Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Oh my god! (25) Cats that look like Hitler

Oh my god! (25) Cats that look like Hitler

There is a website Cats That Look Like Hitler!
where people from all over the world post pictures of cats that look like Hitler.

Further research for this post revealed that there are dogs that look like Hitler:, basically anything can look like Hitler:

The Hitler look is used for the cover of the book "Look Who's Back"'s_Back (original title in German: "Er ist wieder da"; I saw Thai translation: กลับแล้ว), written in the same style as "Mein Kampf".

When looking at street cats in Thailand, I think there must be a secret breeding program. Here a selection of pictures of cats I took.

Most of them poor quality, but keep in mind that there are two types of cats: those that run away before you can take a picture, and those that come to you and reach you (and then it's too close, or viewing angle is unsuitable) before you can take a picture.   

The first is the best (pattern, posture), however the cat was shy and the light was low:

Must try harder:

and many more.

Other famous cats: Sam has eyebrows

here a contestant from Thailand:

and Grumpy Cat

This one can't decide between "Sam has eyebrows" and "Cats that look like Hitler"

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  1. You seem to be totally obsessed with Hitler. Long fucking elaborate posts. Unless you share nazist views (which I suspect you do), it is impossible to explain this obsession (which is really sick).

    1. These 4 posts have been lingering around as drafts for over a year, but now it's finally all out.


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