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Phu Hang Nak stone garden in Suphanburi province

Phu Hang Nak stone garden in Suphanburi province
สวนหินพุหางนาค จ.สุพรรณบุรี อ.อู่ทอง

I learnt of this place when visiting the giant Buddha statue being carved of stone (following article).

About 1.9 km walk from entrance of quarry, look back to quarry over dam to collect water:

Visitor center is here:
14°22'23.3"N 99°51'34.9"E 14.373139, 99.859694

with parking, information signs (some have English translation), information room, maps:

I took the round track on the right of above map, view point is about half way between information center and quarry, view to Chinese cemetery:

Reclining Buddha in a cave:

Rocks folded like clothing, explanation in Thai (picture above):

You need some imagination to see a whale:

The tree that gives the park the name. Sign says พุหางนาค จันผาสัญญารัก. Explanation by a Thai friend: พุ firework (because the upper part of tree looks like firework), หางนาค is a name, จันผา is name of the tree, สัญญารัก promise to love forever. There is a tale where จันผา (name of man and woman) are in love and after they die, their souls go into the tree. (See top picture for view from further away.)

After return to visitor center, I went on the other loop in search of stone bridge.

But soon after, I lost my way (ways are poor and there are no signs). GPS on my mobile phone worked well, but I would have needed a compass! Then I found a way, but it lead away from the park, towards hwy 3342. 

Pass Wat Khao Tham Sua (dogs bark and follow me):

After 5 km of walking, and another 5 km by mocy, I was back at the quarry to pick up my backpack which I had left there. Not in the mood to continue walking (a few more kilometers in the stone park that I had missed), I will have to go another day to see all of the stone park, in combination with checking progress of carving in the quarry.

Further reading: (English) (Thai)

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