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Gay activities June 2015

Gay activities June 2015

With details about Nana Plaza, X-Size gogo, Farose 2 sauna, Saranrom, Déjà vu sauna, Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng 89/2, Seed, Fake (now Next Gen).

Mon 01.06.2015
Phoenix sauna ฟินิกซ์ ซาวน่า (former EDOK near Wong Wian Yai), details separately after some more visits.

Wed 03.06.2015
Dinner with a friend in Sukhumvit, then walk around Nana Plaza. Go to Charades (ladyboy bar on 3rd floor). Orange juice 130 Baht. Stay 21:40-22:05. There are between 5 and 15 customers, about 10 staff fully dressed, over 25 girls on stage. They all look too much like lady too me (long hair which I don’t like), underwear not to my taste. A few whisper “I have big cock” when passing, however they must have well-disguised their cocks in their underwear, all bulges are rather small. All try to make eye contact.

Walk back home, past a huge corrugated iron camp for construction workers. Chat with some who sit outside; security will not let me in for a look (next time I will ask if I can use the toilet). Chat with people in slum (spot some cute boys).

Fri 05.06.2015 X-Size
Dinner with my loyal reader vinapu, then a stroll along Surawong and Soi Twilight, then to X-Size. Enter 21:02 as first customers. Initial impression positive, and it will even get better! On stage 16 boys in red trunks (various manufacturers, white seams and waistband) and closed shoes and 7 boys fully dressed. I asked in several bars and reworded my question several times, and here again you won't get "Thai boys in underwear, foreign boys fully dressed". Music, light and rotation ok. Smoking allowed. Number of customers raises to over 20 during show, mostly Asian, and some more boys come in as well. There are 4 cute boys in underwear: 22, 17 (tall, short hair, small tattoo between shoulder blades), 44, nn (no number, no tattoos, one earring in cross form, keloid scar on upper arm). 17 and nn will appear in big cock show. Some of the fully dressed boys look cute as well, some take off their shirt in the course of the night (but that's not enough for me). Several cute Vietnamese boys.

Show starts 22:35. Variations of "big cock" in about 5 parts, not a single ladyboy or lipsync in sight! Cleaning of stage between acts is quick. (I remember elsewhere lights go off and you sit there for minutes with nothing to see - inacceptable!) Show ends 23:05 with 7 boys parading big cock in audience, I tip nn 100 Baht. Unfortunately, 17 was not among them, he looked even better in the show. After show customers and boys sit and drink in groups.

We leave 23:35. If I had stayed half an hour longer, I would probably have offed a boy, despite the prices. Overall finally gogo bar that I can clearly recommend! (After fatties in hotmale and low number of boys in Classic and Screw Boys.)

Ponder where to go next. Farose 2 sauna Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21 comes to mind. I am hungry, and there is free buffet (saves 40 Baht for street food). Arrive midnight. Entry 170 Baht. Over 30 customers, mixed, no stunners. Have dinner on rooftop (that sounds more hi-so than it is). When the hot water bath has an electrical insulation problem (light shock every time I touch the metal ladle), on the floor is a mother cat lying with 8 kitten sucking, and you hear someone retching in the floor below (probably from alcohol abuse), you know this is going to be interesting!

Wander around, number of customers estimated 50 at 1 am, changing room busy. Spot 3 boys who are my type. None of them shows interest. One takes a bath in the pool (first time I saw people swimming in the pool with fountain outside). His friend chats me up (in Thai) and asks me what my type is, I point to the swimming boy. Then talk with the swimming boy and suddenly he suggests we go to the sauna or steam room. I take of my underwear before entering steam room (so it doesn't get wet, I have no change), that seems to puzzle him. But once we are inside, it takes the expected course.

(details separately boyfriend candidate 2 in 2015)

Sun 07.06.2015
Out Sauna (former Sukhothai Sauna), nothing to write home about, full report after some more visits.

Wed 10.06.2015 Saranrom
From Sanam Luang 21:35 to City Walk 21:50 count 6 boys. Dinner in City Walk. Then walk the rest of the area 22:40 – 23:40. A car with driver and four boys (obviously from street trade) stops next to me, and one boy I had before gets out. A boy in the car chats with me (driver remains quiet), but I can’t fathom what’s going on (he says they are driving home; does that mean the driver is their pimp?). If things had been clear, I would have joined for a group orgy. Continue walking. There is one boy who is my type, but playing on his mobile phone and doesn’t take hints from me. A car stops and passenger waves him over, after short chat the boy comes back and says “น่ากลัว” (“scary”, i.e. he didn’t like the look of the customer). If it starts like this, it can’t get better, so I skip him and go home alone.

