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Phanom Sawai Forest Park in Surin Province

Phanom Sawai Forest Park in Surin Province
วนอุทยานพนมสวาย จังหวัดสุรินทร์

The park is on my way to Surin and I cannot leave their claim of having 1080 bells unchecked. 

Location (Buddha statue):
14°45'34.0"N 103°21'56.2"E = 14.759445, 103.365609
(the park is labelled in a wrong position, about 3 km off, on google maps, submitted correction)

from Surin center, go south on hwy 214 for 15 km, then turn west and go 6.6 km to park entrance gate (and then another 0.7 km to chedi or 1.1 km to Buddha statue).

Stupa with monk's ashes, there are 432 bells around it:

Way up to Buddha statue, there are 318 bells on the right side and 330 on the left side,  with 432 around the stupa that makes 1080 bells. A wood to knock the bells is on sale for 50 Baht. Back in Bangkok I gave it to a Thai friend as a souvenir, it has name of park printed on it. 

Many of the signs in the park are actually bilingual Thai and Khmer rendered in Thai script and I overheard people speaking Khmer in Buriram and Surin province several time on this trip, and asked twice for confirmation. Thanks to Smiles for pointing this out here, I didn't notice on previous trips.

Nearby temple:

This octagonal building with 8 gables houses a Buddha footprint:

Shortly before you reach the forest park (in my case on the way back after leaving the park), there is an area with some rock formations and some small ponds and a waterfall further away:

I went to the park by bus Nang Rong - Surin (getting off on hwy 214) and mocy (60 Baht), continue trip to Surin by hitchhiking.

There is a quality article here: and a Wikipedia entry in Thai:วนอุทยานแห่งชาติพนมสวาย

Update: just read the 1080 bells are to commemorate the King's 80th birthday.

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