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Gay activities August 2015

Gay activities August 2015

Details about dating Thai boys, meet 3 ex-boyfriend candidates again, Pradipat update, Super A, Saranrom, Screwboys, The Nine Spa (massage in Pradipat).

Begin of August
Still sick with cold and subsequent ear infection, excellent excuse for no sex, not even meeting a boy, for some days.

Sunday 02.08.2015
Walking home alone Nang Linchi road (Sathorn), I exchange smiles with a Thai man. Both of us stop, he asks (all conversation in Thai, here my translation)
“Where do you go?”
“I go home, and you?”
“I don’t know. Do you want boom-boom?”
“Not now, I don’t feel well, I have a cold.”
“I want to go with you for sex.”
“Sorry, cannot. Bye.”
Never had this before. A bordercase, so I don’t ask for phone number to meet another time.

Monday 03.08.2015
On way to hospital (still sick) check former d.blu sauna, now diblu guesthouse and massage. Gate locked, but I can see through gap that door is open and three pairs of shoes in front of what used to be cashier’s desk. Rattle on the gate, nobody opens. While the ultimate proof (asking someone who works there) is missing, I will cross d.blu (now diblu) off my list of Bangkok saunas.

Gay activities in Indonesia separate post.

Thursday 13.08.2015
Back in Bangkok. Message one boy C: not free. Another boy A messages me (that’s great, I wanted to meet him anyway, and when he messages me I am in a better position to set place and time). But when it comes to setting place and time, breakdown of communication (message on facebook not read, first phone call unanswered, second phone call poor connection, SMS not answered), and I’m tired, so I go to bed alone.

While waiting for A, chat with Thanatip on Line. We haven’t met before, he is free tomorrow. He is not looking for sex, he is looking for a boyfriend and will bring a friend along when we meet tomorrow. Many a good fuck started with “I’m not looking for sex”, and maybe the friend (cute judging by picture Thanatip sent) joins for a threesome? (Details separately.)

Friday 14.08.2015
Thanatip is slow in replying, an hour can pass between messages on Line. Finally no reply any more (and message not read). Move on to the boy A who didn’t come yesterday. He is free and wants to meet tonight. The closer we get, the slower and finally my messages not read and phone calls not answered. (Update: communication resumed, he was sick. Details separately.)

After spending two nights waiting for A (checking if he read message on facebook and calling every ten minutes for an hour) and one afternoon for Thanatip in vain, it’s time to go where the boys wait for me. Whichever bus comes first: 74 to Saphan Kwai or 4/47/507 to Saranrom.

Be-High (gogo bar in Pradipat/Saphan Kwai). Arrive 22:55. Coke 150 Baht. 5 boys in white briefs and closed shoes, two of them with sleeveless shirts (not just when sitting with customer, on stage as well). Several customers throughout my stay, first time I see Farang customers there. The cute boy from last month is on stage, but then goes to sit with customers. None of the others appeal to me, leave 23:20.

Staff at Waterloo Karaoke chats me up, and there is a cute boy, so I go in to chat and drink with the boy. Coke 160, beer for boy 160. Nice decoration, no irritating light, music level low. Several boys and one other customer. They have rooms upstairs. The boy is Beer from Ratchaburi, 23 years old, has been working there for 5 months, no English. I can smell cigarette smoke, and after waiter leaves us alone I realize it’s the boy (there are people who are odorless after they finish smoking, and other exude a disgusting smell long after they finished smoking, this boy is one of them). Brown skin and slim body, and the idea of getting my hands on him is arousing. However when I touch arm, neck and abdomen (compliment him on his slim body and move up his shirt, allows as well to check for excessive pubic hair: none), all too cold for my taste. Tell him I’m tired and will go home to sleep. Leave 23:45. Bus to Silom.

Super A 00:45-01:58. Orange juice 100 Baht. 6 boys and 5 other customers during my stay, two of them take boy upstairs. Two cute boys (Sakara and Jim, both have been working there for a while), but none of them takes notice of me. However another boy (new in the bar) descends on me for massage. I tell him I don’t want massage and my body language makes it clear I’m not interested in him, but he doesn’t leave me alone. Stay until they close, then walk home.

