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Dating Thai boys (30) pulling teeth, communication on space missions, running chicken

Dating Thai boys (30) pulling teeth, communication on space missions, running chicken

Pulling teeth

Recent chat on Hornet, I had to ask a question (where the boy works) five times (exaggeration for dramatic effect) until I got an answer. Not the first time that having a conversation and asking for vital information is like pulling teeth. Hornet is poorly programmed (frequent crashes, slow loading) and does not allow to save conversations as text, hence screenshots:

When I showed this to a Farang friend, he said he is positively surprised: the boy told me early that he is a money boy, he told me that he doesn’t work today (instead of answering where he works) because he assumed I wanted to meet now, and finally I didn’t answer his question “What are you looking for?”. I can see his point, that’s why I share such communications, to get someone else’s opinion.

Communication on space missions

Calling someone is my last resort for communication, I don’t like to speak on the phone in general, and understanding spoken Thai on the phone is difficult, especially if there is background noise. I prefer written communication in Thai on Line (in rare cases gayromeo; but avoid Hornet because you can’t save conversations and I don’t get notification about message; facebook is ok and can give location of chat partner).

However written communication is like communication on a space mission: It can take some time until there is a reply, to get answers to a few vital questions, you can chat an hour (see above). Similar to communication on space missions, where the speed of light is the limiting factor. Communication with the moon takes 2 seconds (1 second in each direction), signals from Voyager 1 travel over 18 hours to reach earth.

Sometimes you don’t know if there will be a reply. When a space mission is behind the moon, the moon blocks radio frequency. When a space shuttle enters the atmosphere, heating and ionosphere make communication impossible for some time. In both cases, base station has to wait until communication can be resumed. Similar with Thai boys: I don’t know if he has something else to do, empty battery, no signal or driven over by a car while crossing a street and writing to me.

This happened in the following conversation, I am free and he is free, I want to meet and he wants to meet, just when it gets to the question where and when: no reply!

10:14    Christian    Hello
10:21    Christian    ตอนนี้ว่างมั้ย Are you free now?
10:32    Thanathip    ว่างครับ I'm free.
10:33    Christian    ผมก็ว่าง.กำลังทำอะไรครับ I'm free, too. What are you doing now?
10:47    Thanathip    ครับ OK
10:47    Thanathip    นั่งเล่นครับ I'm sitting around.
10:48    Christian    ผมเล่นเน็ท. I'm surfing internet.
10:49    Christian    ผมยุห้อง คุนยุที่ไหน I'm in my room. Where are you?
10:49    Christian    [Location]
10:51    Thanathip    บ้าน At home.
10:52    Christian    พระราม3.หรือ Rama 3 road?
10:52    Thanathip    ใช้ครับ Correct.
10:52    Christian    เจอกันได้ที่ไหน Where can we meet?
10:57    Thanathip    ไม่รู้ครับ I don't now.
10:59    Christian    ผมมีห้องว่าง พักคนเดียว คุนล่ะครับ My room is free. I stay alone. How about you?
11:00    Thanathip    ป่าวครับ No (I don't stay alone?)
11:00    Christian    เจอกันห้องผมได้มั้ย Can we meet in my room?
11:18    Christian    ?? (reminder, above message was not read; message read later, no reply)

Running chicken

When I asked a Thai friend what went wrong in above communication, he replied:

ไก่ตื่น gài dtèun, short for ทำแบบนี้ไก่ตื่นหมด which translates: „This way, you will wake up all the chicken” and which means directly inviting the boy to my room was imprudent, now he knows I want to have sex with him on first date, I should start it slowly and meet at a neutral place first.

My mistake was to ask “your room or my room” which is understood as asking for sex (Farang friend told me the same). I have met boys in their or my room and not had sex, but it is more comfortable for both sides to meet in neutral territory.

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  1. your title is incorrect. You are not dating thai boys, you are simply trying to have cheap ass sex with thai boys. They are smart enough to understand the difference, unlike yourself, who is not smart enough to understand the difference.

  2. Anonymous has a point, but his last sentence is totally uncalled for and not the least bit true. You are very smart. I think you should work more on becoming more empathic. This boys, for the most part, are trying to make a living or earn extra money by having sex with a farang. If you want more out of them, you should be willing to pay more by way of taking them to dinner, buying them some small thing, and trying to get to know them. Just go on a date with the intention of just showing him a good time and being a good guy.
    Then give him a generous tip (like you had sex) and tell him to call you. I bet he will call and you may get whatever it is that you feel you arn't getting now.

  3. If I need to go through all the trouble you do for sex, I would be a monk already for many years.


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