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Gay activities in Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum

Gay activities in Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum

Short story: There were no gay activities.

Full story: Originally I wanted to meet Burmese Woman in Mae Sot, but she postponed her trip. Second choice was going to Sangkhlaburi, but can’t reach Sanghklaburi boy. So it will be Khon Kaen (sightseeing) and Chaiyaphum (meeting a friend).

Sat 14.03.2015 Bangkok to Khon Kaen

Train to Khon Kaen (daytime trip over Pa Sak Chonlasit dam). Last trip to Khon Kaen (details about gay life in Khon Kaen there, here only updates) I went to The Beach Khon Kaen sauna, but it’s too far out and I didn’t like what I saw, so I won’t go again. Information about Mun-day sauna on the internet is out of date, I tried to call them (no answer), it’s safe to assume they are closed. Secret Spa still operating (drive past on songtheo).

Check hornet: a boy is nearby (400 m) and seems interested. But then communication gets slow on hornet, and no reply on Line. Later I even walk past the hotel he is staying in. Following day same problem (slow communication). Now he is in Bangkok, but too far away and still slow communication.

G-Star Palace disco changed name to The Club (don’t know if it’s still gay) and currently closed for renovation.

At night check Ratchadanuson Garden (19:15 nothing), Thanarak Anuson Park (21:30 nothing). But many cute boys at night market (Na Soon Ratchagarn road from Lang Muang to Theparak).

At the railway station one gay encounter, he is fishing for invitation to my room, but not my type. Doesn’t know of Mun-day sauna.

Sun 15.03.2015 Khon Kaen

At night check parks and gardens again, no activity. 

But an elephant is walking past in mid town. While they are banned from Bangkok, elephants (with mahout selling food for the elephant) can still be seen elsewhere: Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Mahachai (and one more, I forgot the name, all personal experience).

Mon 16.03.2015 Khon Kaen to Chaiyaphum

A Thai friend N (met in Sunee plaza beer bar, originally from Buriram, but now touring Esan as singer/dancer in Mor Lam concerts) called or messaged me several times over the last months to come and see him in Buriram or Chaiyaphum. Now that I have time and am going to see him, he is not sure if and when he will have time (but I go anyway, all my trips are planned considering Thai friends I am going to meet are not available).

At the bus station, waiting for departure, I message him that I’m going to Chaiyaphum now. He messages back that he is on the bus to Pattaya, for holiday. That means it’s not work, which he has to take as it comes; but some days off (?) which he chooses to spend in Pattaya instead of with me, who came all the way from Bangkok to meet him.

Shows once again what devious, lying, cunning bastards some of these Thai boys are. (Sound a bit harsh, but I am not angry, I might even meet him again if circumstances are favorable. I’m not angry any more when such things happen, on the contrary I take it as confirmation of my world view.)

But I will take heavy revenge, next time our paths cross in Pattaya I will tell him: “I’m so sorry, but I have many friends in Pattaya, I’m not free now. When I came to Chaiyaphum I was free all day and night for you only. Maybe see you next time in Chaiyaphum.”

Update: he called me again, if and when I can come to Buriram to meet him.

Sightseeing all day. Walk around town at night. At a food stall, a man (?) J who seems to be gay says hello to me. I sit down for a chat with him and friends. J offers several times to take me back by mocy, I decline, not my type. All communication in English. Their English is poor, but sufficient. Anyway, I can follow most of what they talk in Thai (a lot of foul language). Nowadays, I more often deny understanding Thai then I admit speaking Thai.

To test the waters, I point to a nearby group of boys estimated age 15 to 18 and say that they are cute. “Oh, Farang like baby boy!”. There is no stigma, J tells other customers and staff as well (using the English “baby boy”), as matter-of-factly as if I like dogs or oranges. Finally, J says that I can have baby boy for 4000 Baht. I tell him that I had boys (over 18) for 500 in Bangkok. He lowers to 2900. This will lead nowhere, say goodbye.

Language note: They called me บักสีดา bàk sĕe daa, บัก bàk meaning „guy“ and สีดา sĕe daa „guava“ in Esan language (information by a friend in Bangkok).

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  1. welcome back Christian

  2. Baksida= farang (fruit and person) in laotian/isan dialect
    bakham= dek noi=child (onomatopoeia with Beckham)

  3. Never recommended to enlist the help of significantly older gays (especially katoeys) to approach younger ones. Usually ends badly.


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