The boy Sakara looks similar to a boy in X-Boys Pattaya (big dick, but mooks and possibly silicone, fortunately I saw him in big cock show so I will not off him), and has the same body shape. None of the underwear I saw them in looked good on them.

Should have gone to Saranrom! Finally home 3 am, 6 hours and 661 Baht after I had hoped A would come to my room.

As usually, before and after spending time in gay bar or sauna I pass plenty of boys I would pay for sex, but in these gay venues none I would take for free.

Saturday 15.08.2015
The Beach sauna Sukhumvit 71 (Klong Tan), details separately.

Sunday 16.08.2015
Walk in Sathorn area, pass 4 petrol stations with car wash, there were 2 or 3 cute boys at each station. On the other hand, I have been in gogo bars with not a single boy I would take for free on stage. Suggestion: swap and let the gogo boys work at petrol station.

M-Place sauna Nonthaburi, details separately. Then bus to Saranrom. At 9pm, no boys yet. Have dinner in City Walk. Few customers and staff.

Walk around 21:45-22:06, covering about half the area, spot 11 boys, some I would take. Then a boy (Lek from Ubon, lives in Rama 2 area and goes back by bus 1 or 2 am) chats me up and offers leg massage included in short time tip. He is a border case, but if he is as enthusiastic in bed as he tries to get my business, that could be interesting. (Spoiler: he is not.) He suggests Sukawadee hotel. I have been once before, and they have renovated, now the rooms look great (hot shower, flat screen TV with regular program and porn) and are good value for 260 Baht.
Leg massage is so-so, his attention is more to TV than to me. But he is hard, average size with mook. Overall, nothing to write home about.

Lek did not wear underwear because he doesn’t like underwear (pointless to give him 100 Baht to buy underwear as I did with other boys, anyway I won’t take him again). His jeans were so tight, he had to peel them off his legs.

Taxi back, then walk around 23:01-13 to cover area I have missed before: 10 boys, some I would take. Taxi home.

Monday 17.08.2015
Was supposed to meet a boy Golf in the evening. He messaged me on Thu Aug 13 that he is in Pattaya and will come to Bangkok next week. Then Sun Aug 16 messaged me again, a good sign and record for long memory (2 full days without message). But Monday evening slow in reply and finally he tells me he just broke up with his boyfriend (and obviously isn’t in a mood to meet me). Postpone.

Out of the blue, boyfriend candidate 1 (2015) messages me, he wants to borrow money and wants to meet tonight and can stay overnight. Once in my room, ask him if 500 is sufficient, yes. Put it on the table next to his bag (just to see, once money is handed over, there might be a phone call that requires to return to his room, but no, he instigates sex and stays over night).

Wed 18.08.2015
Meet Thanathip, details separate.

No reply on Line from Nakhon Sawan and Sangkhlaburi boy, as a last resort I call them: no reply. Were all the hours meeting and chatting in vain? I would have gone to visit whoever is free on the weekend. Will go to Pattaya instead.

Dinner with Farang friend in Sukhumvit. Ponder going to Saranrom afterwards. Place (connection by bus) and time is perfect. But I’m jaded: when I see a cute boy I want to get my hands into his pants, but the idea of meeting a cute boy in Saranrom is not enough to entice me to go there. Go home and sleep.

After being one week sick end of July, then trip to Indonesia, then one week no luck in Bangkok, I have had no or so-so sex for three weeks now.

Pattaya Thu 20.-Sat 22.08.2015 separate post.

Sat 22.08.2015
Walk around Hua Lampong and Chinatown. A cute boy I chatted with half a year ago is there again and remembers me and my gay friend (but it hasn’t transpired on that first encounter that I’m gay as well and would like to get the boy into my bed). When he wipes his face with his shirt, I can see a perfect body. Lives and works in the area.

Chinatown Rama 60 Baht, 18:48-19:02. Normal movie, about 20 customers. Some lovely cats around. Street restaurant in front and before counter. Without name in Thai above entrance, I would have missed it. Inside everything as usual.

Walk past fab sauna (former Bangkok Ten) in Sri Phraya, note “01/07/2558 RENOVATION ปิดปรับปรุง” on door. Probably closed for good.

Sauna Mania. 200 Baht entry. Underwear day. Minuscule towel. Estimated 50-100 customers, mainly Asians. Some bordercases.

