Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wat Pariwat วัดปริวาศ aka "David Beckham Temple" (2)

Wat Pariwat วัดปริวาศ aka "David Beckham Temple" (2)

Now to the part that made the wat famous, the statue of David Beckham on the altar. It's in this building:

behind this door:

The building is open to public on Buddhist holidays (but a Thai friend advised me against going on such a day because is will be very busy), but internet says staff are used to tourists asking to see David Beckham and happy to unlock it. I asked at a shop for religious items in front of the chedi (see top picture) and the shopkeeper went to get the key, let us in and gave some explanations in English.

A huge hall with beautiful mural paintings.

The David Beckham statue is the last on the right side of the altar:

Buddhist hell paintings on the wall behind:

Two former Thai prime minister (Chuan Leekpai ชวน หลีกภัย and Chavalit Yongchaiyudh ชวลิต ยงใจยุทธ - information from the person who let us in) on the left side of the altar:

Here too, Buddhist hell mural painting:

There is a pier (but no public transport by boat) with view of bridge and Sathorn with many pigeons. Despite a note, people fed the pidgeons. Pidgeon shit everywhere, and one shat on my bag as I discovered later. 

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