Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wat Mae Takrai in Chiang Mai province

Wat Mae Takrai (Chiang Mai province, Mae On district)
Wat Mae Takrai วัดแม่ตะไคร้ ต.ทาเหนือ อ.แม่ออน จ.เชียงใหม่

I learnt of this place from an article in "Der Farang" (German language magazine about Thailand, issue 17/2014).

Location (Monk statue):
31 km by air east of Chiang Mai railway station, 41 km by road from railway station. Next to hwy 1230, no signs of public transport.

First thing you notice is a giant statue of a monk:

You can climb up through the construction site (May 2015) to the feet and enjoy view:

On ground level, there is a plastic replica of the head (the statue itself is made of metal):

The wat is on the other side (Eastern side) of hwy 1230: 

Buddhist hell garden:

Insert a 10 Baht coin in the box in front of the coffin(?), and the body will move up and down, but sound system is broken:

Same here, dancing still works, but no sound:

Scenes of torture for various sins, similar to other Buddhist hell gardens:

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