Thu 11.06.2015
Meet boy from Hornet at Emquartier for movie. Not so much my type. Afterwards we split, I stay at Emquartier and he goes to meet a friend. Stroll in Benjasiri park: busy around 19:20, cute boys, some boys at the gym shirtless. There is a public swimming pool as well.

Bus to Déjà vu sauna Ladprao Soi 122. Arrive 21:15. Entry 180 Baht, staff naked party in progress. Estimated 50 to 100 customers. One cute boy (regular there, we had sex in 2013 twice), some border cases, but don’t get into business with any of them. Leave 22:35 (now entry 139 Baht is displayed). Cashier says party is 9 to 11. Gay porn for sale at cashier’s desk, 3 discs for 100 Baht.

Taxi to Farose 2 sauna. Arrive 21:50. Entry 160 Baht. About 20 customers, nobody my type. There is a group sitting near the pool, one invites me for chat and then takes my dick out of my underwear and kisses it. That reminded me of Reluctant trip report My visit to Farose Sauna... by bucknaway and indeed, he remembers a black and a white guy some weeks ago. He asks me if I want to swim in the pool and then warns me that two weeks ago a bottle of whisky broke during a fight, and the shards are still in the pool. But a week before the boy I took home swam and walked in the pool. Buffet on rooftop starts about 23:45, have dinner there. About 30 customers when I leave 00:15.

Fri 12.06.2015
Male Box Sauna Rama II road, nothing to write home about, details separately after some more visits.
Take bus 89, but it does not pass Phoenix sauna as I thought it would, so I stay on and go to Saranrom instead. 21:25-22:05 walk about ¾ of the area and count 15 boys. Find one I like, he is hungry, so am I, we go to 7/11 together. I ask if he wants to come to my room, so we take taxi to my instead of short time hotel where I usually take the boys (but this time I forgot to take underwear for him to wear with me). Watch straight porn and wank together. Boy is amenable to showering together (maybe never experienced a warm shower before, only cold water from ladle?). I pay him 500 for short time, 100 more for taxi return and 100 more to buy underwear. He didn’t wear underwear, “uncivilized” is the most polite I can call it. Hope word doesn’t spread, all boys might go there without underwear in hope of getting 100 Baht more.

Sat 13.06.2015
An old acquaintance who lives in my area messages me. I tell him I have no money, but then agree to 500 Baht. Wank in his room. Interesting to see how Thai boys live (I have been in his room before). He stays alone, rent is estimated 8000 Baht per month. His sister sends him money (I rather think his Farang boyfriend set it up). He does not work, spends all day doing nothing (which means watching TV and playing on internet, I assume). He doesn’t even know what else he likes to do.

Taxi to Wave Club (former Singapore, former ICK) Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 (121 Baht, 00:11-31 Sunday). Wave Club is the only disco remaining in that area (Door Dum closed and looks abandoned). Heineken 630 ml 180 Baht (they have no other beer). The disco is half full with over 50 customers.
00:36-43 7 coyote boys in jeans on stage, then roaming audience.
01:10-20 Lady boy lip sync, good light.
01:22-43 8 coyote boys in underwear.
02:00 Lights on and music off, empties quickly.
02:16 leave by taxi (after some chatting with boys outside). There was one cute coyote boy, and he smiled at me several times, but I couldn’t catch him after closing.

Sun 14.-Tue 16.06.2015
Pattaya, details separately. 8 gogo bars without offing a boy, one old acquaintance arrange meeting online 1000 Baht, one boy from hornet for free, one old acquaintance meet by chance on Beach Road 1000 Baht.

Thu 18.06.2015
Thai Red Cross clinic in the afternoon to get tested for STI. A friend said the waiting room is interesting, there are many gays. I did spot one or two cute boys during my stay, but didn’t notice any gay.

