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Wat Pariwat วัดปริวาศ aka "David Beckham Temple" (1)

Wat Pariwat วัดปริวาศ aka "David Beckham Temple"

alternative title: Quickie with Jellybean
(or what would you call a day trip by ChristianPFC and Jellybean that doesn't require much preparation, is just a short ride on the bus away, not much walking involved?)

I have read about the temple with a David Beckham statue built in many times: book "Bangkok off the grid" page 94, Beckham meets Buddha, Wat Pariwat - the "David Beckham Temple" :-), David Beckham Temple In Bangkok: Where To Find It And What It Looks Like, The David Beckham Temple, Bangkok, but I have no interest at all in David Beckham, so it wasn't worth visiting for me.

But recently I came across this website: Thai Temple Under Construction – With Donald Duck, Pandas And More which raised my interest (not in David Beckham, but in other parts of the temple).

Rama 3 road Soi 30 (Soi Wat Pariwat; Soi 41 = Soi Pariyanon ซอยปริยานนท์ is opposite), easily accessible by BRT (Bus Rapid Transit), 5 Baht from Chong Nonsi (where BRT and BTS intersect). More about BRT here: Bangkok’s Little-Known BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

View of Wat entrance gate from BRT station, Buddha Dharma Relics Museum and Bhumibol Bridge = Industrial Ring Road bridge in the background.

Part of the temple complex under construction:

The target of our trip: This building is decorated with intricate statues and patterns made of glazed porcelain:

Some figures are taken from mythology, animal kingdom, movies, history, others defy description:

Whatever it is, it's a male:

Ceiling above the entrance:

Entrance door:

The entrance is decorated with glaced porcelain, glass and semi-precious stones. The dark substance arranged like stalactites is carborundum (Silicon carbide), a substance that is produced by man (a salesclerk in a gem shop once told me it comes from Brazil, either he lied or didn't know better, this stuff is made in a factory that can be anywhere in the world).

The interior can only be compared to a baroque cathedral:

Work in progress:

This is clearly Albert Einstein:

But who is this?

The other building is in an ealier stage of decorating, but what can be seen so far looks promising:

Verdict: spectacular, one of the most interesting wats I have seen so far.

(Part 2: David Beckham statue and Buddha Dharma Relics Museum images soon.)

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  1. BRT is free for seniors from 60, though it depends on the ticketseller if they honor it to farang. Bus 205 from Klong Toey should also pass there.


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