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Sankampaeng Hot Spring in Chiang Mai province

Sankampaeng Hot Spring in Chiang Mai province
น้ำพุร้อนสันกำแพง จ.เชียงใหม่ อ.แม่ออน

This place has been written about elsewhere:
Let me correct some false information that is perpetuated on the internet. Someone once wrote that the water there has 105 degree Celsius, this cannot be true. Surely dissolved salts increase the boiling point of water (1), but lower air pressure more than compensates this (2). You could overheat it under pressure, but as soon as it reaches atmosphere, the liquid would be 100 degree Celsius again.

(1) The dissolved salts increase the boiling point by estimated 0.02 degree Celsius.
(2) I didn't find altitude for Mae On province on the internet, let's assume 600 m, boiling point of pure water is 98 degree Celsius.

The seminal erroneous boiling point, perperpetuated all over the internet by people who copy and paste without thinking:

About 50 m downstream, the water has cooled to, well still above 40 degree Celsius I estimate, but you can put your feet in it (pics see links above).

This is not a natural spring. The water is pumped from underground and the spring is artificial, you can see a pipe leading to it. I assume they switch it off at night to save energy for pumps. The stones and soil around the spring are hot. The pipe:

Basin with hooks for hanging baskets with eggs:

There is some salt crust where water leaves the pipes, and there is an analysis posted at the bath:

The water has a slightly soapy / alkaline touch, but is tasteless. There is a sulfurous smell, which can be carried 100 m far by wind.

100 Baht entry for Farang, bathing in mineral water pool would be an extra 50 Baht, but boiling eggs or holding your feet into hot water is included.
Spring is here: 
Statue of eggs: 
(actually in Mae On district, not Sankampaeng district)

We went by car and saw yellow songtheos pass, but not frequent, maybe 1 per hour?

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  1. Yes agree. Been there, boiled the eggs, but the sulphur smell gives the impression that the eggs are bad. Just like the stink bombs we had when we were lads.

  2. Dont know if that is still on, but 2 days/week there is/weas a big buffalo market (plus many other things any normal market has) along the main ChMai-Hot road near SanKampheng. Yellow songhthaews are very frequent along this road (start/pass ChMai south Gate).

    1. I have not been to the buffalo market, I know it only from "Thailand - A One Weird Globe Guide" by Chris Backe (see post about book release party in March). It's in Sanpatong, South-West of Chiang Mai, whereas Sankampaeng is East of Chiang Mai.


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