Fri 19.06.2015
Out Sauna (former Sukhothai Sauna) is closed (and has been closed for 5 or 6 days already according to food vendor in front of it). There was supposed to be Full Moon Underwear Night Party today from 7 pm to midnight. Wasted 2 hours and 270 Baht (taxi and toll) for nothing! That has happened at least twice before that I go to a sauna to find it closed (FAB Sauna Sun 29.03.2015 and Cruising Ratchayothin last year), enough to warrant ringing landline phone number (to check if someone is at reception) and inquire if sauna is open to avoid similar waste of time and money in the future.

Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng. Invite Burmese Woman and a friend of her. Midnight there are about 30 customers, maximum more than 50 customers, half full. Johnny Walker Red Label 1 Liter 799 Baht, mixers 400 Bath. JW has a sticker “Promotion - Do not take out of the bar” (in Thai), but upon closing I bestow it onto Burmese Woman and after discussion with staff she can take it with her.
00:32-50 6 coyote boys in jeans. The cute boy from last week is there again.
01:21-32 Ladyboy lipsync and comedy and happy birthday for customer. Good light.
01:34-54 8 coyote boys in individual underwear and soda show.
02:07 Closing (lights on, music off), empties quickly. I’m out 2:17.

Smoking in toilet (i.e. the anteroom to toilets with sinks – space for many people and good light) is cruising ground. I get chatted up by several twinky bottom boys (who are in a group smoking). Unfortunately the cute one doesn’t show interest, neither does the cute coyote boy.

After closing, hang out outside (Ramkhamhaeng Road in front of closed food court and 7/11) with boys. Some of them drunk (puking at the kerbstone) others still dancing (synchronized, even without music). One boy (drunk, bordercase, hairy legs) wants to go with me and we sit there for a while (I support him so he doesn’t fall, some kisses), but I am pondering how to get the cute boy. The drunk boy shouts over to the cute boy that I like him, the cute boy replies “I know already”.

2:45 Police car stops and police asks for age, wants to see ID of some boys and some boys have to lift their shirt (check for concealed weapon around waist), and everyone takes taxi. They don’t pay any attention to me.

Take taxi to Seed. Arrive 03:05. On weekends, they are open to 6 am, and a reader told me he had late night fun there and there were many boys (I always went between 4 and 10 pm, and there were 10-15 boys). Surprise: the place is busy with over 20 boys! Half of them fatties, but in the darkroom (so dark that it’s dangerous, you could poke someone’s eye out) I can lay my hands on a slim, hairless, warm and dry body. He is getting sucked (dick) by one fatty and another fatty sucks his nipple, but I can still get my hands on his body. Someone starts sucking my dick, but the slim boy is leaving, so I have to abort. (As long as I can lay my hands on someone who is my type, I don’t care who is sucking my dick; actually it’s even better to separate cute boy and boy who is sucking me, so I can grope the cute boy better.)

Then I spot the group of boys from Wave, and the drunk boy (now fine) leads me to dark room. Warm and dry skin, a bit too hairy. Nonetheless, when he lays on the couch and raises his legs, I don’t hesitate. But with fan blowing and the other boys watching and talking, and the boy I’m fucking talking as well, it’s only so-so. I should stop having binge-sex (just because it’s free and I can twig my statistics), in this case I knew it won’t be good (fan, boys talking), I should have faked an orgasm or invited him to stay overnight with me.

That’s the good thing with entertaining money boys: If I’m going to spend money, I know I really want the boy (well, at Saranrom prices I sometimes take boys to see how it works, and I sent one boy away after shower and some groping, but no sex, because he was too fat), if it’s free I might hand out pity fucks.

These darkroom activities pose a problem: I take off my underwear (in which I stuck comdom and lube) and want to have both hands free. I wrap my underwear (with c and l wrapped in) around my ankle, so I don’t lose it (or c or l) in the dark room. I guess nobody will complain if I walk around naked, but I need somewhere to store c and l.

The facilities can at best be described as mediocre. Bathrooms in poor state and no towels (as a friend of warm and dry skin, I have to brush off all water from my own body after showering). Remember where the light switches are, so I can at least switch on the light in the floor to have some light shining into the dark room.

Spot another cute boy in locker room, but he is busy with his phone. Leave 3:55.

Theme days in Seed:
Underwear Mon Wed Fri, Fundoshi (Japanese style loincloth) Tue Thu Sat Sun (although there can be customers fully dressed, which I find discomforting when I am naked and have sex).

