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Gay activities in Indonesia Aug 2015

Gay activities in Indonesia Aug 2015

I spotted many cute boys during my trip, and getting into contact is very easy, just walk past and someone in the group will say hello. Indonesian boys look slightly different than Thai boys, but no less cute. All boys have beautiful brown skin (whereas many Thai boys are too pale for my taste) and often round back of head (whereas Thai boys and especially Chinese boys often have flat back of head which I find unattractive).

Most people I met don’t speak English at all, I don’t speak Indonesian, so conversation was limited in many cases. But occasionally you come across one (outside the tourism industry) who speaks good English. 

Smoking cigarettes is wide spread, even worse than in Thailand.

In 2012, I chatted with an Indonesian boy Akbar on Camfrog and we have been in loose contact since then. Now finally I can tell him that I come to Indonesia and there is a chance to meet. He lives in Makassar on Sulawesi, a place that is not on my itinerary. But he can come to meet me elsewhere. I ponder whether to invite him to Jakarta or to Bali (my travel plans between these places evolved while I was in Indonesia), but then finally when my plans are clear there is breakdown of communication (messages on BBM – Blackberry messenger, most popular chat in Indonesia – and facebook not read). On the day I’m back in Bangkok, chat resumed.

With hindsight, it was probably better. I offered to pay for flights (would have invited him for sightseeing and food as well), we would have spent at least two days and nights together, but that would be 24/7 with someone I have never met before, and would restrict other activities! If/When I go to Indonesia again, I will go to meet him where he lives.

No preparation for this trip, but used hornet in Jakarta and Bali and found it busy, dozens of profiles contacted me in both places, and in Bali I met two (details below). Some money boys or massage boys messaged me.

Jakarta Wednesday 05.08.2015
Walk around in town and Gambia railway station and chat with locals if there is a cute boy around.

Jakarta Thursday 06.08.2015
After sightseeing, take bus and walk to sauna 911 (or 9M!911/cfs2), find the building, but it’s closed for renovation. There is another gay sauna in Jakarta (Atlantis gym and sauna, but it’s too far away (taxi 1 hour to go, then 1 hour back to my hotel). That was my one shot at gay sauna in Jakarta, and I missed.

Banyuwangi Friday 07.08.2015
Walk around in town (park, market) and beach at night. Many cute boys, just have to walk past a group and one of them will say hello. Many people near the beach (not at the beach, but drinking in coffee shops with sea view). When I walk past, one boy shouts over “Fuck you!” and shows his middle finger. A promising start! I sit down and chat with them, it turns out it wasn’t meant literally, it’s all English he knows. Nonetheless, 6 cute boys out of 6! One writes good English, we are in contact and he asks me when I will be back (but for what?).

They offer me mocy ride back to my hotel. On mocy, I have one hand on the boys chest (gently playing with his nipple), other hand on his upper thighs, working my way up to crotch. He was wearing jeans, unsuitable fabric for such activities. No objections. At hotel, ask him if he wants to come to my room. Cannot, he will go back to his friends for drinking. He asks for tip for driving, I give him 20 kIDR. With hindsight, I should have told him that I can give him more in my room, but he didn’t speak English. Or should have slipped my hand under his shirt.

Boys in group are always happy to have their picture taken, or take group picture with me (which allows me to put hand on shoulder - or rather neck to feel skin temperature and because I have a neck fetish - or around waist).

Bali Kuta Saturday 09.08.2015
Drink at Bali Joe gay bar (19:10-20:25, soft drink 25 kIDR). All bars quiet, staff comes to chat with me. None of them my type, but good English and interesting conversation. There will be gogo show 23:30 with 3-4 boys in underwear. (I was hoping for a gogo bar like in Thailand, but there is only a gogo show.)

