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Bangkok gay saunas update

Bangkok gay saunas update

There is a scare monger around who reports places as closed that are still open, and others spread the scare by asking on all forums if it is true.

Here a list of saunas that are currently open (to my best knowledge) and a list of places that are closed, based on a previous post

Currently open saunas in Bangkok

Babylon (Sathorn)
Beach Resort (Sukhumvit Soi 71)
Chakran (BTS Ari, Soi Ari)
Cruising 1 (Pahonyothin opposite Major Cineplex Ratchayothin)

d.blu (Silom Saladaeng Soi 1)

Dejavu (Ladprao So 122)
EDOK (Taksin road Soi LG near Soi 14)

Update May 2015: changed name to Phoenix sauna ฟินิกซ์ ซาวน่า and has been renovated.
Fabsauna (former Bangkok 10, Silom Sipraya)
Farose 1 (BTS Saphan Kwai, Pradipat Soi 19)
Farose 2 (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21)

Grey Gymnastics (Soi Ronachai 2 near Samsen railway station)
Heaven (Silom / Mahesak)
Macho (Borommaratchachonnani Soi 15 behind Central Pinklao)
Male Box (Rama II Soi 52 opposite Big C and HomePro)
Mania (Silom Soi Convent)

Men Factory (Silom Soi 2/1)
Mind (Sukhumvit Soi 48)
M-Place (Tiwanon Road Nonthaburi)
Muffil (Ladprao Soi 113)
Orion (Boromratchachonani)

Out (former Cruising 2, Sukhotai road)
Paradise (Bang Khen)
Pumarin (near Zeer Rangsit)
R3 (Ratchada Soi 3, new July 2014)
Safe House (Sukhumvit 78)

Seed (near Ramhamhaeng University)
39 underground (Pahonyothin BTS Saphan Kwai)

Closed saunas in Bangkok

Places that closed recently or that I checked personally (all except for Rush), not a history lesson.

Absolute (Ladprao Soi 112 / Ramkhamhaeng Soi 53) closed Nov 2014

Adonis (Pradipat) closed, checked 2014 (has been closed for years)

Rush (Sukhumvit 48/3, BTS On Nut) 
never opened ? but is on facebook (last post April 2014)

S Sauna (former Hijack, Gaya; Sena Center Pahonyothin Soi 37) closed Dec 2014

Troy (Ladprao Soi 5) closed, checked Jan 2015 (has been closed for years)

Zuga House (Ramkhamhaeng Soi 46, number 24) closed Dec 2014 but still on facebook

There was another sauna Trio Club X in 2012 in Soi 46: 

Appreciate comments if readers know better. I have been to 21 out of 27 reported open (in case of The Beach Resort one visit four years ago, in case of Fab Sauna when it was Bangkok 10). I have not been to Macho, M-Place, Orion, Out, Paradise, Safe House. 

Best website for gay saunas in Bangkok is 
with addresses, telephone number, maps and reviews. I can now applaud them for quick reply to a comment (that place reported as closed is open).

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  1. enjoy your trip whenever you went,
    as usual very comprehensive list, you should be commended for all that work, not unpleasant task I guess visiting all of those places

  2. Beach Khon Kaen- good time but soooo dark, Could not get taxi back to hotel but a boy at the sauna took me back on his mtocy and then came to my room. Sent me pics of himself working at lawyers office the next day. No money discussed but I gave him 500 anyway. They said MunDay sauna closed. Dolpin massage also gone,
    Water probs at Mens Factory so I went to Fab {Bangkok 10}. Only one other there. Renovating maybe . Farang fitting fire extinguishers. New owner>? They seem to have taken down the greenery and other setups. No pool. Funny boy from Lao maybe does massage.

  3. a lot of interesting information on this blog. thank you. i'm a straight guy and frequent traveler to bangkok. i'm straight but i do love cock and usually hook up with ladyboys during my travels. despite not being sexually attracted to men, i have fantasies of going to a gay sauna and sucking as many cocks as possible while there. the thing for me is i want it to be as impersonal and anonymous as possible. my fantasies involve dark mazes with glory holes and an endless stream of takers. can you recommend a sauna or two where a straight cocksucker might feel comfortable? i'm caucasian, late 30s, fit, handsome. i prefer thai cock, but will suck whatever come through the glory hole.

    1. An absolutely straight man who loves cock?

      Most saunas do not have glory holes (with different floor levels on both sides, to allow both participants to stand), at the moment only 39 underground and Male Box come to mind, and the glory holes were never busy, in fact I don't recall them ever being used.

      I complain about darkness in saunas, and the darkest darkroom I know is Farose 2 (with plenty of activity, 10 pm to 2 am).

      In Babylon you will encounter plenty of Farang, for anonymity and Thai cock I recommend local saunas.

    2. thanks, christian. can you tell me if 39 underground has a dark room?

      you'd be surprised to know how many straight guys like cock. there's a reason the ladyboy bars of bangkok are busy all the time.

    3. No darkroom in 39 underground, but it's dimly lit so people don't bump into each other inadvertently. Whereas Faraose 2 is so dark, you have to walk slowly or grope your way so you don't bump into others or hurt your feet on the furniture.

    4. thanks. cheers.

  4. i got beat at my back side around 10 pm tonight 14 april 2016 by one BAD ATTITUDE THAI GAY GUY in cakran sauna at 3rd floor. it bcoz i touch his chest.

    if u don't want somebody touch u in the gay sauna. just sitiing in the house with ur boyfren or dog
    or put some big tag / tattoo ' DONT TOUCH ME' in your chest

    he wear red speddo underwear and have tattoo in back right side.
    he sitting in the gym area at around10 pm after he beat me. and watching tv .

    so think more than twice if u want go to cakran sauna.
    this is another ANOTHER BAD RECORD for CAKRAN SAUNA and THAI PEOPLE IMAGE. coz this is Songkran day

  5. So where do we find a glory hole in Bangkok? Does 39 Underground still have them?

    1. I never actually checked if these two cubicles to watch others watching porn in 39 underground are actually glory holes. I vaguely remember Male Box and Paradise having glory holes. But it's not my area of interest, so I do not pay attention to glory holes when I visit a sauna.


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