Saturday 20.06.2015
Go to Seed in the evening (1). Get wet during rain. A common problem: clothes wet from sweat or rain will stay wet in the locker. Arrive 18:43, 8 other customers. Nobody my type, play on the internet about 19:00 – 20:15 (have to keep that in mind: always have an hour worth of internet activity that I can do from anywhere – like reading forums, but not writing my blog for which I need data on my computer – when going to Seed). Then it gets busier, and there is one boy who is my type and is interested. We lock ourselves in ground floor bathroom (good light) and I fuck him, much better conditions than the last fuck. Afterwards, he takes the condom, points out his tongue and lets my semen drip onto his tongue. That’s a first. Exchange Line and go home 21:05.

Time at home just enough for shower and change.

BTS (last train 23:30) to Huay Khwang. When I visited Fake Club (2) in Feb, I was the only customer. Now it has changed name to Next Gen (in full: The Next Gen FC), in same style as Fake Club. Arrive 23:55. Water is 60 Baht (3). The place is full, probably 500 customers. Can still move around better than in DJ station on weekends, but I prefer it less crowded. Live band playing doesn’t make it any better. Toilets odorless, well lit. Smoking in the anteroom. Leave 00:25. I spotted several boys who are my type.

Walk to former G-Star Pavilion (Pracha Uthit road, Meng Jai junction). The place is indeed closed (there was announcement on facebook for goodbye party), but everything still in place.

Take taxi to Farose 2. Arrive 1:25. Entry 170 Baht. The place is brimming, estimated 200 customers. I get locker 330, which is in a part of the building (ground floor of Farose Mansion, next to gym) I have never been before and didn’t know about. It’s not that I’m afraid to go to places I’m not supposed to go, but in this case it looked abandoned and I don’t want to step on something sharp with bare feet. Cross paths with Art (the boy from Saranrom whom I met again last month at the same place 3 years, 5 months minus 1 hour after first encounter; I thought he was in the army in Pattani) and spot several other cute boys. There is a show (singing and dancing), you can hear in the whole building when they change music in disco from dancing to show. Leave 2:50 without any activity (this was just a reconnaissance trip, as I was in the area at a suitable time).

Sunday 21.06.2015
Meet boy from hornet in Siam Square. Bordercase, but good company. He is carrying a bag, and we compare contents of our bags, they are similar. He has a good sense of orientation, combined with knowledge of Bangkok, speaks good English, interested in handicrafts and has an online shop where sells stuff he buys wholesale or makes himself.

Monday 22.06.2015
Straight construction worker Nat stays with me over night, details separately.

Tuesday 23.06.2015
Walk past App Arena (Ratchada Soi 8, MRT Thailand Cultural Centre), open 22:30 and some customers outside. Message G-Star Pavilion on facebook: confirmed closed, did not move elsewhere.

Wed 24. – Sat 27.06.2015 Nakon Nayok and Sakaew
Little activity on hornet (got a few messages, but not from the few bordercase boys). No activity in the streets, no signs of prostitution, one massage place in Sakaew, after 10 pm towns very quiet. There were some cute boys at the night market Fri night in Sakaew. Did not go to waterfalls because there was no water (Sarika) or it rained (Pang Sida).

Sat 27.06.2015
Phoenix sauna, details separately. Midnight, an old friend comes to stay with me, sex at night and again in the morning.

Sun 28.06.2015
Friend leaves in the morning, 1000 Baht. Another friend Z (just friend) comes in the afternoon and stays overnight.

Wave has Mr Soda Man show. Z stays in my room, I go alone. By taxi it would take 25 minutes and cost 120 Baht, but I have time so I take bus: line 115 for 9 Baht from Rama 4 Bon Gai dep 22:43 to Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 arr 23:26 (that’s 43 minutes plus 10 min walk to bus stop, in this case no waiting time).

Enter 23:35. Water 40 Baht (glass bottle, room temperature). About 50 customers.
00:23 Two fat ladyboys appear on stage as MC.
00:31 to 34 About 11 boys in jeans on stage.
00:37 to 01:30 Boys in underwear, one or several do soda show, others stand on stage.
Ladyboy singing and comedy.
01:40 I leave for dinner at 7/11, back 01:50, customers dancing on stage.
01:56 to 02:36 Another shorter round of soda show and announcements of results.
02:45 to 03:03 8 Coyote boys on stage (some of them in soda show before).
I leave 03:15, party still going.

