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Gay Thailand forums, blogs, guides, encounters and magazines

Gay Thailand forums, blogs, guides, encounters and magazines

Mainly about Thailand unless otherwise indicated. With indication of activity (posts per day). Websites I know of, read regularly or occasionally. If you know more, let me know.

This post is to describe what is (websites I read myself, starting with gayboythailand in Summer 2009), for a little history lesson of sawatdee gay thailand forum see here:

Forums (in alphabetical order): (high activity) (medium activity, in German) (little activity) (high activity) (sometime before March 2016 forum became replaced by a website for encounters with pornographic pictures as advertisement, I get a virus warning)

Forums no longer online: (closed March 2014) (opend July 2012, closed 2013 ?) (in German, last entry 22Feb2009, last saved on archive Dec2014, now offline) (opened May 2013, closed April ? 2014) see here as well: (founded by Bruce_NYC, short lived, medium activity, end of 2015, check 12apr2016: gone) 

The various bitchboards 2012-2013 had little to do with Thailand or homosexuality, linking to them feels like passing a sexually transmitted disease to my readers, open at your own risk (anyway most links are not active any more). My memory is vague, the following data is mainly reconstructed from emails confirming my registration. When the bitchboards started, I had no idea what a mess it would create, otherwise I would have kept better track. Good riddance! 
(opened May 2013, closed April ? 2014) 
(opened Dec 2012, closed) 
(opened Aug 2013, closed April 2014) 

(no activity)

Blogs (not available 1mar2017, but still on archive) 
(little activity, Dec 2014 error message, Feb 2016 back online)
closed 9jun2018, closing notice here:
and website offline (couldn't even read the closing article: The requested URL /closing-notice-to-our-readers/ was not found on this server. when I tried on 2jul2018) (medium activity) Bangkok M4M Massage Shops (about from end of 2017, author posts as divinemadman on forum) (Bangjack, since 1nov2016) then moved to
(high activity, then sudden stop 12 April 2015, 
it seems the owner died, details on 
(invited readers only) (low activity, then offline 2017) (last post June 2013) owner as Riverqueen Cambodia Siem Reap guesthouse) (gay saunas in Hong Kong, discontinued 10 Nov 2014; resumed 01 Apr 2015) (Dec 2014 - ) (last entry Dec2013) 
(happenenings at the Malaysia hotel, recommended reading) (last entry Jun2014) (medium activity)
(low activity) (medium activity) (medium activity, goodbye message June 15, 2016, then 2018 offline) (low activity) (active 2000-2014) (medium activity)
(added 16jan2018, seems to be rather recent, from Dec 2017) (Malaysia, low activity)

Blogs no longer online: (last post 14 Oct 2009, went offline end of 2009) (checked Feb 2015: gone) last entry (goodbye) 06.08.2009, then offline, but on archive: (last post 12 Aug 2010, went offline end of 2012, details here: (went offline June 2011, details here:
shamelessmack's map is still available: (in German) (in German, many years no update) 24feb2017: domain for sale (same owner as gayinchiangmai?) 

Encounters: (online chat after downloading the program)
various apps, of which I use Grindr and Hornet and Gayromeo

I have written about gay magazines here:

Update Nov 2015: Out in Thailand ceased publication on paper in April, Desire and Thai Puan merged. 

Update: Old magazines digitised:  

A general problem is that websites can go offline (sometimes the owner closes them, sometimes fees for hosting are not paid any more). Every owner of a website has to ask himself: what happens with his website when he suddenly dies and can't pay hosting fees any more? This can't happen to this (my blog), as it is hosted for free on blogspot.

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  1. Wow, whoo, great, this is an academic research study, even has a few I did not know of.
    Suggested others:, a SIN based meets+travel forum, also Malay branch is more general, but has IMHO the best overview/listing and uptodate-ness.

  2. Dont know if these still onlne, but also: (very out of ate re BKK)

  3. Dont forget about The Gay Passport -

  4. Fantastic, thank you Christian

  5. That site, are those adds put up by the boys themselves? Or is it some kind of agency for massageshops and other providers of boys?
    Is it worth the effort for a farang to try to contact the phonenumbers in the adds, or are the boys only looking for thai men since it is a webpage only in thai?
    If you have any personal experience using that site Christian, please share the info.

    1. The boys put them up themselves; few ads are from massage places or selling poppers or penis enlargement.

      It's all in Thai, often slang, google translate will be of little use. If you can't read Thai and know where the various districts in Bangkok are, it's not worth getting into it.

      The boys want 1000 on average, but my few attempts so far failed (details see link I added).

  6. This is great! Thanks, Christian. is another guide which has listings for Thailand.

  7. what about ?

  8. Thank you for remembering me and my odd blog. I really appreciate it. In India now, but I'm bound to show up back in Thailand sooner or later.

  9. Thanks for the link, Christian


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