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Gay activities July 2015

Gay activities July 2015

Details about Dating Thai Boys, Super A, Nature Boys, 39 underground and Pradipat venues, R3 sauna, Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng, X-Size.

After excesses in June, gay activities in July can almost be called civilized.

Wednesday 01.07.2015
A lucky coincidence: I am at Government Center Chaeng Wattana for visa extension and afterwards wanted to meet a Farang friend who is not free, a Thai friend who is not free and was going to call another Thai friend to ask if he is free when I get a message on Line from an acquaintance M from Seed from February.

We have been chatting since then, slow in reply and not free, but wants to meet again, so I didn’t know if he was really interested. Now the mystery is solved: he has no phone and uses Line when he is in internet café (hence the delayed reply) and works in Big C 6 days a week 1pm to midnight, add 1 hour travel each way. He messaged just when I am near his place and free, so we set up a date.

We meet at Wat Phra Sri 17:00 (took me half an hour to get there from Government Complex, he is some minutes early, waiting for me, a good sign that he is interested), then we take bus to Major Ratchayothin for dinner in KFC (his suggestion) and then watch movie (my suggestion, Terminator 5, dubbed in Thai, I didn’t understand much). Afterwards, he suggests we go to his room (closer than my room, and I’m always curious to see how boys live).

He lives alone in Pahonyothin Soi 55 (near Wat Phra Sri), room size similar to mine (about 25 sqm), 3000 Baht per month, double bed, table and wardrobe, but no aircon, no fridge, no hot water.

He takes a shower and leaves the door open (not just unlocked, but with a gap), I take that as an invitation to join and indeed we do foreplay in the shower. But when we go back to bed, I lose my erection (predictable: I don’t like fan and there is no aircon – I can’t have sex when it’s windy or hot), after more foreplay we go back to bathroom where he cums by wanking (I can’t get hard again).

I bought cashew nuts and fried durian at the OTOP fair in Government Center and let him choose which he wants as a gift. Give him 200 Baht to cover travel expenses when he comes to my place next time we meet (I hope it won’t take another 5 months).

This encounter could be really considered a date (as opposed to “cheap ass sex” – anonymous comment of previous posts). If you want numbers, here they are: dinner in KFC 239 Baht, movie 400, cashew nuts 150, 200 for travel expenses = 989 (deduct 100 because I would have watched Terminator anyway but at a cheaper price, and deduct 50 because I would have had dinner somewhere cheaper); the sex was free, but fringe expenses are so high that you could get a money boy. But it was all my idea, he didn’t ask for movie, gift or money.

Looking forward to seeing him again (which might be a while, he has one day off per week and can contact me only from internet café).

Bus to Silom, pop in to Super A. Water 100 Baht. Stay 23:50 – 00:10. 9 boys (but only 3 on stage – they know me so they don’t even get up when I enter; when I go to toilet I discover there are some more at the bar who I didn’t notice before). One new boy (has been working 10 days) and he is my type. Invite him for drink (100 Baht drink and 100 Baht tip). Great body, cute face, no tattoos (as far as I could see), small dick (as far as I could feel), skin temperature ok, underwear ok. I will probably be back for him some day.

Friday 03.07.2015
M-Place sauna Nonthaburi positive first impression. Full report after further visits. On way back, chat with boys at Rama 4 City Court (across Rama 4 from Soi Ngam Duplee), exchange Line with one who speaks good English.

Sat 04. – Mon 06.07.2015 Koh Sichang
Visit gay friend on Koh Sichang (off the coast of Sri Ratcha), but no activity this time.

Monday 06.07.2015 Pattaya
An acquaintance from Sunee Plaza messaged me just two days before I would go to Huay Yai (south-east of Jomtien, he stays there). I wanted to meet him anyway, so I set up a data at Wat Bunmee Dararam (where I would go for sightseeing). He cannot go to Sunee Plaza because he has issues with people there (I didn’t ask for details), and I haven’t been to Jomtien for a long time, so we take his mocy to Jomtien where I get a room for one night. I have another boy (for free) scheduled at night, and am not horny, so I ponder whether I should send him away with a tip for driving or invite him to my room, finally decide for room.

