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Wood carvings at Baan Paya Mai in Pattaya

Wood carvings at Baan Paya Mai บ้านพญาไม้ in Pattaya

I noticed these multi-tiered wooden roofs ("rooves" dated becoming incorrect) many times when driving past on Chonburi-Pattaya Highway and took pictures from driving van. Now (June 2015) I finally saw a picture on a map with a name and was in the area, so I went there.

One entrance gate:

บ้านพญาไม้ means "house (built from) giant tree". In the basement, buttress roots have been retained on the trunks that form pillars. Another entrance gate, view from inside:

บันไดวาสนา Lucky Ladder (he who climbs up will have good luck; built in BE 2549 = 2006 AD):

Liberal use of metal as construction element (to avoid calling it "crude", a sign of poor craftmanship; Vimanmek mansion is built without a single nail, and if you have to use metal you should use it to enhance beauty or hide it):

On the other side (eastern) of the soi, there are more buildings. The largest drum (or is there a more specific name for this musical instrument?) I have ever seen:

And the largest xylophone I have ever seen:

Shrine to King Taksin:

There is an artificial waterfall and pond as well, was dry when I visited, no picture.

12°56'57.4"N 100°55'31.9"E 12.949270, 100.925523
In the triangle formed by Chonburi-Pattaya Highway (hwy 7) on the south, Pattaya Bypass (on both sides of the railway line) on the north-west and Chaiyaphon Withi ชัยพรวิถี (hwy 3240) on the north-east.

The place is best found by following GPS on map. While it's only 380 m north of Chonburi-Pattaya Highway (hwy 7), there is no way on or off the highway nearby. Roads nearby are Chaiyaphon Withi Soi 14 and Nong Yai หนองใหญ่ Soi 12. Googlemaps or Nostramaps has no name for the soi the place is on, openstreetmaps has no details in this area, here (Microsoft's map service) gives Mabsong - Nong Yai 10 as name of the soi. From North Pattaya bus station it's 2.5 km east by air or 3.5 km by road.

There is no information in English and little information in Thai on the internet:บ้านพญาไม้-พัทยา/118943084909121 (where it's called "History Museum", created by facebook, not an official website, pictures from 28.03.2014 on)
(pictures from 26.12.2010)

I asked some Cambodian construction worker on the site (there was nobody else) who the owner is: Det Udom Police (ตำรวจเดชอุดม) which doesn't make any sense as Det Udom is in Ubon Ratchathani province, maybe they meant Ao Udom อ่าวอุดม which is nearby.

I don't even know if the place is open for visitors, it's still under construction and public toilets indicates that will be open once it's completed. Pictures on facebook show many people have visited. A Thai friend has read about it one or two years ago in a Thai language magazine. 

Sanctuary of Truth ปราสาทสัจธรรม is considerably bigger and has more decoration, but entry is 500 Baht. Ease of access is similar.

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  1. No nails, but the braces are clearly bolted. So metal is not only being used for decoration.

  2. Sadly its now a pile of ash.

  3. Thanks for the info. Pictures here:


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