Bali Kuta Monday 10.08.2015
Take taxi to sauna. Doesn’t switch on the meter, only when I ask to get out he does so. But then it gets better. Good English and asks me if I want girls. I tell him I am going to a gay sauna because I like boys. He offers me various friends, family and livestock for sex for free or cheap. He is not averse to gay sex or sex with ladyboys. He inquires about my preferences and describes his experiences in great detail, often taking both hands off the steering wheel. He took customers to his room for sex, from free (“You like sex, I like sex, no need for money”) to fantasy prices (“Some gave me 500,000 Rupiah, others 1 million” – going rate is 200-300 kIDR as far as I know). But I’m not his type because I have beard. Overall entertaining, justifies a tip.

Young Generation sauna (details separately), meet contact F from hornet there. From pictures on hornet I was not sure if he would be my type, but when I see him in locker room clearly my type. Some touching in darkness on 2nd floor, then go to room.

Alas, we find rooms have no light (completely dark). But I have a power bank with flashlight in my locker, so I tell him to wait and get flashlight (and condoms and lube as well). Check room with flashlight: the door lock is broken so the door can’t be locked (applies to all rooms). We move the bed so it blocks the door. But the light attracts others, so I switch it off.

All this seriously affects my performance, I can’t get fully hard and have a semi-hard premature ejaculation without orgasm. Not the first time this happens due to unfavorable circumstances in a sauna. As I said before: A gay sauna is a poor place to meet people and an even worse place to have sex in. I should take boys out and go elsewhere.

But F is my type and obviously feels the same and we are still in contact after this disappointment (neither his nor my fault) and wants to meet again.

Walk along road and overtake a boy who shyly says “Hello”, but I ignore him (too fat). Then I stop for checking map and he overtakes me and says “Hello” again. I reply “Hello” and there is this awkward moment where both of us think “Yes, what do you want?”, which I end by asking “Where are you going?” “I live over there, do you want to come?” “Yes.”

He lives alone (family members will move in later) in a house that puts him into local upper class, with car and mocy parked in front. He speaks good English, and even better, there is a book “501 Hotels” (?) lying on the table. (I have 501 Must-Visit Cities and 501 Must-Visit Destinations), a good conversation starter. He has more books, but other subjects and in Indonesian.

I like him, but he is not my type. After some hesitation and evasion (lest my readers think I’m a slut) I follow his invitation to his bedroom and do my duty for German-Indonesian friendship and world peace, against global warming and proliferation of nuclear weapons.

That fitted in perfectly in place and time, and meeting someone hi-so is a welcome change from all those poor lo-so Thai boys. Take taxi to gay bar area.

Drink at Bottoms Up gay bar (21:50-23:15, soft drink 30 kIDR, free popcorn). When I arrive, only few customers. Music too loud, irritating light, smoking allowed in bar. I went for show:
21:54-58 girl (or ladyboy) singing
22:22-25 girl (or ladyboy) singing
22:42-47 shower dance (one boy in shower)

Other customers took picture with mobile phone, so I felt free to take picture to share with my readers:

Now bar is half full, customer base mixed. I have been sitting there for an hour, listing to music I don’t like and that is too loud, looking at people I don’t find attractive, being exposed to second hand cigarette smoke and irritating light. Then I spot others in the bar enjoying themselves and obviously having fun (mixed couple dancing on floor and on stage), I can’t bear it any longer and leave 23:15. BLACKLIST.

Mixwell full, Balijoe half full, Facebar empty, BottomsUp half full. They seem to be all the same, bar with some kind of show, but my needs are far better served in Pattaya.

I originally had planned to go to all bars once, but I guess it won’t be much different, and saunas are more interesting, so I didn’t return.

Walk around in town and chat with local boys. One boy’s name was something like “Rodriguez Fernando Gonzales” and I immediately had a chat-up line “If your dick is as long as your name, I want to see it!” but the boys wasn’t cute, so I didn’t use it. Usually it’s only after an encounter, that I think “I should have said/done … to get the boy to my room.”.