Sunday 23.08.2015
Meet an acquaintance B from Seed at The Mall Bangkapi. We want to go swimming at the waterpark on rooftop. However bus is slow 16:51-18:25, it gets dark and close to closing time. (I had this before, traffic jam outbound on Rama 4 and Ramkhamhaeng on weekend afternoon, where are all these people going? Next time take Saen Saep canal boat!). One of the rare cases where I’m late and the boy is there on time. Have dinner (MK restaurant, 432 Baht) and split (the boy has to study next morning) and postpone swimming to tomorrow afternoon.

Go to Seed. 100 Baht entry. 20:41-22:20. About 15 customers throughout. When I enter, cute boy is leaving. Shortly before I leave, cute boy enters but goes to internet cubicle. Nude day not enforced and only partially observed (some in underwear with towel tucked in). Spend some of the time on the internet. Now all rooms have enough stray light so you don’t bump into others.

Go to Farose 2. 170 Baht entry. 22:47-00:11. Over 30 customers. Some bordercases. Leave alone. There are some lovely cats (mother and 7 kitten?) on rooftop restaurant, but I react allergic to them (but not to other cats), swollen and red eyes when I’m back home. Same as previous visits, have to stop playing with the cats.

Monday 24.08.2015
B (whom I met yesterday for dinner) is tired after studying (but at least efficient communication and tells me early so I have enough time to do something else), so postpone to another day. Another boy S from R3 sauna not free today. Message three other acquaintances, one replies (we know each other from Phoenix sauna) and is free and will come to see me (bus 141 from Rama 2 road). Sex is so-so. Boy stays over night, gets up 6 am to go work, I give him 300 Baht to cover travel expenses.

Tuesday 25.08.2015
Meet a Farang friend FF for dinner and then bar hopping.

Super A 20:53-21:24. 8 Boys in flip-flops. One other customer when we enter, 4 when we leave. Two boys I would take for free (same boys as before). Poor choice of drink: no pineapple juice, only orange juice (which is in fact Fanta orange), no hot tea. Aircon still poor and bucket in the middle of the room to catch dropping water, light poor.

Screw Boys 21:33-22:40. Up to 10 boys on stage, I saw a total of about 15 boys that night. Up to 5 other customers. Two customers with money boy in tow, one of them cute (must have one parent from Africa, I think it’s the same boy I spotted months ago in Classic with a Farang). Gogo boys wear chess pattern (longer than briefs and shorter than trunks) above their personal underwear, coyote boys wear individual underwear. Music too loud, unpleasant cold wind from aircon (will sit underneath aircon next to wall next time). Only one boy (46) we both consider offable. FF leaves, I stay longer. 24 (from Myanmar) comes to chat with me, and 46 (from Cambodia) joins as well (he noticed my interest before). Tip 100 Baht each. Foreign boys can still be in underwear in Screw Boys!

FF went to Classic Boys on two nights. Less than 10 Thai boys in underwear and less than 10 foreign boys (cute Vietnamese) in jeans or even fully dressed. I won’t waste any time or money in Classic Boys!

Cute boys at Scorpion Bar. Some have been longer, others new. They surely know how to recruit cute boys. But with unclear offing policy (some boys go, others don’t go), I won’t waste any time or money at Scorpion Bar.

On the stairs that lead to the ATMs (Surawong road between Soi Twilight and foodcourt), I spotted cute available boy (different boy at different time).

Wednesday 26.08.2015
Was in Ladprao area at night, it would be irresponsible not to pop into Seed 22:37-01:35 (including over one hour spent on the internet), underwear day. About 10 boys when I arrive, 3 look promising (can’t see face clearly, but body shape is clearly visible even in low light), but none of them interested. Around midnight business picks up.

Two cute boys (they are just friends) come in and one of them Toey chats me up. (186 cm, works in The Mall in grocery, from Singhburi). The other Bow is even cuter, but shy? Not clear what they are looking for, we sit and chat, they walk around and I follow. Toey recommends Bow a few times, and I confirm that I am interested. Then we sit in the locker room (Bow has one leg stretched out, the other at an angle, yummy!) and I see Bow has hornet on his phone, so I get my phone out of the locker to get Bow’s profile and ask Toey for Line. Tell Bow I will go home and ask him if he wants to come. Reply is not clear, neither confirming nor rejecting the idea. Dress extra slowly, and indeed Toey comes to locker room and tells me that Bow it top only. Chat with Bow and invite him to stay over night (I’m tired, we could have sex in the morning), then leave alone. Maybe I should have offered taxi money when Bow said that Sathorn is far away. (Update: Bow didn’t reply to messages and deleted his hornet profile, which means our conversation is gone as well. WHEN ONE CHAT PARTNER DELETES HIS PROFILE, CONVERSATION WILL BE DELETED! I wouldn’t believe it, but is has happened once before. At least I took screenshots of his profile. Will ask Toey if Bow is interested or not and if he can get us into contact.)