Taxi to Seed, arrive 3:25. Busy with about 20 customers, but none of them my type. Leave 3:45.

Taxi to my room takes different way than usual, past roadside lady prostitutes. I didn’t there are prostitutes there as well (Thanon Kampheng Phet 7, directly south of railway line, east of Asoke Phetchaburi intersection and Phetchaburi MRT). I discuss prices and virtues of lady prostitutes in various areas, and finally ask for boys, he knows only boys near Wat Pho. But roadside lady prostitutes are plentiful, I have to gather all my knowledge (place, time, price) in a post one day.

Monday 28.06.2015
The boy Z who stayed over night manages to seduce me (we both wank) despite not being my type (too fat and too pale, however I first had to use his services when he was working in massage last year, and again to confirm).

Some further explorations in Klong Toey Slum (nothing to write home about) on the way to some sightseeing in Phra Khanong area. Then continue to Sukhumvit via small alleys and slum. A group with two cute boys is sitting and drinking, they invite me but I just ask for the way and continue my trip. Soon later it gets dark, and I can do sightseeing another day, so I return for drink and chat. It always starts as invitation, which always makes me slightly uncomfortable (I don’t drink much, but nonetheless it’s the poorest sharing the little they have with me). Here I spot the bottle of beer is empty, so I ask where they buy it (just around the corner) and buy two bottles. Talk about the usual stuff. They make some gay jokes, e.g. telling the boy who drives me to Klong Toey Market to buy some condoms.

I do not tell them I am gay. My general line of defense in such cases is that I have no girlfriend because I travel around a lot and will to go back to Germany next year, admit having been to Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Pattaya with some vague statements about cute girls with big tits. Get free ride to Klong Toey market by cute boy and invitation to come back.

(Sitting, drinking and chatting with Thais is nothing gay, but I wouldn’t do this if there were no cute boys in the group.)

Buy fruit at the market (and spot more cute boys). Walk back home. There is a spot I pass often and most of the time locals sit there and drink, now is the first time I spot a cute boy Top among them. I slow down and smile at them, and as predicted someone says hello and I sit down for chat and drink. Here again, I do not tell them I am gay. Again gay jokes (one of the elders tells me Top is a good bottom and has a tight hole, and I can have him for 500 for fucking or 300 for wanking). Exchange phone numbers with Top (he asks for my number) and return home.

Minutes later, just arrived in my room, Top calls. He has no money for taxi to return to his place in Sukhumvit 62. Invite him to my room to give him money for taxi. He comes with a friend, we sit and chat and I offer fried durian and finally give him 100 Baht for taxi (my estimation of taxi fare is 80 Baht). Invite him to stay overnight, but his mother is waiting. Minutes after leaving, he calls again if he can have 100 more, taxi driver says it will cost more than 100. I tell him to tell the driver to use the meter and say goodbye. (In hindsight, that could have been a pretext to come to my room alone; and even if not: should I have given him 100 more to show that money is not an issue or would that have pegged me as stupid or gullible?)

Tuesday 30.06.2015
Nothing planned for today, however by chance cross path with Top. He wears a nice shirt, I use this occasion to tell him so and take a picture. The fare to Sukhumvit 62 was about 120 Baht, a friend who went with him contributed 20 Baht. (I still maintain that the fare should be about 80 Baht from similar trips.) So I give him 120 Baht today. That’s 220 Baht spent for nothing more than setting the stage for more to cum.

11 sauna visits (a new record, in chronological order Phoenix, Farose 2, Out, Dejavu, Farose 2, Male Box, Seed, Seed, Farose 2, Phoenix, Seed) and one where sauna was closed (Out)
10 gogo bars (Charades in Nana ladyboys, X-Size, 8 bars in Pattaya)
4 disco visits (Wave, Wave, Fake now Next Gen, Wave)
4 old acquaintances (contact on Line)
3 boys from hornet (two in Bangkok not so much my type, one in Pattaya my type and this feeling is mutual)
2 visits to Saranrom
1 by chance meeting with old acquaintance
1 seduction of straight boy

7 times free sex (Phoenix, Farose 2 (twice back in my room), Seed, Seed, Hornet, old acquaintance)
7 Paid sex (Saranrom 500, old gay acquaintance Bangkok 500, old straight acquaintance Pattaya 1000, old gay acquaintance Pattaya 1000, old gay acquaintance Bangkok 1000 (sex twice), seduce straight boy 500 = 4500)

A positive development, less prostitution and more free sex (and two of the boys I paid like me, but simply have no money, and each of them once had sex for free in the past). Overall, I have to reduce quantity and focus on quality and just leave out the one or other wank or fuck when I know from the beginning it won’t be a good one (like having sex again in the morning, or boy who is not my type stays over night and seduces me, or in sauna darkroom under unfavorable circumstances).