Shower and watch TV (i.e. he watches TV and I hug and cuddle with him). Switching on TV was a mistake, it would require his whole attention. Unmotivated wank. 

Later at night, the other boy comes and stays over night (details 3 days ago).

Shortest stay in Pattaya (just one night), and the closest I got to gogo bars was Bali Hai pier.

Return to Bangkok. Lunch near On-nut BTS. Cute waiter, exchange a few smiles, come back another day.

Check for Rush sauna in Sukhumvit soi 48/3. Can’t spot any building that looks like a sauna, ask two locals: place has long closed. Or never opened, as far as I can gather from internet.

An old friend Z comes to stay over night.

Wednesday 08.08.2015
Let Z stay in my room (sleeps most of the time) while I’m away evening and night. I have business in Ladprao area, afterwards I go to see a friend who works as a waiter in a bar. We have known since Jan 2014 and chat on Line, but he has never been free (study, work). So far, I have been estimated 5 times and spent estimated 1000 Baht and 10 hours to keep in contact. Now I learn that he can leave work anytime when there is slow business.

Afterwards Seed 22:40-23:30. Underwear day. About 8 customers. One boy bordering on too fat, but bubble butt and warm and dry skin. Observe him for a while, then follow to dark room where he lies on a mattress. Touch him, no response. Medium size dick, too much pubic hair. Turn him over, finger him, no response. I get hard, put condom on. Try to fuck him, but in that position (lying on floor) and tight hole (judged from fingering), I can’t get in. Try to get him in the doggy position, to no avail. Finally he gets up, puts his underwear on and leaves. The first time I put on a condom and didn’t use it.

On way back to my room, meet a boy C from gayromeo nearby. Cute and slim, but pale skin. Good English. Both of us are tired (it’s midnight), anyway this was just to have a face to face after chatting online. (Update: meet again on Friday in my room.)

Thursday 09.07.2015
Visit friends in Phra Khanong (they don’t know yet I’m gay and preying on the cute boys). Return via Klong Toey market, many cute boys, often shirtless, at night.

A friend B is free tomorrow, and wants to join me for a daytrip. But Z wants to stay another night, I have to send him somewhere else. Have to wait for his call from telephone booth (he has no mobile at the moment). He says he cannot go to his old workplace (massage, with rooms for boys) and his room in Nakon Pathom was a lie, he has nowhere else to stay except my room. That means I cannot let B come and stay overnight, have to let B come tomorrow morning and/or change travel plans.

Back home, Z is already waiting (in front of the door). “I bought noodles for you.” Followed by variations of “I’m sorry.”, “Please don’t be angry (with) me.”, “Are you angry?”. He has a room in Nakon Pathom, that earlier was a misunderstanding or a lie, whatever it was, this will be his very last night in my room. And no, I don’t want any noodles, I had dinner already and I don’t like noodles! When he stayed with me before it was similarly manipulative, but I could arrange everything so I don’t lose out, but now I’ve had enough.

One farang friend calls him a pest, another farang friend says he has some character flaws and he doesn’t want to see him again. The sad thing is that Z really seems to like me (sucking, fucking, wanking, can do everything), speaks good English (but talks far too much) and is intelligent. He borrowed money (twice 300 Baht as far as I remember) and returned it within a few days, I think that was just a ruse to have reason to see me again. But now it’s over, I suspected long ago that he manipulates me, I gave him the benefit of doubt.

Friday 10.07.2015
Because of Z, I couldn’t invite B to stay over night (Thu-Fri) to join for sightseeing on Fri. I message him I’m on the way already and can’t wait for him. He only reads at night, and there is no drama. Nonetheless embarrassing, usually I manage to buffer my Thai friend’s unreliability (in this case lies and manipulation) by allowing enough time between appointments, this is one of the few cases where I have to make something up, bordering on lying.