Thursday 27.08.2015
A money boy friend wants to see me, but I try to get a free boy before using his services. Art (ex boyfriend candidate 2 (2015), last met on 10.06.) is free and comes to my room. Show him pictures from my trips, then let him play computer (Camfrog, facebook, youtube) while I read. Invite him for sightseeing on Friday, but he doesn’t know where to go. Then midnight he goes to bed and tells me he has to get up 5:30 am to bring room key to room mate (What the fuck! He could have told me earlier. No sex in the morning!). Hug and sleep. The effect that I get hard from hugging him is gone. Art leaves 5:40, I give him 600 Baht to cover taxi (3 trips, he will come back).

Friday 28.08.2015
Wake up 11 and check on facebook: Art was online 3 hours ago, that means he is awake and coming back to my room is not high on his list of priorities. Call him: he just woke up and will call me back when he can come to my room (update: he didn’t call back). I guess that means “No”. Not unlike a previous encounter with this boy.

This deceptive little bitch fooled me twice! Embezzling the money I give him to come back by taxi and wasting my time by letting me wait.

What do we learn from this? Fuck first, talk later! I should have taken the money boy, more straightforward, faster, and not much more expensive (800 Baht and 1 hour for a fuck, compared with 600 Baht and 3 hours for no fuck).

Another thief? When I gave Art money for taxi in the morning, it looked like someone had tampered with my clothes. Later count my money: there might be around 2000 Baht missing. This time not just 1000 notes, but 500 and 100 as well fewer than I thought I have in my wallet. But when did he do it? There was no good occasion, I was in bathroom and hallway while he was in my room, but unlike when showering, he couldn’t know when I will be back and would need a very good excuse when I spot him fiddling with my clothes. Be extra vigilant next time he comes to my room. (Yes, I will invite him once more and count money before and after.)

Invite the money boy, everything according to plan.

I have been in contact with “Thai boys are like cats” = “headache boy” = ex-boyfriend candidate 3 (2014) = “honest thief” (immediately admitted the theft when I asked him) on Line every week, but with attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome, there is no point to make appointment (he will forget), but now he wants to come immediately. And indeed, he must have gotten in the taxi right after I confirmed that I’m free.

Have an hour conversation about my recent trips and help him with English homework. Then he sings the Thai national anthem and asks me to sing the German national anthem! I can only remember fragments.

For smoking, I send him to public balcony (well, small area with public washing machine and drying rack with roof but sided open to atmosphere). He wants to smoke in the hallway because is his afraid of ghosts on the balcony, so I have to join for smoking on the balcony!

Back in room, he is horny and wants me to suck him while we shower, I comply. I’m not horny, so we leave it at that. While still hard, he needs to pee. I cannot pee with an erection (inconvenient when I was younger, wake up with an erection and want to pee, but have to wait), but Thai boys can, have seen several over the years.

Sleep together (in the original sense), next morning computer, then leaves with 300 Baht. Overall positive, will repeat some day (if/when I can get hold of him, no advance planning, has to be immediately).

Saturday 29.08.2015
M-Place sauna Nonthaburi separate post.

Massage at “The Nine Spa” Pradipat in front of Liberty Garden Hotel. Several boys sitting around, poor light. Choose one (Bank): cannot, has booking. Choose from pictures on tablet: chose the same boy (didn’t recognize him on picture, looks better in real life): cannot, has booking. Choose another one from those sitting around: cannot, has booking. Choose another one (Bee from Tak) from tablet. Some pictures on tablet have no names (and those with name only in Thai, staff speaks only little English, spotted some other customers, all Asian). Cashier said all boys are Thai (but I didn’t understand what they talked, it didn’t sound like Thai).

