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Soi Twilight update May 2015

Soi Twilight update May 2015

Hotmale gogo and Classic Boys

After dinner at Maxi’s, we (ChristianPFC, a German friend B and his Thai boyfriend N) enter Hotmale gogo bar. When I had a drink in Hotmale or Banana beer bar earlier this year, I used their toilet which is on second floor and allows you to look down to the soi and more importantly take a detour through the gogo bar, and what I saw looked promising.

Enter 21:05. We are the first customers. Drink 350 Baht. A minute after sitting down, we realize that there is not much of interest. The number of boys (over 20) is ok, but most are too fat and/or old and underwear is poorly fitting.

Boys wear briefs (white with red stripe) and closed shoes. Coyote boys are in jeans. 8 boys in underwear on stage and 4 coyote boys on the corners. Over 12 boys sitting around. Music and light ok. Slow rotation, it takes half an hour until we have seen all boys on stage.

There is one boy who is half African (Tony on Hornet), it doesn’t get any browner, but he is far too fat for my taste. There is one coyote boy who looks Vietnamese and who makes eye contact. This one I would take for free, but the rest can all go home. Leave the bar 21:35.

Boys have been on stage in jeans occasionally since last year, currently foreign boys might be in jeans or fully dressed:

Continue to Classic Boys. Negotiate drink price of 300 Baht (official price is 350), this time without much discussion (on SGT there is a report of 250 Baht drink price from April 2015

Enter 21:40. Best seats already taken. Music and light ok. On stage, there are 7 boys in underwear and closed shoes, 4 in jeans and 4 fully dressed. Only boys in underwear wear numbers. Some more boys lingering around in the bar. Smoking allowed.

Show starts 22:28. Good choreography and costumes, but too much singing and dancing and covered skin for my taste. This is not a ballet! There are some parts with nudity and erect cock; no fuck show. For the show, both rows of seats in front of the stage are full.

Show ends 23:05. After show, boys back on stage, some still fully clothed or in jeans. There were 5 boys and one waiter (907) who I would take for free. Some of the boys I would even pay for, if I could see them in underwear (or would not pay for them, depending on what I see). We leave 23:25.

Walking past Fresh Boys, I notice all boys on stage are fully dressed.

Conclusion from both bars:

High prices and poor choice. Boys in jeans or fully clothed is unacceptable by my standards. Pattaya beats Bangkok hands down, and recent visit to Adam’s Apple in Chiang Mai was much better than Hotmale and Classic Boys.

Inquiry about boys in jeans or fully dressed are fruitless (combined experience from asking several staff in several bars), it usually goes like this:

ChristianPFC: “Excuse me, why do some boys wear jeans?”
Waiter: “Which boy do you want?”
ChristianPFC: “I want to see boys in underwear, not in jeans.”
Waiter: “Yes, have!”

Either they don’t comprehend my question or don’t care. I give up and take my business elsewhere (Pattaya!).

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. They don't care. You're tight, sober, humorless and if there's a drain pipe you can climb for a free look at a show you'll use it. I hope if nothing else you've got the decency to occasionally buy a couple of 100 baht beers at one of the bars. These people are trying to earn a living.

    PS: Where's Rush / BangkokBoi - I miss him

    1. Amusing what misconceptions some readers have. No, I don't climb drain pipes for a free peep. Yes, I do by a drink (ONE drink) when I enter a bar. No, it's not 100 Baht, its 350 Baht now.

  2. I can’t see this business model surviving. When I was there a few weeks before Songran the patronage was IMO insufficient to cover cost of rent, utilities cost etc.
    High drink prices coupled with dis-interested un-exciting staff and a dull floor show not mention competing pressures from gay pick up apps like Grindr, planetromeo these bars will slowly close.
    More fun is to be had watching the patrons go by from the bar on Soi Twilight, with the occasional offer from one of the local boys from the gogo bars.

  3. Good crowd at Tawan last night and no jeans in sight but I know those are not your types / mostly not even mine /, drink price wend down to 350 too.

    But it needs to be said that right after the show bar almost emptied immediately.

    Very few farangs in the audience.

  4. By chance, met a reader yesterday who has been to some bars (Hotmale even on the same day, but later) and inquired about prices in all bars (including Screw Boys, but not Dream Boys): drink price 350 Baht everywhere and expected short time tip 2000 Baht, off fees 500 to 600 Baht. He fully agrees (too many fatties in Hotmale, fully dressed boys in Classic unacceptable, better go to Pattaya or Saranrom).

  5. Met a friend who is a Soi Twilight regular and confirmed that foreign boys are fully dressed. Yet another friend who is seeing a Cambodian boy from Soi Twilight regularly says the boy still appears naked in the shower show.

    For a balanced view and background information, read bangkokbois who thinks everything is fine despite boys fully dressed on stage:


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