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Germany and Thailand inflation and price comparison

Germany and Thailand inflation and price comparison

Inflation in Germany

I'm still using old pictures for visa applications. Checking older empty folders from old passport pictures, I found the following increase in price (same shop in my hometown over the years, 4 passport pictures each time):

23.06.2007 6.50 EUR, 13.08.2009 8 EUR, 17.12.2012 8.50 EUR, and now 20.04.2015 10 EUR (passport pictures for my father). That's an average increase 5.5% per year. 

A return trip by railway from my home town to Berlin had the following prices:
31.07.2001 40.60 DEM = 20.76 EUR, Apr 2015 26 EUR. 
That's an average increase of 1.6% per year.

Value added tax VAT (these are dates the VAT changed, whereas the dates above do not indicate a change in price):

from 01.07.1983 14%
from 01.07.1993 15%
from 01.04.1998 16%
from 01.01.2007 19%

That's an average increase of 0.1% per year (total price has risen by 4.4% from 1983 to 2015)

Price for letters has risen as well, standard letter (20 g) 
since 1997 56 Cent (or equivalent in DEM before EUR)
from Jan 2002 55 Cent (rounded up from 1,10 DEM)
from Jan 2013 58 Cent
from Jan 2014 60 Cent
from Jan 2015 62 Cent 
That's an average increase of 0.6% per year over the entire 18 years, but 3.4% over the last two years.

Inflation in Thailand

Restricted to Soi Twilight drink prices as I have no data for other commodities. Prices for May 2010 from here: compared to prices May 2015

Dream Boys 300 to 450 increase 8% per year
X-Boys 220 to 350 Baht 10%
Screw Boys 200 to 300 Baht 8%

On the other hand, prices for public transport or taxis have risen very littler over time. Here data about the last price rise: but I don't have data from before.

Conclusion: It's better to run a brothel than to drive a taxi.

Price comparison Thailand and Germany (assume 1 EUR = 40 THB)

Using a public toilet in Germany costs 50 Cent (20 Baht), in Thailand 3 Baht.

In Thailand, I pay 50 Baht for haircut and shaving in the slum. In my hometown, haircut with washing costs 15.30 EUR (612 Baht), which is more than tenfold. For the cost of a haircut in Germany, I can go to a brothel in Thailand! (Well, street trade in Saranrom, but I didn't tell that to my hairdresser.)

However, imported food is much more expensive in Thailand. I used to buy butter in 7/11, 227 g (1/2 pound unit of mass) for 94 Baht, now I brought 250 g for 1 EUR from Germany.

I brought about 19 kg of food from Germany:

See here as well: 

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  1. from what you brought it looks clearly you have a sweet tooth.
    Are you one of those types who don't put sugar into their tea or coffee?

  2. Money saving tip:
    SEND postcards from TH to DE: cost is 15 bt- or about 40 cts now. Even cheaper as sending domestic with the cheap Xmas postagedeal we have here (normal stamp is now 65 cts, but as they have no more an amount, only a figure 1 for inland, you can stock up and use older ones without paying extra).
    NOw compare what you hardly use: BEER is 27 cts-cheapest in LidlAldiNettoPenny (plus 25 cts refund on bottle) for 1/5 ltr bottle or about 9 bt. Sometimes LIDL had spcial Asean weeks and they offer SING(ha) ber-at a lower price as in TH.


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