At night, locals hang out after work. Boys sitting in groups or driving past on mocy. If you see someone standing alone, he will most likely offer girls or drugs when you walk past. And always offer of transportation (that would be the way to get cute boy out of the group and to your hotel, then negotiate for more than just a ride).

Conclusion: someone with experience in seducing straight boys (i.e. not me) would have no problem finding someone for the night.

Tuesday 11.08.2015
Sightseeing all day. Elegantz sauna at night (details separately). Chat with another boy N on hornet (then move to BBM). I thought we would meet tonight, but then “I’m watching TV. Can we meet tomorrow?”, postpone to tomorrow.

Wednesday 12.08.2015
Sightseeing all day. Chat with N and agree to meet tonight. After long discussion, it turns out he is new to Bali (from Malang in Java), doesn’t know where my place is and doesn’t know any other landmarks, hence I go to meet him at his place. It turns out he stays in a resort, several times more expensive than my place.

We meet at the parking and sit in a pavilion. Light is poor, so I suggest we go to his room: cannot. Move over to swimming pool, where light is even worse, but no noise from traffic. He offers me a drink, he has coke, sprite, Fanta in his room. He gets up and I get up, he tells me to wait here, and comes back with drink some minutes later. Finally it transpires he is staying with a straight friend and we can’t go to his room. (With hindsight, reading old messages again, it wasn’t clear if he stays alone or is alone at the moment of writing.)

After longer talk, he asks me “What do you want?” “I want to hug you!” We both get up and a quick and awkward hug follows (because I’m a head taller than him and didn’t have time to adjust height).

Then we go eat on main road and afterwards we head in direction of my place. After some hundred meter, he suddenly tells me it’s too dark/far/dangerous and he can’t go with me. So we go back and sit at the pool. Some hand holding, hugging, kissing (first cheek, then mouth) initiated by him (there is nobody else around, but it’s public area). A prolonged good bye, then I walk back to my room to pack for departure tomorrow morning.

Two good reasons (F and N) to go back to Bali or visit N in Malang (his hometown, in Bali for holiday). And there is A in Makassar as well, three years of chatting without meeting.

Summary: hornet and saunas good, skip the gay bars in Bali. Can't judge about massage, but spotted some cute boys in regular massage places.

While the title of my blog is "Adventures in Thailand", I found encounters in other South-East Asian countries similar, and who knows, some day I might write a book "The gay whore-monger's guide to South-East Asia".

Copyright 2015 ChristianPFC


  1. He offers me various friends, family and livestock for sex for free or cheap. Livestock???

    LOL I am sure u would find the skin temp not agreeable from the livestock on offer

  2. The livestock was artistic licence, everything else is true.

  3. Can certainly recommend trip to Malang-its in Java Timur (=east) and about 80 kms/2 hrs by frequent bus from Surabaya (direct flite on AirAsia). But try to make certain you can go unchaperoned.
    Its also tipical that on Bali-and certainly around Kuta-you wont find Balinese boys.

  4. It is called l'esprit de l'escalier, many people suffer from it.

  5. Great and entertaining report, hope you publish one about touristy stuff you did there since you mentioned all day sightseeing.

    Boy with hat cutest of all them 6

    1. Touristy stuff: will report only about Ijen volcano, everything else is mainstream and covered elsewhere.

      Agree, boy with basecap is cutest of the bunch (and he was the one who greeted me), but wouldn't throw any of them out of bed to let my dog in.

  6. i like indo guys as they have hardly any pubic hair, even in their 30s just 2 larger circle patches above the penis, not sure why thai guys so damn hairy! :(

  7. Malang makes a nice trip as Mount Bromo is nearby and a sunrise trip there is recommended. You can even fly to Malang directly from Bali, at least a couple if years ago when I went.
    Makassar is a shithole, nothing there and dirty, as was the beach at Bira (South Sulawesi).


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