he says he has to go back, his mother is waiting. When we say good bye with a long hug (initiated by me) I can slip my hand under his shirt and even kiss his neck. Agree to meet again tomorrow.

Was this my only chance this year to seduce a boy who is that drunk that he has perfect skin temperature and is amenable to homosexual activities and but not that drunk that he loses control over body functions (peeing, vomiting) and is cold wet sweaty?

I have been in this situation once before (in December 2014): cute boy (Cambodian, similar language problem) in my room, talking and touching, my hand under his shirt, no reaction! A friend with experience tells me just to continue, if the boy doesn’t like he will say so.

Friday 06.02.2015

Sightseeing during day. In the evening message a boy on hornet. He writes back, he cannot come to my hotel because a friend works there (but friend knows he is gay). I go to his place, he urges me to hurry so I skip dinner. He stays in a house with his grandparents and younger sibling, parents work in another province.

Arrive 18:20. We chat (all communication in Thai), I have a positive impression. We run out of subjects, he wrote “no sex” which I respect, so I say I want to go to eat dinner. I thought we would say goodbye, but he makes me mama noodles. We move to his room.

Suddenly noise at the door. His younger sibling who should not know that I’m there. After some minutes he gets rid of the sibling. We continue chatting, playing on phone or computer.

A farang friend calls me. (A boy he snatched at Hua Lampong)’s sister hung herself and he (my farang friend) doesn’t know what to do now. The boy posted pictures of his dead hanging sister on facebook and my farang friend forwarded one to me.

19:58 Noise at the door again. My new friend’s grandparents are back from the temple earlier than expected and he beckons me to make no noise, I immediately end the phone call without saying goodbye and switch my phone to airplane mode (leaving my friend wondering if I have been driven over by a car while talking on the phone).

I can hear “รองเท้าแตะ“ which means „slippers“ – my slippers are at the entrance! (Update: he told them they are old slippers of his, and they believed it!) We play on computer and phone without making noise, but we can hear his grandparents first make dinner, then watch TV, and finally showering. Finally, 23:45, they are in bed.

I ask when I can leave, but don’t get a clear answer. I have the impression he doesn’t want to let me go: when I first put my hand on his shoulder or around his waist, there was no reaction, but now he hugs me back and says he likes me. Finally he gets to the point and asks me if I know “chaturbate”. I might have heard this before, for clarification he shows me google: “free adult webcam”.

I didn’t understand what exactly he said next, but it seemed he wants to see my dick. No way under these conditions! I’m fully dressed, hungry (I missed two meals, the mama noodles where just a starter for dinner, I thought), the fan is blowing (but without fan mosquitoes will bite us – general observation from here and elsewhere), the duvet is not big enough to fully cover us (I can chose between cold legs and cold arms – same for him, body parts exposed to fan are unerotically cold), and my pants’ pockets are full with stuff, making lying on the side uncomfortable.

Finally, 00:15, we can leave the room. That’s six hours spent together, of which four waiting for clear coast to leave his room, ending with a hug when we say goodbye on the road! Never before did I spend that much time doing that little!

For that night, I had in mind dinner, stroll at night market, exploring other Friday nightlife and meeting the Burmese boy again. But the boy is nice and seems not to have had any exposure to Farang (maybe not even gay experiences with Thai: when I asked him about gay life in Sangkhlaburi, he said he is the only one – not true, there were some more on hornet). I will probably be back within some weeks to meet again under more favorable circumstances.

Saturday 07.02.2015
One of the staff at the hotel chatted me up yesterday, and I am sure he is gay and hitting on me. Today, when I prepare to check out, I spot him again (this time he is shirtless, body ok) and we talk (English and Thai) and I let him know that I will leave soon and show him my room number. He is a border case, that means he will have to take the first step, if he knocks on my door I invite him in, but I will not go further than letting him know my room number. No knock. Upon check out, I ask for his phone number and name in English, Thai and Burmese. Return to Bangkok.

If I was threatened with torture or offered large amount of money, I couldn’t make such stories up, it’s all true.

Summary: three possibilities for sex, none of them materialized. But will be back for the gay boy from hornet, and try to get the straight Burmese boy drunk and in my room again.

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  1. where you stay? P guesthse? or is Burmese Inn still there?
    And this town is advancing: a 7! They did not have that when I was there-just an imitation minimarket. Do not in general expect much from Burmese and even less if they are some kind of hilltribe (Mon over there).

    1. I stayed at Si Daeng hotel, very close to van station. There is one 7/11 now.

  2. Oh,and for Burmese you do not have to travel that far- thousands in BKK too-along Lard prao (choke chai market) and most of all that dreadful Muang Thong Thanee.

  3. Don't worry about three possibilities not materialized, sometimes getting there is more interesting than destination. Certainly interesting occurrences.

  4. Getting boys drunk and then sexually abusing them. Are you trying to get yourself locked up ?


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