At night, C (see Wedneday) comes to see me and stays over night. Chat and show him pictures from my travel first, then go to bed, he fully dressed. Some touching and hugging, than take off his clothes, he is hard, everything takes expected course.

That boys go to bed fully dressed has happened three times now: the Lao waiter some months ago (we didn’t do anything), the straight construction worker I seduced (was hard when I undressed him) and now this boy. I am sure he was looking for sex, but I had to start it.

Saturday 11.07.2015
In the morning another round. This boy is a bit weird, good English, but we can have a conversation where he doesn’t say a word, just nods or shakes his head or no reaction. I offered taxi money, he declined. Will see him again soon.

Evening go running. On my way back from running, I pass Suan Plu. Some boys are sitting in a restaurant and say hello to me, so I join them. They look Vietnamese, confirmed by asking. Beer is empty, so I offer to buy two more bottles. They wear underwear from Silom (those where I could see the waistband) and all of them are boy bar material, I would take half of them for free. Underwear from Silom and preparing to go to work 7 pm makes me suspect they work in Soi Twilight. And indeed, at night I spot two of them there.

By chance, I discovered their lair! If I play this correctly, they will invite me for drink and chat, and I can watch some of them shirtless. That shows that these boys are curious and friendly in their natural habitat, only in Soi Twilight they turn into greedy arrogant assholes (generalization from two encounters with other Vietnamese boys in 2012 and 2013).

Update: The cutest of them works in X-Size. When seeing him there, I remember he was there when I went in June. He might have remembered me and demonstrated to his friends how to deal with potential customers.

Meet Farang friends at Maxi’s in Soi Twilight. Afterwards go to bars alone.

Nature Boy 21:40-22:00. Water 150 Baht. I had to wait some minutes, they had to send someone to get water. 3 Boys and 1 customer. There is a cute twink (from Ubon, has been working for 2 days, knows about Nature Boy from a friend, speaks some English) and a boy who used to work in Super A long time (name Aun from Hat Yai, great body but face not cute). The two boys I got into contact with had cold hands. Tip the twink (who sat with me and made conversation and touching) 100 Baht.

I inquired why there a so few boys: they have been offed already or they are out eating, or out of 7 boys who work there, 3 are on holiday and one has been offed. Tomorrow there will be more boys (I doubt that based on previous experience). There were several fully dressed boys around, inside and outside the bar.

Super A 22:04-23:15. Water 100 Baht. 7 Boys and 2 customers (one customer would go upstairs with a boy and one new customer would come during my sojourn). It’s quite warm in there, aircon is insufficient. The cute boy Jim from last visit has been offed already. Two boys descend on me for massage, tip both 100 Baht when I leave.

Super A clearly wins by drink price and number of boys. Both bars have staff smoking inside, in Super A it’s more diluted due to larger size.

Sunday 12.07.2015
At night, an old acquaintance moneyboy comes to my place, 1000 Baht for short time. Ponder to go out at night, but I’m tired and prefer to go to bed.

Monday 13.07.2015
Wait in vain for boy from Pattaya (details 3 days ago). Camfrog 1 hour, nothing of interest.

Tuesday 14.07.2015
On my way back home pass Z at massage place. That means he can still work there and get a room to sleep. He wants to borrow 100 Baht and pay back tomorrow. I don’t fall for this trap.

Wed-Sat 15.-18.07.2015
Trip to Sakon Nakhon and Khon Kaen, no gay activites.

Sunday 19.07.2015
39 underground sauna 16:45-19:25, 160 Baht. Place is brimming when I enter, empties when I leave. Nude day, but most customers cover their genitals (a friend suggested I wai them, so they have to wai back). At least one other Farang and one Taiwanese. Queue at shower (cold water), locker room busy. Estimated over 100 customers. Cruisy and most private rooms occupied. Highly recommended, the only place I know where you can see male nudity in daylight (on rooftop garden).

About 5-10 customers with great bodies, but faces not convincing. Finally I go to a room with a 40-year-old (!!!) with great body. Nonetheless: I would rather have sex with two 20-year-olds than with one 40 year old.