Massage is good, boy stays fully dressed throughout and doesn’t get close to my genitals. At the end he asked something I didn’t understand, then made a hand movement like wanking, I declined (that’s absolutely not my idea of a happy ending to get a handjob by a fully dressed boy without any previous erotic massage). Previous visit (01.02.20150) was different: boy started naked and proceeded to wank me without asking.

1 Hour oil massage 450 Baht, tip boy 300 Baht. I think they short-changed me and the massage was closer to 50 minutes than 1 hour.

Top (boy from my area) calls me. Comes to my room 00:21. We talk about my recent trips, he shows me his phone (an old one, hinting he wants one like I have), then plays on the internet. I read, then rest (I want to sleep, but can’t sleep with light and sound, anyway I can’t leave him alone). Finally I realize I have to take some action (something I’m not good at, that’s why I still go to gogo bars where boys approach me), otherwise we will spend the whole night like this.

Start kissing his neck from behind and touching his body (all a bit awkward because he is sitting in my chair with armrests), then rubbing his crotch: he ignores me. Tell him to sit next to me on the bed, he does so but continues playing on my computer. Finally I pry him away from my computer and take off his clothes: he is hard and nice dick. Mutual wanking and even kissing. Overall so-so, but basis for more to come. (I was hoping he is the elusive cute closeted boy.)

Do you like boys or girls?
I don’t know. (I didn’t have that reply before, but he had shown me picture of his ex-girlfriend!)

Have to compliment him out of my room (I want to sleep, but he isn’t tired yet and wants to play on computer) at 4:12 with 500 Baht contribution for a new phone.

Overall, quite straightforward. In the course of 6 weeks met 3 times and spent a total of about 6 hours and 1100 Baht. About 20 phone calls, often he was at work when I called or I was away when he called. I guess it won’t get any faster/cheaper/easier.

Second seduction of straight boy this year, and unlike the construction worker from June, here I have a phone number and he lives close. And even better, he knows other boys and needs money, maybe I can get him to pimp the other boys out to me. Or organize a gang bang with lady prostitutes.

Here again it appears I have much less money than I thought in my wallet after meeting the boy. I have to count once per week, then I can calculate from expenses if there are discrepancies.

11 gogo bar (Be-High, Super A twice, Screw Boys, 7 in Pattaya)
9 sauna (The Beach, M-Place twice, Sauna Mania, Seed twice, Farose 2, 2 in Bali)
6 old friends (M Uttaradit, X, M Srisaket, Art, Bird twice)
2 massage (ICE massage Pattaya with happy ending, The Nine Spa only massage)
2 hornet (no moneyboys)
2 gay bars (in Bali)
1 gayromeo (Pattaya moneyboy)
1 karaoke (Waterloo Pradipat)
1 street trade (Saranrom)
1 sex cinema (Chinatown Rama)
1 money boy online (Pong)
1 straight boy (Top)

5 pay for sex (ICE massage, James gayromeo, Saranrom, Pong, Top) 1000+1000+500+800+500=3800
2 unclear (M Uttaradit, X)
3 free (twice Bali, M Srisaket)

Instead of hunting for new boys, met several old aquaintances again. But an entire month without any sex to write home about.

Disco updates:

App Arena moved to Ratchadaa Soi 4 (information by friend, confirmed by checking facebook).

Offable coyote boys at Next Gen (former Fake Club):

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  1. @the9-Sapan Kwai:
    I suspect most are hiltribe boys-that explains their language and their close togetherness, also the places where they all come from (Tak province includes Mae Sot).
    BTW-is that Top a former Super-A worker?

    1. The boy Top has never worked in a gogo bar, I guess he doesn't even know they exist. But he might have previous experience in gay sex and might be bisexual.

  2. your monthly reports are making me homesick for Bangkok ! thank you

  3. Thanks for the reports.
    Now google maps has locations of Saphan Kwai gogo bars, they should be easy for us to find. Which ones do you recommend?

    As for the theft of 2000 baht, well that should be enough to buy a room safe with keypad. So just buy the safe and leave a dummy wallet with about 200 baht to test your guests.

    1. There is only one gogo bar in Pradipat, Be-High. With up to five boys on stage, I can't really recommend it; elsewhere I would tell them I come back when they have more boys and walk out.


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