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Books about royal palaces and Bangkok temples

Books about royal palaces and Bangkok temples 

I found these two books at a book fair, but never saw them in book shops. They are reasonably priced (200 Baht), have large size pictures and are bilingual (I can't take any publication serious that doesn't have Thai script). There are 31 places described in each.

The royal palaces and halls วังและตำหนัก
ISBN 9789747589108

some comments and corrections:
p16 "designed by an Italian architect" 
Mario Tamagno and Annibale Rigotti
p18 Phra Nakhon Kheree Palace, picture doesn't show the full hilltop, in particular the red prang is missing, see here for better picture https://www.renown-travel.com/palaces/phra-nakhon-khiri.html
p24 Deom Palace -> Doem
p26 (Phayathai palace) "located at the garden by the bank of Sam Saen canal" better: "located on the grounds of Phra Mongkut Klao Hospital"
p32 "designed by a German architect" Karl Siegfried Döhring
p32 Art Nuveau -> Nouveau
p69 "19 such places has been declared" -> have
p69 Ratanakasin period -> Ratanakosin 

Not complete, Phra Tamnak Petch at Wat Bowon Niwet พระตำหนักเพ็ชร วัดบวรนิเวศวิหาร is an architectural jewel that is missing, see http://www.bangkoksite.com/temples/WatBovorn.htm and http://www.bangkokpost.com/lite/topstories/376566/selection-of-new-supreme-patriarch-to-begin-after-funeral-rites-conclude and http://www.bangkokpost.com/lite/topstories/376517/huge-crowds-gather-to-mourn-supreme-patriarch 

Bhubing Palace พระตำหนักภูพิงคราชนิเวศน์ in Chiang Mai is of interest for tourists, Phra Narai Ratchaniwet พระนารายณ์ราชนิเวศน์ in Lopburi is of historical interest.


Temples in Bangkok - Thonburi วัดในกรุงเทพฯ- ธนบุรี
ISBN 978974589092  

some comments and corrections:
(insert when I have read the book) 
p12 "scene of hell on the wall" will go and see for myself
p14 "Thai women with babes" -> babies
p20 "where provide the" grammar/style?

From the same publisher in same format, there are books about Dusit Zoo, Ramakien, The Grand Palace and several about fruit and Thai food.

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