That reminds me of a sick pedophile joke:

What's the best about sex with 28 year olds? 
That there are 20 of them!

When translating to German, you have change the years:

Was ist das Beste an Sex mit 18-jährigen?
Daß man 8 davon hat!   

Pahon cinema 19:30-20:10, 60 Baht. Estimated under 100 customers when I enter, under 50 when I leave. Witness several blow jobs and wanks, but all fully clothed (zipper open) and poor light. Normal movies playing. Several younger (early 20s?) customers. Two bordercases and one cute boy. Approach the cute boy, he turns out to be friend of a Farang friend, and we met last year (when he mentions our common friend, I remember him!).

20:20 Zap Zap karaoke open, about 5-10 boys, no customers.
20:50 Charmming open, few boys, no customers. Staff says it might be busy around 10 pm.
The Nine massage is open, many shoes in front, can only see receptionist from outside.

BeHigh 21:00-22:15, coke 150 Baht. 3 boys on stage and only me as customer when I enter, 4 boys and one other customer when I leave. Boys in white briefs and closed shoes. Two boys sit with me uninvited. (I actually like this because I can get a close look without obligation to buy drink and tip, as it would be when I ask them to sit with me.) Both speak English and good vibes. Especially the second one, “Love” 28 y.o. from Bang Khen, has been working there 8 months. Will be back for him another day. Overall recommended, no stunner but boys in shape.

Mon 20.07.2015
Top calls from a friend’s phone from Sukhumvit Soi 62, he lost his phone. But how does he remember my number?

Tue 21.07.2015
Camfrog 30 min, nothing of interest.

Wed 22.07.2015
Meet a friend in Chaibadan=Lamnarai (Lopburi province). His place has no aircon and hot water, so we stay in hotel for two nights and have a wank together on Wed night.

Friday 24.07.2015
Go to R3 sauna (underwear day and easy to reach by MRT, still traffic jam on roads). Entry 160 Baht. New price model where over 50 year olds pay significantly more, and detailed description of shortcut through parking garage under Fortune town on their website.

First impression mediocre: only about 30 customers of average shape. Most areas too dark for my taste. Spot a cute boy in maze, too dark to see face but body shape fine. He stops and I stop. He is in darkness, I move to light so he can see me but I can’t see him. He doesn’t move, so I go back and start touching. We start hugging and kissing, others stop and join until the cute boy leaves.

After some minutes, I see him again. Lure him into a dead end (first I was following him, then I overtook him and he was following me, so I went into an area I knew is a dead end so I could bump into him on my return). Again others join, and I prefer lying to standing for sex, so I lead him to a room.

Continue in the room (lights cannot dim; I find diming very convenient). Suddenly someone is with us: the door wasn’t locked. After some more such incidents, we finally manage to lock the door, only to find it difficult to unlock when we leave. Then his friend looked over the wall from neighboring cabin and talked with him for extended time, while we were hugging/cuddling/foreplay/afterplay.

Despite all these interruptions and distractions, a very pleasurable experience. We must have spent over an hour in there. Due to lack of condom and lube (didn’t see any on display and didn’t take any with me) only wanking and fingering.

Finally found there is shower gel (looks like water tap on side of shower) and there are showers with hot water. Used condoms and empty wraps of condoms and lube lying in cubicles on top floor.

We go to locker room together. I ask S if he wants to join me for dinner, but he has to go back home. In that case, I wait until he is out and undress again to have a final look, estimated 100 customers, none my type.

This encounter (with multiple times soft/hard changes, S almost got me to cum a second time) left me with a sore dick, don’t feel like sex (not just mentally, but physical as well) for some days.

Saturday 25.07.2015
Wave Club Ramkhamhaeng 89/2 (I have no affiliation to this place, and I would prefer twice the size and twice the number of customers, but I find the other places – App Arena, Next Gen (former Fake Club) – intimidating in size and customer numbers) 01:15-3:50 (i.e. Sunday morning). About 50 customers. Water 40 Baht.