I didn’t leave much out this month (no massage, no boy from gogo). If you include boyfriend candidate 2 (2015) and seduction of straight boy (full story soon), this was probably the busiest month in my entire life. If you wonder how I remember all the names and places: I don’t, but I take notes.

(1) Traffic note. I intended to go to Fantasia Lagoon Water Park on The Mall Bangkapi. But I left my room too late and there was traffic jam: Bus 109 16:40 Rama 4 road Bon Gai stop, 17:33 cross Sukhumvit Road, 17:52 cross ARL, 18:12 get off at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 21. I realize I would not be able to reach The Mall Bangkapi before sunset, and it looks like it is going to rain. I should have taken Saen Saep canal boat! Change my plan and go to Seed instead. Light rain on the way. Order pancake and while I wait for pancake, it starts to rain heavily. Even with umbrella, I get wet. If I hadn’t ordered pancake, I would have reached Seed dry. I should have known after over 2 years of living here!

(2) Linguistical note. They spell Fakɘ Club and Nɘxt Gen with “ɘ”(reversed e = e rotated 180 degree around vertical axis) which is IPA symbol for close-mid central unrounded vowel.
It’s not a schwa “ə” (turned e = e rotated 180 degree around horizontal axis) which is IPA symbol for mid central vowel.

(3) Money saving tip. There was nobody to lead me in in Next Gen (former Fake Club). I could have walked around without ordering a drink. Same for Wave Club. But I remember from other places, someone receives you at the door and leads you to a table and takes your order.

Coyote boys. Times for coyote boys in Wave see above. I don’t know when coyote boys are on stage in App Arena and Next Gen (former Fake). (G-Star Pavilion is closed.) Whoever has first-hand information, please let me know (coyote boy is main draw why I go to these places).

Money boys at the Malaysia hotel. I spotted two sitting outside twice this month, and one sitting outside a few times, all cases at night. They have been around for years, I remember seeing them before.

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. possibly busiest month in your entire life as you said but makes for great read too, thank you.

    Waiting in suspense for promised Pattaya and seducing straight construction worker reports

  2. I enjoy reading your posts. Question: what is a "coyote boy"?

    1. Coyote boys are the boys who dance to the music, whereas gogo boys often just stand on the stage.

      Some gogo bars have coyote boys. Some discos have coyote boy show.

  3. Good, you are finally realizing that quality tops quantity every time, though you still seem to be aiming for both.

  4. you need to follow the link on your blog to figure out exactly what you are.

  5. Re: traffic note. Always always but always take non-surface street transport during bkk rush hour - which if nothing else will carve on your brain a reminder that you're living in one of the biggest cities on earth. BTS MRT, khlong boat, Airlink you name it and even trains, whatever means that don't run on pneumatic tires! Sure you will be jammed like sardines, nostril to armpit but you will be above or under traffic jam hell so consider that a true blessing.

    1. how true ! at least you will be moving

  6. BTW what is a soda show?
    (At least I know what a ping pong show is;-)

  7. Coyote boys splash soda water over their body in an erotic way. They shake bottle so it fizzes and they can regulate flow by putting thumb on mouth of bottle. Search on youtube for examples.

  8. Hi ChristianPFC, where is place to meet freelancer in Pattaya and what is a fair price in Pattaya ?

  9. Beach Road near Boyztown at night. They mingle with the ladies. There is not much choice (less than 5 boys whenever I went), online is a better option. One boy offered to go with me for 700 or 800 (don't remember exactly), that's the only price information I have.

  10. Hi Christian, it is Ben again. I have been reading your article, you mentioned about a local sauna called seeds, can you share a bit more about this place? I could not find other article about this

    1. Sorry, no details about Seed. Have an agreement with a friend not to disclose location. Place is small and can take one Farang, and that's me or my friend.


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