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Oh my god! (24) Nazi chic - personal observations

Oh my god! (24) Nazi chic - personal observations

Here a selection of pictures of Nazi chic I have taken myself. Some of very poor quality due to unfavorable circumstances: low light, moving object. The number of sightings is higher, but often I had no opportunity at all to take a picture.

When you consider that this spans 4 years, you come the the conclusion that Nazi chic is as popular in Thailand as karaoke is in Europe. 

I think the following flag (and others further below) are fictitious:

There is no swastika in the circle (letter O), but the style is very similar to other eagles in this post. This might fall under
"Symbols which are so similar as to be mistaken...

A Nazi flag juxtaposed to an advertisement for U.S. Army. Who committed more war crimes and crimes against humanity? 

Another picture of Nazi symbols on cars here:

Swastika on one side and SS-runes on the other side of the helmet in a cosplay (couldn't get a better picture):

A Nazi flag juxtaposed to hammer and sickle (Soviet Russia). Who committed more war crimes and crimes against humanity? 

เชิญเหยียบ "Please step on me" (Ladprao/Chatuchak when closed for traffic by mob, someone painted a Hitler mustache on the picture):

Asked a Thai friend about the meaning, he didn't know either:

Nazi porn, see here as well:,_She_Wolf_of_the_SS

Tattoos, I have seen swastika on ankle many times (what is the meaning?), 

but on wrist only once:

and on neck only twice (Thailand and Penang):

And on chest only once (screenshot from hornet):

That's the body of Ronald McDonald, with the head of Mickey Mouse, with a Hitler mustache and haircut:

"Mein Kampf" in Thai, spotted English translation as well. Elsewhere I saw the book with a note "banned in Europe".

Adolf Hitler is revered in large parts of the world, but his fame is waning. When I tell people I come from Germany, they mention Adolf Hitler along with current football players. Once I even asked someone if he knows Adolf Hitler, and he asked if he is a football player!

ChristianPFC says: save your outrage for worthier cases, like male genital mutilation in USA and with Jews and Muslims, or female genital mutilation in African countries.

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  1. Just shows that Thai's obviously have neither any accounting for taste or decency nor and any knowledge of history eh !

  2. Actually, the Nazi eagle had the real wing design of an Eagle. The eagle on that boys shirt really has the basic wing pattern of the Egyptian God Horus. I think as a German you would be offended to be reminded constantly of your country's dark past. Very surprised you do not, and would love to hear why not.

    1. No, I am not offended. Counter question for my US-American readers: Are you ashamed or offended every time you see a black American (slave trade and slavery) or every time you see something Cowboy-and-Indian themed (genocide on the native Americans)?

      What you call "dark history" was actually a period of greatest political, industrial, military and scientific achievements. If you lead a world war, you can't be gingerly with you internal and external enemies. Plenty of war crimes were commited on both sides. However he who wins the war has the prerogative of interpretation.* Thus, all mainstream history books are biased in favor of the Allies.

      *still looking for best translation of German "Deutungshoheit": privilige of interpretation, conclusive authority, moral authority, exclusive mandate...

      "The first casualty of War is Truth",
      "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story".
      “Victoria verifacit,” victory makes truth;
      not “Veritas vincit,” truth is victorious.

    2. In every War there are war crimes. But not in every war you take millions of innocent people, jews, gay, disabled, women, kids, communists, and torture /kill them like the nazis did, experimenting with them in some cases (take into account I have written 'nazis', not 'Germans', my wife is German). Have you even been in a KZ? Even German Educational System recognises and teaches what Nazis were all about, it's not the winner's tale. On different locations in Berlin there's big post with 'names we should never forget', followed by 20 KZ names...

      We are not talking about propaganda that happens during war (?the first casualty in War is truth'). WWII ended 70 years ago, there's no propaganda anymore, there's just plain and clear facts about what happened.

      Truth is, there have never been any other regime so despicable as the nazi, weather you agree or not.

      Do you know anything about Haus de Wansee Konferenz? About 15 SS guys decided to take 6 million civilians to Auschwitz, to kill them. Those are internal enemies? What are you talking about?

      Shame on you.

      Naja, stimmt, es gibt immer noch Jungs die NPD wählen, gell?

      [I am not signing with my name. I tried to be respectful, so no need for it. Besides, I am not supposed to be reading a Blog about a gay guy, so better leave it like that... ]

  3. "A Nazi flag juxtaposed to an advertisement for U.S. Army. Who committed more war crimes and crimes against humanity?"
    "A Nazi flag juxtaposed to hammer and sickle (Soviet Russia). Who committed more war crimes and crimes against humanity? "

    Without a doubt the nazis committed more crimes against humanity than the US, USSR and Khmer Rouge put together!

  4. Nazis didn't invent the swastika, it's one of the oldest signs in the world, still in use in Asian cultures and religions (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism).
    So this is not necessarily a nazi symbol in the mind of Thai people (especially when rotating in the other direction), rather an auspicious Buddhist symbol.
    Which probably is the explanation for most of the tattoos, especially those drawn anti-clockwise.
    Hitler stole the swastika from Indian culture (Nazis believed the Aryan race was originating from India/Tibet). It is stigmatized in western countries due to the Nazis, not necessarily in Asia: not everything is about European history!


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