01:15 customers are dancing on stage and coyote boys shirtless are in audience.
01:32-40 ladyboy lipsync and comedy.
01:41-02:08 7 coyote boys in underwear (individual) and closed shoes on stage. Number 1 has great body, nice underwear and big cock (is called into audience – typically 100 Baht tip and a drink – several times, to check if it’s genuine as far as I could see). The cute coyote boy from my previous visits (number 6 or number 9) is now number 5.
02:15 Happy Birthday for customer, with boys still in underwear doing soda show near that table.

A cute boy N chats me up in the course of my stay. Exchange contact details. Not in the mood for sex now, anyway he is slightly drunk and my room is not free because a friend will stay over night. When I leave 3:50, party is still going (now maybe 30 customers). Main entrance is closed (and locked? No escape in case of fire!), probably to make it a private event.

My Thai friend who likes Farang was in DJ (closed 3 am) and GOD (G Bangkok, closed 4 am, smoking inside).

Sunday 26.07.2015
A Farang friend B is here for holiday, we spend night in Soi Twilight. Dinner at Maxi’s (which allows a look into X-Boys, whereas from Dick’s you can only see the entrance of Dream Boys). Then X-Size (my recommendation because I liked it last month). Arrive 22:02. Over 30 boys. Thai boys in red trunks, foreign boys in jeans. Rotation takes about 10 minutes. About 10 customers. B orders Leo beer: cannot. Only Singha and Heineken. B insists and finally they send someone to get Leo. He is absolutely right, for 350 Baht you can demand what you want to drink!

22:26 show starts with coyote boys.
22:35 big cock in several acts.
23:00 parade of boys continues.
Several cute boys: 22, 44, 73, nn with keloid scar, Cambodian boy Gee I know from elsewhere, Vietnamese boy I know from Suan Plu, boy in jeans, waiter.

An Asian customer (H from China with a friend, good English) is sitting with the cute Vietnamese boy V (the one I met by chance in Suan Plu). When I look at the boy (H has his hand in the boy’s pants), H waves me over. After a short chat I say goodbye to B (who wanted to leave, but I stay with H). V is top only and no kissing, however H tries again and again, restraining V’s neck by putting arm around it and holding his chin, but V turn away his face and uses arms and legs to avoid H's kiss when necessary.

I’m exhausted from watching and pity V, who has to endure this for over an hour and doesn’t know if he will be offed or at least get a good tip or might miss an off from another customer. Then negotiations for offing start. I hear numbers between 1500 and 3000 Baht (but don’t know if ST or LT), in between the boy refuses to go (H wants to fuck V), but finally they leave together (I don’t know with what deal). I leave as well (00:48) and say goodbye. Chat with another friend in the Soi, so I see they will be standing for about 10 min taking pictures of each other. Second show was 23:55-00:30 and similar to first show. 

A threesome was in the air for a while, but then H clearly paid more attention to V (maybe I should have taken off my shirt?) and it was getting late, so I didn't bring it up when we left. That's what prolonged stay in Thailand does to you: getting a good night's sleep is more important than sex.

X-Size recommended, several boys worth offing. “Recommended” refers to their selection of boys. As all bars in the Soi, there is no justification for the drink price of 350 Baht. I haven’t been alone to a bar for a long time, only when I go with friends so we can discuss the virtues of each boy, it turns towards “worth the money”. Give it a year or two and I will only go on invitation.

My first encounter with Chinese tourists positive. H asked if I’m 1 or 0 (one or zero), haven’t heard this before (only top/bottom, king/queen, ruk/rap รุก/รับ, penetrative/receptive).

Monday 27.07.2015
Chat with N (from Wave Saturday) to meet 8 pm at Big C Ladprao. Good communication and on time. Picks me up by mocy and we go to near his place and chat with him and some of his friends and have dinner. His friend B asks me if I know Seed and if I know a boy Non. Some months ago, I fucked Non in Seed and he (B) queued to be next, but I left. B has a car and offers to take me sightseeing around Bangkok (in particular, we talked about temples in Chachoengsao province).

