Saturday, 19 September 2015

Safe House sauna in Samrong

Safe House sauna in Samrong

update 30jan2018: closed for good

This is among the best maintained and best decorated sauna I have encountered in Thailand, however the smallest and lowest number of customers. Open 19-1, entry 99 Baht.

Sukhumvit Soi 78 (Soi State ซอยเสตท), that is already in Samrong สำโรง in Samut Prakarn province จ.สมุทรปราการ. Many bus lines from Central Bangkok pass. BTS extension past Bearing under construction, it will be one station after Bearing. Entrance of Safe house sauna is 40 m north of entrance of State Cinema (following post).


Sauna is painted in blue, at night illuminated sign at entrance. Part of State Cinema on left side of picture. 

1st floor reception (looks like someone’s living room) aircon,
2nd floor locker, gym, bathroom (toilet, shower),
3rd floor lounge and porn (Asian porn: asianboypiss, asiaboymovie, boykakke) and sauna (can comfortably seat 3, temperature 75 degree Celsius). The sauna is a wooden box in the room, all the heat goes in the room (it was hot!). Separate room with aircon and white porn.
4th floor rooftop garden with two beds and two private rooms and open group shower.

2nd floor bathroom and shower. In hindsight, the owner probably lives in the building and shares his bathroom.

One large towel of good quality. Didn’t see condoms or lube.

Sunday 06.09.2015
Stay 19:23-21:15. One other customer throughout my stay. On leaving ask receptionist when it is busy: it is never busy! The other customer is a bordercase. He brought his own laptop to watch porn in the aircon porn room. Speaks good English. After some chat, we start touching and have an unmotivated wank (as there is nobody else around and nothing else to do). The first time I have seen a cock ring in use.

Staffs tells me it’s never busy, a Farang friend has been there several times and says it’s never busy (5 visits, up to 3 customers). In this case, one visit by me has to be enough.

Saturday 12.09.2015
Walk past in the afternoon on way to State Cinema, door is open and someone is at the desk, but I didn’t inquire if it’s open for customers.

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