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Dating Thai boys (27) The 12 Cardinal Sins

Dating Thai boys (27) The 12 Cardinal Sins

A list of cardinal sins Thai boys I date commit, which rules them out as a potential future boyfriend. The title is ambiguous, it could mean as well sins Farang who date Thai boys commit. The counterpart to My requirements for a boyfriend. Whereas my requirements in mainly about physical features, this post is about character faults.

(0. Drug use goes without saying)

1. Ask for money
I mean unreasonable amounts, for unreasonable reasons, or in unsuitable moments.

On my second holiday in Thailand I was still naïve. I sat in a taxi with a friend N1 and his friend N2 (they have the same nick name), and I assume N1 owed N2 300 Baht from gambling. N2 must have asked N1 in Thai if he could ask me for the money, N1 asked me if I could give him 300 Baht because he owes N2 300 Baht, and I gave him the money. At that time I thought such a request is legitimate (like asking someone for the time, or for fire to light a cigarette), now I know it's absurd and wouldn't fall for it again.

We spent a day together sightseeing, N1 went to 7/11 (I waited outside) and came back with water and asked me to refund him the 7 Baht he just spent on the water!

On the same holiday another friend asked me for 500 Baht, but I gave him only 100. Then he thought aloud that this not enough to call his sister and to buy cigarettes.

2. Smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol
I avoid smokers. I have only few Farang friends who smoke and only one Thai friend who smokes (outside my room) when he is with me (ex-boyfriend candidate 3 2014 = Thai boys are like cats = headache boy).

I can accept social drinking, but when the boy loses control of body functions (puking, involuntary peeing) or is unable to have sex with me, that's too much!

3. Different sleep-wake pattern
It’s difficult to do something together if you have different sleep-wake patterns. I usually go to bed at midnight and get up at 9, but some of my Thai friends play on computer or phone until 2 am, and sleep until mid day. Not really a sin, but it impedes shared activities during daytime.

4. Unwilling or unable to walk short distances
That would be up to 5 km. Thai boys are not famous for walking. I once had a friend who would complain after a few hundred meter that his legs hurt. But there are a few exceptions. One long time friend can walk that fast, despite being shorter than me, that I have problem to catch up when I look around while walking.

5. Don’t eat all food on the plate
Invite me for dinner and you will see what I mean by “empty plate”.

After WWII, people in Germany died of hunger. As a child, my aunt had to beg for or steal food from the Russian occupiers. The Russians would shoot men and rape women who beg for or try to steal food (steal is not the right word as the food was robbed from the Germans before; actually Russians would shoot man or rape women without apparent reason), but wouldn’t harm children.

I can observe this phenomenon (not eating all food) in Farang friends as well. I was eating Khao Man Gai with an Irish friend, and he didn't want the chicken skin, the vegetables in the soup (!!!) and left half of the soup and some rice. After eating his leftovers, I lectured him about the Great Famine. Maybe I should post some articles about starving children in Africa to bring people to their mind?

6. Open a new piece of soap in hotel when the previous is still left
An acquaintance in Chiang Mai really opened a new bag of soap while there was a barely used piece of soap in the shower! I was aghast when I witnessed this.

7. Lack of potty training
Pee standing* (no matter if the toilet seat is lifted or not). In a hotel room it’s no problem for me, but in my bathroom I will have to clean it. Other uncivilized behavior like not washing hands after toilet or not finding light switch for bathroom and peeing onto the bathroom floor from the door, with part of it going on the door sill and balcony (boy Ice from Saranrom park 2013).

*in the toilet bowl. In the wash basin, no problem, I do so myself (saves a lot of time because you don't have to open belt and pull down your pants and sit down), and rinse afterwards. When doing so elsewhere, check first if the wash basin is connected to sewer, sometimes tubing is missing and effluent water goes straight on the floor and then to the drain.

8. Squeezing toothpaste from the top of the tube
That was bangkokbois' idea, but he is absolutely right:

9. Wrap toilet paper around hand to wipe off surfaces
I usually take one or two segments of toilet paper to wipe off something*, but Thai boys wrap large amounts of toilet paper around their hand to wipe off something, which is very wasteful as only a part of the upper layer is used.
*most commonly cum on his or my body

10. Aircon with open window
Waste of energy.

11. Too much cosmetics
Lipstick, painted eyebrows, powder, perfume. I can tolerate this when going out or sightseeing with someone, but I don’t want to have any of it in bed.

12. Body modifications
Finger rings, ear rings, piercings, chains, watches (wearing a watch is ok, but it should be taken off for sex) and long finger nails or painted finger nails. I can now live with most tattoos I encounter on Thai boys. 

I could find more, but 12 is a good number. Research on this subject is ongoing, this articles is meant to be an advanced draft, not a complete treatment.

Update: completely forgot "not being on time". My readers are invited to submit more. sunglasses

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  1. You are too demanding. While I agree 0, 1, 2,3,4, 7, 10, 11 and 12 are somewhat cardinal , 5,6,8 and 9 are petty issues in my opinion.

    You comments about wasting food are sensible but unfortunately fact that you or Thai boy empties his plate will not help starving African children.

    While there's no denying of suffering of German people after the war one can venture an opinion that victorious Russians did not have much reason to feel very compassionate toward people who visited their country uninvited just recently and did not behave guest like exactly.

    Your anti-waste crusade has tons of merit but writing off boy just because he overuses resources or wastes food may lead to half empty and cold bed

  2. I forgot to mention that my Irish friend did not eat his cucumber. What is wrong with these people? Have they never experienced a famine?

    I guess I forfeited all prospects for future dinner invitations by readers.

    Christian PFC
    post pics fhin

    1. Forgot excessive playing on mobile phone

    2. fussy eater, don't close doors (I open the door and enter first, Thai boy follows me and doesn't close the door), watch too much TV

  3. "Russian occupiers" ?!?! WTF?!

  4. I love your perfect imperfections ..... or does love just blind you? However salient points but you appear to want submissive Thai boy trotting around recognizing you as the superior being? Most of these guys to show their independence have already put up with lots in life - though not excusing thoughtless, selfish actions as you have described. The money thing is irritating, walking ATM ..... and many openly ready to ditch you for the next sucker?!


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