N suggests we meet on the weekend, but when I offer him money for taxi, he agrees to come with me now (22:35). In bed only so-so, starts playing games on his phone, then watches straight porn while wanking. Ticklish on neck and waist (areas which I like to kiss and caress – cannot). I guess he is more on the straight side of bisexual (top only), and going with me was more a case of curiosity than having a sexual interest. Give him 500 Baht (when we chatted he asked for money, I offered 300 without stating what I want in return, plus 200 for taxi).

Tuesday 28.07.2015
Money-boy-friend Pong messages me if I’m free. Schedule him for 10:30 pm, arrives on time. See him second time this month already. He messaged me several times more, but I was not free. Anyway the question is not if I’m free, but rather if I want to see him for sex. He calls me when he needs money, not I call him when I want sex. Nice body, brown skin, no excessive body hair and big cock, but a bit boring in bed. Fuck him, 1000 Baht. Tell him that my trips all over Thailand cost a lot of money and I cannot afford 1000 Baht any more, next time it will be only 500. I have two friends who live in Bangkok who pay 500 and have no problem getting boys.

Wednesday 29.07.2015
Z messages me that his massage place has several new boys, among them brown and slim, and invites me to have a look and a chat. Indeed, there are two who are my type. I’m not in the mood for sex, but have a regular oil massage (500 Baht + 300 tip). Boy covered my mid section with towel during massage and remained fully dressed. Good massage, next time more. Update: the cute boys is back to Kanchanaburi. He stayed in Bangkok 3 days and I was his only customer. Info from Z, who has his phone number.

Top (acquaintance from June) calls me and wants to come to my room, arrives 16:15. I show him pictures from my trips, then let him play games on my laptop. While he is on the balcony for smoking, I take a shower so I can walk around in towel the rest of his stay. This week his shift is 7pm to 1am, so he leaves 18:20. We both sit on the bed, I can’t just let him go, I have to give an indication what I’m up to. I hug him from behind and kiss his neck. He asked if I missed him, I confirm. He mentions he ran out of money, so I give him 200 Baht. Another hug (now both of us standing) and kiss on cheek, initiated by him. He wants to meet again tomorrow. (For the mathematicians among my readers, that’s a total of 420 spent on this boy, but the development is promising.)

Thursday 30.07.2015
Hints of a cold from yesterday confirmed. Excellent excuse not to have sex for some days, don’t want to infect someone. Probably got it from N on Monday who was coughing a few times. My fault. Nonetheless meet a boy B (acquaintance from Seed) for sightseeing (Wat Sam Pran in Nakhon Pathom province, go by BTS and bus). Some hand holding (initiated by him), but I’m not well and don’t invite him to my room when we return. Give him 400 Baht to cover all his travel expenses (BTS, ARL) and have over 200 left.

For the entire month: no separate entries for one hour or two spent on and detours in shopping malls and elsewhere hoping to spot cute boys.

5 visits to gogo bars (Super A, Nature Boy, Super A again, BeHigh, X-Boys).
4 visits to saunas (M-Place, Seed, 39 underground, R3).
3 money boys (Jam 1000 and Pong 1000 twice).
2 not clear (Ohm 1000 and New 500).
8 free (M from Seed, B in Pattaya, C from Gayromeo 3 times, M-Place, 39 underground, R3).
1 visit to porn cinema (Pahon Cinema).
1 visit to disco (Wave Club).
No massage with happy ending, no boy from bar, no Saranrom.

Still too much binge sex, but finally more free sex than paid, and money boys I met messaged me that they want to meet (whereas in gogo and massage it’s me who chooses the boy).

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  1. Wow! You are a busy boy, to say the least.
    Is there any Grand Scheme in this? It sounds like a lot of effort, but I don't see much progress.
    But it is all very entertaining.

    1. I used to say I'm looking for a boyfriend, but I'm not sure about that any more (more in a separate post). It's all just looking for free or cheap fun and entertainment.

  2. I'm glad to hear X-Size and Super-A are still worth visit. World did not see you for a while at Screwboys it seems but obviously if you are local less need to frequent bars in order to secure bed warmers


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